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RxPG :: View topic - Books for final year MBBS?  
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Aim AIPGE 2016

drstanleymc wrote:
Can you pls tell me a good foreign author for Obs/Gynae?
Medicine topics from aa then references from harrison

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dear seniors?
If i start harrison in 3rd year will i be able to finish it by final year end?


umeshbabu wrote:
drstanleymc wrote:
Can you pls tell me a good foreign author for Obs/Gynae?
Medicine topics from aa then references from harrison

What is aa?

Aim MD Final Exam

Don't ever think even in ur dreams that u can read Harrison during undergrad . kumar Clark . or Davidson is enough . for clinicals alagappan is best . for surgery Bailey love is tough but possible to read manipal manual is fine . and das even das text book is good. But it doesn't have pics . for obg dutta and gynec shaw. For paediatrics ghai for ortho maheshwari . And most important is the integrated study from books of first and third year esp physio patho and pharma . I remember my medicine exam in which the essay question was anti retro viral drugs.


what are the topics in medicine that can be studied from Robinson's itself


trouble with this is, theres too much information, you cannot fully read them all.

i like the "at a glance" series of textbooks.

simple, succinct, and for all bits you require more information about, you can google it.

Aim Tamilnadu PG

Davidson for medicine.
Mathews for revision

Aim Tamilnadu PG

Bailey and love for surgery.
Manipal for revision

Aim Tamilnadu PG

dutta for obs

Aim Tamilnadu PG

shaw for gyn

Aim Tamilnadu PG

maheshwari for ortho

Aim NEET PG 2012

Med- Davidson
Sur - Bailey
Obs - mudhaliar menon
Pages -op ghai


Thank you all..


Medicine Harrison. and George Mathews. Small Harrison too.
Surg Bailey and SRB

Aim USMLE Step 1

Medicine: CMDT
Surgery: Manipal
Pediatrics: O. P. Ghai
Obs: Dutta
Gyne: Shaw
Ortho: Maheshwari
You don't nčed separate books for dermatology , anesthesia, radiology and psychiatry.

Aim AIPGE 2016

i studied the following :

medicine: george mathew, hutchison n macleod(clinical)

surgery: manipal manual of surgery, das(clinical)

pediatrics: o.p ghai

obs: dutta

gyn: shaw

ortho: maheshwari


Medicine :
1) Davidson for theory (Harrison, if you can study that much).
2) George Mathew for exam preparation.
3) MacLeod's or Hutchinson for clinical medicine.

Surgery :
1) Love & Bailey (people might recommend SRB but believe me it is not a good book, Bailey is considered to be the Bible for surgery).
2) S. Das for clinical surgery (again people might recommend other books but believe me I've seen even MCh students referring to S. Das time and again).

Obstetrics - D.C.Dutta
Gynae - Shaw (better than Dutta, just like Parsons vs Khurana in ophthalmology).

Pediatrics -
1) Ghai for theory ( Best book )
2) Meherban Singh for clinical (but I'd really recommend studying only neonatal from this book, rest you can consider Hutchison).

Essentials of Medical Pharmacology By KD Tripathi
Extensively revised and updated chapters to include recently introduced drugs, published information and therapeutic practices.
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