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RxPG :: View topic - Research opportunities during second year MBBS  
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Alert: Research opportunities during second year MBBS

(III MBBS students are also eligible)

ICMR Sponsored Short Term Research Studentship (STS 2006)

1. The Indian Council of Medical Research initiated the Short Term Research Studentship Programme in 1979 in order to promote interest and aptitude for research among medical undergraduates. The main objective of this programme is to provide an opportunity to undergraduate medical students to familiarize themselves with research methodology and techniques by being associated for a short duration with their seniors on ongoing research programmes or by undertaking independent projects. This may serve as an incentive for them to take up research as a career in the future. The Institution must provide the student with all facilities for carrying out research.

2. During the last 26 years, medical undergraduate students of various medical colleges in the country have shown keen interest in Council’s Short Term Research Studentship programme. The Council has decided to continue this programme by awarding limited number of studentships to deserving undergraduate students during the vacation for the year 2006.

Download Form

1. Application in the attached form for such studentship should be submitted through the Principal / Head of the Institute to the Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi 110029, before 28th February, 2006 . Application received after this date will not be considered.

2. The application form is available on ICMR website and can be downloaded. Applications must be prepared and submitted as per the new application format. Submission made using the applications forms of previous years will not be considered.

3. The application should be sponsored by a member of the faculty in any of the department of the Medical college where the student is enrolled, who is willing to act as the guide. Not more than one student will be allowed to work under one guide. Proposals submitted on the same topic by different students are liable to be rejected outright.

4. In case more than one application is submitted by a student / Guide, they will be automatically rejected.

5. The application must include a brief work plan of proposed research giving a short introduction, objectives, materials and also clearly stating the sample size and appropriate statistical methodology, which will be used alongwith its implications.

6. The guide should indicate the nature of the ongoing research programme with which the student will be associated. The research techniques and methodology providing an opportunity to the student to familiarize with, may also be indicated and described briefly. The Guide should ensure that she/he selects a suitable brief topic for this studentship, which can be completed within 2 months without asking for extension.

7. If the proposal study is part of ongoing research / or extension of completed research of the guide/any other Ph.D/MD student furthers details may be provided on what work has been done and also on what specific work will be done as part of studentship.

8. In the event of the Guide leaving the Institute/College before completion of the project, the student may select another guide with permission from Principal/Head of Institute and may inform the Council about the same.

9. The short term studentship is non-transferable and cannot be given to another student in the event of a student not accepting it after getting approval.

10. The studentship with be of 2 months’ duration and will cover the vacation period. The value of the studentship will be Rs. 2500/- per month and is meant to be a stipend for the student.

11. The selection of the candidate for award of research studentship will be done after technical evaluation of the research plan. The decision of the ICMR, in this regard will be final. Requests for reconsideration will not be entertained.

12. Only students who are selected will be informed by post the results will also be made available at ICMR website. The students who are not selected will not be sent any communication and reasons for rejection will not be provided.

13. The original approval letter from ICMR will be sent to the Guide with a copy to the student and the Principal.

14. Informed consent is to be obtained for research involving human subjects. The format for this may be enclosed alongwith the application. The student should obtain a clearance from the Institutional Ethics Committee if the proposal involves research on human subjects and from Animal Ethics Committee if the work involves use of animals.

15. On completing the studentship two copies of detailed report on the work done by the candidate, giving an introduction, review of literature, aims and objectives material and methods, results and observations, discussion, conclusions, summary and bibliography, should be submitted to the Chief, Division of BMS, ICMR, New Delhi, through the guide within 1 month of completing the project work.

16. Report must be prepared and submitted within 1 month of completion of project work. Any delays must be supported by valid justification forwarded by the Guide/Principal of Medical College . The deadline for receipt of delayed reports with justification is 15.12.06. No report will be accepted for any reason beyond the last date as extension cannot be given to carry over the research to the next year.

17. The report will be evaluated at ICMR and the Council reserves the right to approve or disapprove a report. Payment of stipend will be made only if report is approved by the Council. Payment may not be made if the report is disapproved due to a change in research plan/number of subjects or any other reason.

18. Detailed information about this STS program and also the application forms, guidelines for preparation of report proforma for report submission, checklists, stipend bill forms etc. are available on ICMR website.
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The "Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana" is an ongoing programme initiated by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India to encourage students of Basic Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to take up research careers in these areas. The aim of the programme is to identify and encourage talented students with aptitude for research.

This programme strives to assist the students to realise their potential and to ensure that the best scientific talent is tapped for research and development in the country. Generous scholarships will be provided (up to the pre-Ph.D. level) to the selected students.

In addition, summer programmes in prestigious research and educational institutions in the country will be organized.

Funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, the programme is administered by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, through the Society for Innovation and Development (SID, IISc Campus). Selections for Basic Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Streams will be carried out by IISc, IIT-Bombay, and ICMR (New Delhi), respectively. There are special groups or committees set up at IISc, IIT and ICMR which screen the applications, conduct interviews at various centres, make the final selection and attend to follow-up matters. In this regard ICMR functions in association with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi (AIIMS) and the Post-graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh (PGIMER).

The Department of Science and Technology - the nodal agency of the Government concerned with the implementation of the Programme - has entrusted the overall responsibility for organising the scheme to the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and set up a National Advisory Committee (NAC) for overseeing its implementation. IISc, which administers the programme through the Society for Innovation and Development has provided necessary infrastructural support. A Core Committee has been set up by IISc to monitor various aspects, both administrative and academic, of the KVPY Programme.

Monthly Fellowship
Annual Contingency

2nd and 3rd Year

During Subsequent Years

Continuation of fellowship
Annual renewal of fellowships will depend on maintaining good academic performance in the chosen stream and satisfactory performance in summer programmes. Note that KVPY Fellows in the Basic Sciences selected in XI Std (Stream SA) who opt out of the science stream at the end of XII Standard will forego the Fellowship and Contingency support.

Summer programmes form an important part of the nurture programme for KVPY Fellows. These are meant to expose the Fellows to methods of scientific research and inculcate in them an abiding interest in doing scientific research. These are normally organised during the summer vacation, when KVPY Fellows spend one or two weeks in scientific institutions listening to lectures by experts in different fields of science, engineering or medicine, see things in a research environment, watch research in progress/science in action, interact with scientists, visit nearby scientific research laboratories and institutions, and mingle and exchange views with other research students. Sometimes Fellows with specific interest are associated with individual scientists who talk to them about their interest, help them to clear their doubts, give them problems, get them to perform experiments, and tell them about the scope in the area of their interest.

A Summer Programme for KVPY Fellows in the Engineering Stream is organised by IIT-Bombay. Here the Fellows get an opportunity to work on innovative projects under the guidance of distinguished engineers.

KVPY Fellows in Medicine Stream are required to do a summer programme of two weeks or more under the guidance of a mentor at anytime convenient to the Fellow and the mentor, and the mentor may be identified by you in consultation with ICMR, New Delhi .

Other Privileges
An Identity Card is issued to each KVPY Fellows. Several national laboratories, universities and other institutions have agreed to extend special privileges like library, laboratory facilities to KVPY Fellows

Our Hope
KVPY hopes that the award of this Fellowship to students and the encouragement and opportunities that they derive from it will expose them to research in the subject of their study and induce them to choose a research career in science. This would really be a fulfillment of the main objective of the KVPY programme.

futher information:
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UNANSWERED: Creating separate cadre for mbbs in teaching faculty in medical colleges as tutors / demonstrators.

Aim DM Gastroenterology

Thanx buddy!


during 2nd year icmr is sponsoring research work
called as sts
info. is available on web site

Aim USMLE Step 1

can anybody tell me what is the level of projects that these people are expecting for kvpy?

if there is anyone here who is a kvpy scholar, please answer my questions. I want to know what kind of project work yo submitted, and what are the other projects that got selected along with yours. If you an remember anything about the topcs or the depth of the projects, please post.

thanks a lot





Aim General

thankzzzzzzzzzzzzzz a looooooooooooooooooot 4 ur valuable info.
keep gpoin on buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smiley24.gif

icon_lol.gif jus_koolz


thanx a lot..... god workkk !!!!


thanks icon_biggrin.gif !!!!!

Aim USMLE Step 1

thanx buddy........read ur post in right tym!! icon_smile.gif smiley24.gif


[b]The reality about KVPY -- Medicine stream ignored ? [/b]
I would like to draw your attention to a grave injustice to students of engineering and medicine by the KVPY fellowship program.
This program was started to encourage the students of science, medicine, and engineering. However, a number of deserving students have been denied this!!!!
In the following letter you shall find the reasons for this allegation. This letter has earlier been sent to the various heads but I have not received any reply nor even an acknowledgement of the letter.
It was a pleasure to know that the government was promoting science and encouraging a research aptitude among students. However it comes as a great surprise that the spirit of the fellowship programme has been conveniently overlooked.
It won’t be surprising if these students, when denied a suitable opportunity in their own country, have to head abroad in search of their “dreams”.

The following is a letter written to Kvpy which has still not been answered -


It has been brought to my notice that quite a few students have been refused the fellowship inspite of the fact that there are sufficient resources. This is indeed appalling.

"The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana is a programme initiated by the Government of India to encourage students of the Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to take up careers in research in these fields. The programme aims to identify and select students who demonstrate talent and aptitude, and encourage and assist them in pursuing research careers in their chosen fields. This programme hopes not only to assist the students to realize their potential, but also to ensure that the best scientific talent is tapped for research and development establishments in the country: A generous scholarship will be provided (up to the Pre-Phd level) to the selected students. In addition, summer programmes in prestigious research and education institutions in the country will be organized, and preferential access to facilities such as libraries, laboratories, museums, etc. will be provided.
In the first year of this scheme, a total of 120 school students who have completed class X and XII (or equivalent) and 50 students who have completed the second year of Engineering and Medicine streams, will be selected."

According to the website : <h t t p : / / <--snip--> . s e r c - d s t . o r g / k i s h o r e . h t m >

In engineering,
"Students ........ (up to 25 Fellowships)."

In medicine :
"Students .........(up to 25 Fellowships).


in Science stream,
" Students .......... (up to 60 Fellowships).
Students ............(up to 60 Fellowships). "
This was meant for the year 2000.(it seems that the site has not been updated since then!!)
Since the scholarship has been continued annually, I believe that maximum number of candidates would be the same in the year 2006.

However, In the year 2006,
(please refer to the site : <<--snip--> . i i s c . e r n e t . i n / k v p y / >)

of the 33 candidates called for an interview in engineering stream only 7 were awarded fellowships.
And of the 49 candidates called for an interview in medicine stream, only 6 were awarded fellowships.

Other candidates who performed well in the interview (14 in engineering and 18 in medicine) have been placed under the category - Students recommended for mentoring (summer program) - not to receive any fellowship.
(Had these students received the fellowship, it would amount to 21 students in engineering and 24 students in medicine which would well be within the limit of "25 candidates")

I would like to know why is it that when suitable number of candidates are available only 6 - 7 fellowships are awarded in engineering and medicine (while 95 fellowships in stream SA ; 55 fellowships in stream SB; and 16 fellowships in stream SP – clearly more than the stipulated numbers) ????

Since the fellowship is awarded promote science and to "encourage students of the Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to take up careers in research in these fields" and to "encourage students and assist them in pursuing research careers in their chosen fields", I find it strange that quite a few candidates are denied this opportunity.

I request you to kindly look into this matter and please tell me the criteria for denying student this award.

A certain amount of transparency is certainly needed!!!

Anxiously awaiting your reply.
Thank you.

If you also seek this answer please ask KVPY - write to them at kvpy@ admin.iisc.ernet.in and if you are lucky to get the reply please post it here.

Also ask them where is the money meant for the scholarship being spent ????????


do the icmr's-sts its genuine n they give approvals also. i have just got mine.

Aim Surgery

icmr topics
our seniors who have enlightened us for research in icmr sts
please can u tell us wich topics are approved n wich r nt??
a very hazy picture lies in front of us
as to wich livel we shoild advance n to wich depth we should go

Aim USMLE Step 1

can these both options availed simultaneously?

any idea?

as both r conducted by ICMR....chances r that overlapping students may be rejected ...
any idea anyone?


thank u for this valuable information
is there any kvpy scholar who help a bit more by lending us some examples as what sort of projects r selected...plzzz.....


hey good work


the icmr project u can do any yr from 1st to internship.

for any help msg me.

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