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RxPG -> MBBS - Being a Medical Student In India

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RxPG :: View topic - Am I too old(24) for mbbs? Am I too old(24) for mbbs?

RxPG -> MBBS - Being a Medical Student In India

Author: lostSoul007 PostPosted:     Post subject: Am I too old(24) for mbbs?

Hey guys! What's up! Hope you are all having good time with your loved ones.

So Here's what I want to know. I cleared matriculation in 2013 but due to some unforseen mishap I dropped out of college (fsc pre-med). Then I kinda lost sight of my goal and motivation. I kept jumping here and there( started having mood swings), kept trying to question myself and my decisions(the biggest reason of my failure). So now(in 2021) I'm 22yrs old, found my calling and I want to go into medical field (mbbs) no matter the college. But then people started saying that now you are too old to go for mbbs as you'll be thirty by the time you clear it(though I say no matter what I choose I'll be old in that field and by choosing different field I won't become young would I?), after that you'll need to study for specialty which will take 4-7years, after that you'll need Pg or something like that(I don't know much further) but all I heard that I'll lose my life to study etcetera etcetera. Now thinking from financial and social situation, people are right as I won't be able to get married till I establish myself, I won't be earning. Though I could be wrong but I don't know man. And one more question:- what will be usmle for me? Or will it be worth studying, practicing in my own country. I'm feeling lots of insecurities,How will those 7/8years will affect me?(I know they will affect me bad but it's past so what can I do about it) I just need some answers as detailed as possible, Keeping all parts of life in view. Will I be a good doctor or Will I be a failure (Though I think I'm confident enough in my hard working and analytical abilities to be able to clear it). But I don't know the difficulties of med life and that's why I thought of asking here.

Or if you say that I shouldn't do mbbs then can you tell me what other choices do I have?