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Author: ankush1234PostPosted:     Post subject:

how to prepare for second year.......?

Author: MedicoaspirantPostPosted:     Post subject:

do pharmac daily ....try to memorize imp doses
patho and micro can be given 3days a week and forensic
can be done on a sunday ...although patho must be understood very well so take your time

Author: nihaal786PostPosted:     Post subject:

i am ur classmate contct me dear...................

Author: nammokPostPosted:     Post subject:

jo hukum mere aka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: contactKhansPostPosted:     Post subject:

Hi All ,
We are having MD/MS/PG-DIPLOMA/MBBS/MDS/BDS Management quota seats in Karnataka,
If interested Kindly call on 81..47..83..81..29....

Author: drchurchePostPosted:     Post subject:

KDT line by line
Patho important topics will do

Author: drchurchePostPosted:     Post subject:

however.make sure you do check harrison .thats what my seniors say

Author: rambarapatiPostPosted:     Post subject:

I am in 2nd year too. I was suggested by my seniors and teachers to read them both cover to cover atleast once. Revisions are better done selectively.

Author: v4run_vPostPosted:     Post subject:

Retrograde study imp

Author: SanaqureshiPostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: drsallurtPostPosted:     Post subject:

Retrograde study is useful after finishing 1st reading.

Author: drsallurtPostPosted:     Post subject:

Middle Robins a very good book for Neetpg.

Author: drsallurtPostPosted:     Post subject:

Difficult to cover big Robins for Neetpg

Author: drsallurtPostPosted:     Post subject:

4days in a week for med pead surg Ortho g& o eye, ENT dermatology , psychiatry radio radiotherapy. 2 days for pharma, PSM, FSM, patho and micro, 1 and half days for anat , physiology biochemistry,.half days for solving MCQ for first 4 months.

Author: rama_sPostPosted:     Post subject:

Make your own notes of important topics from Robbins for your theory exams. Solving mcqs after this would be helpful for Neetpg rather than rereading Robbins.
Making a list of important one-liners from Robbins might help if at all and dont forget to study the important diagrams, very very helpful when it comes to image based mcq.

Author: pBR555PostPosted:     Post subject:

i u feel robbins is bit difficult in refering everytime go for taking notes in concise version for ganong the same

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RxPG :: View topic - How to study Robbins and Ganong for All India PG in II MBBS? How to study Robbins and Ganong for All India PG in II MBBS?

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Author: nammok PostPosted:     Post subject: FAQ: How to study Robbins and Ganong for All India PG in II

i want to know????
how 2 study robbins and ganong for all india pg????
wether line by line or selected topics????
i am a 2nd year student....