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Author: kartikeyePostPosted:     Post subject:

hi...I am also in need of credits.I am not on twitter.

Author: drkinginiPostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: FaunalilacPostPosted:     Post subject:

Same here need of credits😑😑

Author: ravisinghal12PostPosted:     Post subject:

I too need credits to access some very useful forums...

Author: Enigma712PostPosted:     Post subject:

Just keep posting

Author: kishorphepalePostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: lazymedico9PostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: drniraj_anandPostPosted:     Post subject:

Good way to gain credits😂

Author: drniraj_anandPostPosted:     Post subject:

No credits gained...it will only increase your number of posts..and after 10 posts you can tweet about rxpg to gain credits only if they retweet your tweet.

Author: tittu040792PostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: ivyimmac21PostPosted:     Post subject:

does anyone know the exact forums which can give credit points

Author: CredentialforPostPosted:     Post subject:

What does it mean?

Author: prabhanjan123PostPosted:     Post subject:

newb here

Author: kanimozhithiruPostPosted:     Post subject:

I m need of credits..

Author: Surabhi13PostPosted:     Post subject:

Who thought this out ? icon_biggrin.gif

Author: CredentialforPostPosted:     Post subject:

Wow thanks

Author: syedazamPostPosted:     Post subject:

what are they?

Author: syedazamPostPosted:     Post subject:

what are they?

Author: devaram1985PostPosted:     Post subject:

Plz help me to get credits

Author: NaveenctejPostPosted:     Post subject:

How to get credits

Author: drdhruvanPostPosted:     Post subject:

thank you

Author: drdhruvanPostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: AmehsPostPosted:     Post subject:

Me too in need of credits

Author: biswassumit25PostPosted:     Post subject:

How to get credits here?

Author: DrkikaPostPosted:     Post subject:

Keep posting queries and keep helping others by answering .

Author: as0070PostPosted:     Post subject:

This is very frustrating, unable to access useful threads because of this credit system

Author: divyaprasad1206PostPosted:     Post subject:

this is unfair..they should let us access all sites atleast initially..

Author: lillykutty700PostPosted:     Post subject:

I too need credits as I have to get some important information regarding July dnb

Author: Sweatsock27PostPosted:     Post subject:

How do you start a new thread??

Author: Sharmajee991PostPosted:     Post subject:

i want 775 credits. please someone gift

Author: 1900PostPosted:     Post subject:

1 need cedit

Author: Drdeepika26PostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: naveenkrishnagjPostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: CephalusPostPosted:     Post subject:

Keep posting

Author: DrMungoPostPosted:     Post subject:

I am such an old member , still low on credits...

Author: AfzalPMPostPosted:     Post subject:

You will get 2 or 3 credits if someone gives your post (or even your comment) a thumbs up. Please help me by liking this comment. I'm just 5 credits short to view some forums which are important for me. I'm helping as I can.

Author: docRishiPostPosted:     Post subject:

thank u

Author: skdr88PostPosted:     Post subject:

I am having a similar issue of not having enough credits.i need 9 at least for one forum i need to visit badly.hoping for some help..trying to contribute on other forums too

Author: DrMungoPostPosted:     Post subject:

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Author: shreevt PostPosted:     Post subject:

dipaksingh wrote:
DrMungo wrote:
I am such an old member , still low on credits...

Please like this post , we get credits when people like our posts .
I am helping others as i can

Author: Abhishek1103 PostPosted:     Post subject:

I neeeed credits.

Author: DrRed99 PostPosted:     Post subject:

how to get credits/

Author: DrRed99 PostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: indraniljabber PostPosted:     Post subject: CREDITS

I too am replying to this to get some much needed credits to access some posts.

Author: JuraHahsmamc PostPosted:     Post subject:

Credit system needs to go

Author: as0070 PostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: ashok1808 PostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: AbdulazizFK PostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: JuraHahsmamc PostPosted:     Post subject:

I request everyone to kindly upvote all the comments so that we all may earn credits. Thank You!

Author: AbdulazizFK PostPosted:     Post subject:


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