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RxPG :: View topic - Beware RxPGians; Something Fishy is Going On!  
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Beware RxPGians; Something Fishy is Going On!!
Friends, some suspicious elements are using this Forum to solve their Vicious purpose. I tell you what happened with me:-

I got an instant message from ID “brimafreeman” claiming himself to be “Tony Brima” from Ivory Coast. I am pasting the message:-

Sent: 06-03-17 04:27 04:27:17 PM
Dear friend compliment of the day. l know my message will come to you as a surprise, nevertheless l saw your address from the forum rxpgonline so l deside to write to you for a relationship if possible? actualy my name is Tony Brima from Abidjan the capital city of lvory coast west Africa. l will tell you more in your interest to know more about me and the reason why I contacted you as soon as our friendship continue. l will be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible through my mail address:tv_400d@yahoo.fr Regards Tony Brima

When I contacted him by e-mail inquiring who he is & what is his purpose, the E-mail that I got was the Key. Here is the e-mail:-

am glad to hear from you/Expecting to recieve your reply too
From: Prince T <tv_400d@yahoo.fr> Signed-By: yahoo.fr
To: "Dr. Vijay Malik" <dr.vijaymalik@gmail.com>
Date: Mar 18, 2006 3:00 PM
Subject: am glad to hear from you/Expecting to recieve your reply too
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Contact: Tony Brima
Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire
Only RxPG members can see links here! Register or Login!

Only RxPG members can see links here! Register or Login!


Good day friend, thanks for mail. in regards to your questions, bellow is all the information that contained the details why I contacted you through rxpgonline.
I know my message will come to you as a surprise nevertheless I got your contact from the process of my search of a trustable person, so I decide to write to you with the greatest delight and personal respect, believing this message to meet you in good condition of health.

Am Tony Brima by name, a managing consulting department based in Abidjan Cote d'ivoire West Afica, from Michellines Group of Company. we are group of companies,comprising of marketing, and consultancy services and this are the description of our job. we market any kind of products and consultancy service both individual, companies corporation,government agencies and non governmental organisations e.g, we also help our clients to seek foreign business partner.

Therefore,one of our client wish to request for an urgent assistance in her investment plans in foriegn base,she wish to invest in manufacturing and real estate management in foriegn country,this is because she inheritated an important sum from her late father who died in recent political crisis in Cote d'Ivoire here.

According to her,Before the death of her father he informed her near his hospital bed at chu-teaching hospital, that he has saved the total sum of ($9.600,000)Nine Million Six houndred thousand united states dollars only, Here in Abidjan cote d Ivoire.

This money was been deposited for her social security and for fruitful international investment.That is why she need a foriegn partner to keep this transaction highly confidential and assist her to receive this fund overseas for investment establishment purpose indurities and lucratives profitable ventures. if you are interested we can get you conneted to Princess Larisa Kone.

Further directives and details about the deposit and on how to move the fund successfully out of this country will be given to you as soon as I get your response,

Regards Tony Brima

Hi Tony
got your message in the rxpg online forum personal message. give your proper introduction:
Who are you?
What do you do?
what made you contact me?
what you expect of this?

Dr. Vijay Malik,
(M)- 09868069293

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The main thing behind my suspicion is The Story that I saw on ZEE NEWS few days back in which they uncovered a practice where some people from NIGERIA claiming to be Benefactors of huge or the lawyers of such beneficiaries, used to contact people in INDIA over internet.
They claimed that their client has some problem using that money of inheritance in their country & therefore needed somebody’s help to get that money out of Nigeria & they promised Handsome returns in exchange. The person in India was asked to pay some 10000 USD upfront for some paperwork, visa & ticket arrangements, but one sensible person contacted ZEE TV regarding this & they could trap the Indian accomplice of NIGERIAN who came to collect money, the person caught was also a Nigerian.
This person reminds me of that same incidence & I REQUEST all you people out there to be cautious of such unwarranted approaches by Instant messages / emails or any other mean. Please Do take care.

And MY REQUEST to RxPG Team, please do the needful if you feel something likely to be done in this regard. Thanks.



yes i thought so 2 ....this person tried to contact me also and sent me the same mail thru rxpg.I just ignored him. icon_exclaim.gif icon_exclaim.gif


This is a well known "nigerian scam" which now seems to have shifted to India.

Well, we did ban this person immediatey (yesterday itself) from using RxPG when we recieved the first report about an unsolicited im.

An unsolicited im, if reported by the recipient as abuse, is sufficient grounds for ban from RxPG messenger services.


good work,RXPG
long live RXPGians icon_wink.gif


good work , i had this guy PM me too but after an intial enquiry i ingored him and talked to other guy sregrding this
as it is we have prob of our own in th euk , these fradulent nigerians want to spoil th ename of thier country ( i have frienss who are nice and nigerians, so pls dont hold anything agisnt the them just by virtue of country )
even on ebay they are tricking poeple in the uk and india

Aim Australia

Hey, me too, I got an IM yesterday, the same message. But I ignored it, and erased the Im.
Good work for bringing it out, Vijaymalik! And thanks to Rxpg for immediate action. icon_smile.gif


thx RXPG_Team and dr_vijaymalik icon_smile.gif .


thanks RxPG for your Action. I really appreciate the way this forum is moderated.
Keep it up.

Aim Other

i did receave the mail saying some thing .... i thing almost the same mail. but hardly some one can beleave such a mails. just ignore.
its hard to trust people who are infront of you to give oney nowadays ....!

Aim MRCP Part 1

Hi Everybody,
Beware of these messages. It's true that these are all scams from nigerians. So don't reply to suspicious mails. But if you want to find out the truth, Search in google regarding the type of mail sent to u and related scam. I think u will find some surprising sites from USA secreat agencies working on these scams. So noone is giving money without any efforts, so always think before accepting short ways to get money. Don't give your personal informations, not even ur mobile no. They can use everything and usa ur details to loot others. And u will be listed in scam as thief. So BE AWARE.




i got that one too....just ignored it cos i had never seen that name on any of the forums...good work by RXPG...thanks a lot...


Do you know that these Nigerian Bank Scam people were awarded the IGNoble prize


This is known as Nigerian scam or 419 scam. I have got such e-mails long back. What u shud do once u get:
* Delete it immediately
* In case u respond, never do that from ur regular id cos once u reply them u'll start receiving lots of such spam regularly
* never divulge any info in ur responses
* always remember these r pure frauds
* in case u get it on RxPG, immediately report it to d team, so that such users could be banned stat.

For more info google '419 scam' n u'll find ample material on them.


IFMA icon_wink.gif icon_wink.gif


since las 4 months i have received atleast 50 mesages like this on my e mail id.

this i have seached that these are identitiyt thefts.

they claim to give you huge money and for that they want copy of your pss port id cad, licesnce etc

they use them for opening fake bank accounts etc eand fake identity and do crimes on their names.

beware guys.just ignore this messages.


tulip wrote:
IFMA icon_wink.gif icon_wink.gif

icon_twisted.gif icon_twisted.gif icon_twisted.gif


I also tried to report that mail as abuse on gmail, my email service provider but there was no such link as " report abuse " there . all I could had was a link to report Phishing. & i did that . & the email was shifted to spam by gmail team & a warning was posted by them on top of that email reporting it as an attempted phishing. so atleast I could make that msg highlighted though could not get him banned.
all my friends out there, you all are intelligent enough to know that there is no short cut to success, so you all know what should be done to all such malicious people!!!!!!!!!

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