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Author: riya_123PostPosted:     Post subject: hi.....

for opthalm.... khurana....... n parson(reference)....... for ent : dhingra contains everything... but durin exams for a quick revision...... u need bhargav...... n psm .. the ultimate park...... icon_smile.gif

Author: roshan2kPostPosted:     Post subject: thanks


Author: wagingwarlordPostPosted:     Post subject:

For ENT logan is a pretty good book 4 certain topics but aint of that great importance.....Parsons they say 4 reference but clinically a sound book but if ya gotta write ur exams its the worst resort...Park is "THE BOOK"...No other go dude...C my other posts regarding PSM n Park!!!!All the best n Peace out dude!!! icon_twisted.gif !!!!

Author: shimmeringstarr21PostPosted:     Post subject:

i have just finished my 7 th sem exam,I would like to add a few more books to your list,we use basak n divya prabhat for practicals in ophth n ent,respectively.Also,for PSM A.P.Kulkarni is a great book for sociology and gives really good info on certain topics like soakage pit,weaning,zero budgeting,AFP surveillance,but for the rest Park the best!hope that helps....all the best

Author: allergic2moronsPostPosted:     Post subject:

bhargav is best!! i read it all thro' my partI

Author: sagarzPostPosted:     Post subject:

hi guys ......did someone say parsons is good ....i think ....that khurana is the best for the exam point of view........

Author: ratnakar_potlaPostPosted:     Post subject:

go with any book but clinics are the real grounds and patients ur best teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: roshan2kPostPosted:     Post subject:

hey thanks now im in 7th sem.exams r near.
im back to ent opthal and psm.

anyone who is giving the proff. this november or december?????????
please notify.

i need someone who is presently at his 7th sem and going to appear during nov or dec so i can discuss the exam.

Author: drsainaPostPosted:     Post subject:

hi roshan2k
i can join you.im also in 7th sem.
we can discuss.

Author: roshan2kPostPosted:     Post subject:

hi drsaina
so what r u studying rite now.
where r others.7th sem student shud join us.
well,i will post some questions here soon.
answer that.

Author: roshan2kPostPosted:     Post subject:

hi drsaina
so what r u studying rite now.
where r others.7th sem student shud join us.
well,i will post some questions here soon.
answer that.

Author: rhiannonPostPosted:     Post subject:

hey my 7th sem exams got ove rlast week......

SPM make sure you're updated.....especially with epidemics in india....if not india then atleast in your state....it was a fav question o'er here.. for orals...

also all the programmes currently being implemented in your state....

Author: drsainaPostPosted:     Post subject:

thanks rhia,
that was really an important stuff.
tell us where we can find the epidemics in india.and what r the recent epidemics.

Author: drsainaPostPosted:     Post subject: pqli

hey rosh
how to calculate the PQLI?
wats the answer of tanmay's question?

Author: roshan2kPostPosted:     Post subject:

PQLI is the average of three indicators
1.infant mortality
2.life expectancy at age one
scale is 0-100
see park page 16.

Author: rhiannonPostPosted:     Post subject:

i dunno where u're from .....well here in kerala there are suspected cases of chikungunya......2 cases in calicut.
there are suspected cases in trivandrum too....

isnt HIV an epidemic in india??...

Author: rhiannonPostPosted:     Post subject:

who is tanmay.....whats the question???

Author: rhiannonPostPosted:     Post subject:

its not available in the text.....search the net for data on epidemics....
just like roshan said PQLI is given in Park...

i got lots of Qs for viva from the last few chapters......health educ....PHC... FP and demography too....

Author: roshan2kPostPosted:     Post subject:

RxPG :: View topic - Books for III MBBS Books for III MBBS
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RxPG -> MBBS - Being a Medical Student In India

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject: List: Books for III MBBS [#]

books for 3rd mbbs.help me out.
rhiannon wrote:
i dunno where u're from .....well here in kerala there are suspected cases of chikungunya......2 cases in calicut.
there are suspected cases in trivandrum too....

isnt HIV an epidemic in india??...

the same is here.chickengunya strucked a slum located out of the city.we went there for a survey.

hey rhia i will tell u one more interesting thing.

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

whats that?

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

hey i had this too.....causes of fluctuating heaing loss.....a few are already given in the revision points in the last pages of dhingra ....anyways..

Otitis media with effusion
Endolymphatic hydrops ( Menieres)

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

hey for ENT i was asked who invented the esophagoscope......didnt know it back then...

ESOPHAGOSCOPE:Chevalier Jackson (of tracheostomy fame)BRONCHOSCOPE: Gustav Killian (it was an esophagoscope)
fibreoptic BRONCHOSCOPE:Ikeda

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

geat that was new to me.

do u know tracheostomy was done for positive pressure respiration in the mass epidemic of poliomyelitis in 1950.

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

2moro i have PCT of infertility.reading now.

hey how was ur theory quetion paper?
wat question u were asked.

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

fungal corneal ulcer was the main question....

had diabetic retinopathy, astigmatism, keratoplasty, ECCE, enucleation......i'm not very good in recollection icon_smile.gif
congenital cataract.....

the essay was weird.....its easy though
30 yr old fem teacher with unilateral tinnitus....fluctuating hearing loss...2yrs. o/e pnd+ mucopus in middle meatus. TM waxy appearance with retraction (L)
dx was sinusitis with ET dysfunction but many got it wrong.....i wrote otitis media with effusion instead of ET dysf'n.... some even wrote nasopharyngeal CA (theres a line in dhingra : all cases of unilateral serous otitis media in an adult should be viewed with suspicion.....nasopharyngeal CA).......some even wrote menieres coz of the tinnitus n fluctuating hearing loss and also the first subquestion was abt fluctuating hearing loss
spaces of gillete
gradenigo's syndrome
trotter's triad
esophageal causes of dysphagia
sx for atrophic rhinitis
facial palsy:middle ear causes
contents of middle ear (ossicles,lig,air n muscles)

i'll write the rest when i recollect

in SPM
autism and pulmonary TB were the two essays

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

hey tracheostomy was done right from hippocrates period....

did u know that george washington had tonsillitis.....was in resp distress ...
his doc wanted to do a tracheostomy to save him but the family members and family physician didnt let him do it....so he died shortly ....

oh yeah tracheostomy was a question too....
bilateral abductor palsy
choanal atresia

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

hi,fungal corneal ulcer is the favourite question of aiims.every year there is one.the key words being the vegetative matter striking cornea.
and yes acanthameba too...

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

i like ophthalmia neonatorum better.....heyy like i even saw a neonate with tears during my posting.....labor room

the doc said its normal?!?!?!?


Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

hey....btw i think chikungunya n dengue are current epidemics in india ........

Author: mumbaidrgal PostPosted:     Post subject:

Opthalm :khurana
ENT : dhingra , logan
PSM : Park

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

1. Carrier screening for inherited tay sach's disease is done during:
b-post natal
d-post neonatal period

2. There must be one doctor for _______ population as per suggested norms in India

3. The following are management methods based on behavioural sciences except
c-personnel management
d-system analysis

4. Mistaking a rope for a snake is an example of :

5.Toxin present in kesari dal:

6.Egg has all of the following vitamins except:

7.The weight of average indian reference woman is
a-45 kg
b-50 kg

8. Except the sex cells all other human cells contain _____ pairs of autosomes

9-Chief protein in milk

10.Following are good sources of calcium except
c-white rice

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

11.Women of reprod age group conxtitues _____ % of the population in India

12.In India MMR is estimated to be ______ per 1000 L.B

13.Perinatal mortality includes the following except:
a-late fetal death
b-deaths during labour
c-early neonatal deaths
d-deaths upto 4 weeks

14-Ideal type od desk recommended for school is
A + type
B - type
C 0 type
D neutral

15-REcommended land area for primary school
A 1 acre
B 5 acres
C 10 acres
D 15 acres

16.The main service of Child guidance clinic is
A career counselling
B management of orphans
C psychotherapy
D provision of recreation

17.TFR refers to
A approximate completed family size
B number of female child/woman
C num of women in the 15-45 age gp
D number of births /1000 women

18.NRR is targetted at _____ by 2000 AD
A 2
B 3
C 1.5
D 1

19.Norplant contains
A norethisterone
B norgesterol
C levonorgestol
D ethinyl estradiol

20.For a newly married couple, the contraception of choice is
C condom
D vasectomy

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

1 mark Qs
proximate principles of food
food additives
diet survey
rickety rosary
sex chromosomes
terminal methods in FP
complementary feeding

2 mark Qs
RCH programme
remand home
high rish pregnancy
functions of health worker (fem)
evaluation of FP programme
Kuppuswamy's social classification
Turners syndrome
cost benefit analysis
personnel management
WHO functions

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

ok,.......this was a viva question in ophthal.....take a guess...

what is trilateral retinoblastoma???

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

Trilateral retinoblastoma is bilateral retinoblastoma associated with an intracranial primitive neuroectodermal tumor in the pineal or suprasellar region.

do u know more about it?

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

trilateral retinoblastoma :a patient with an intraocular retinoblastoma or bilateral intraocular retinoblastomas presents with either a pineal, suprasellar, or parasellar retinoblastoma.
Occurrence of pinealoblastoma in combination with bilateral retinoblastoma, also known as trilateral retinoblastoma, is observed in 8 percent ofpatients with bilateral or familial retino-blastoma. The diagnosis of trilateral retino-blastoma usually is made within one yearof diagnosis of retinoblastoma.
Patients with trilateral retinoblastoma may present with headache, vomiting, hydrocephalus,and meningismus.Diagnosis of retinoblastoma usually is based on the ophthalmoscopic appearance.

thats all i know........u know anything more?

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

ya i will tell u abt that as i gather some more information on that.

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

hey tell me about this......
suppose in the horrocks apparatus the third cup gives the color....
then we conclude that 6 grams of bl.pwd is present in 455 lites of water.
(for 1st cup 2gm and so on... itsok..)

but why we take 455 litres.. from where this quantity came..?i asked it my lecturer,she dint knows it...why specificly 455...?

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

heyy rp...
now i will tell u an example of effect--->cause study...remember the interesting thing i wanted to tell u......
last week there was a news on the newspaper....there was an outbreak of ulcers&rashes over foot and hand in a locality named yadunandannagar....the cause of which was not known...

our psm deptt did a case study on it guided by our hod..our batch was selected...we went to that locality for survey....
we visited about 1000 houses(half of them were slums)we were given a proforma...asked few questions like---
number of rooms
family members--male female..their age..
source of water supply..
mosquito breeding places
anti mosquito measures done there..
source of medical health care if someone gets ill...
members presently ill...their symptoms...
in children...bitot's spot...immunisation...vit a..
anyone who is chronicly ill..
the cases(which brought us there)we took their snaps...and called the cases to college for treatment..

and then we subitted it..it was all done in the last week..
this week we r analysing it..to get to a result...i will tell u further what happened as it progresses..

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

anything in ur colg like this one.....?

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

heyy rp,
how to write the long answer and essays in psm...
i dont like writting long answers...
im good at the objectives...

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

nope......we've been out on health surveys but i usually opt out......i dont like psm much....

essays sucks! i usually write down points.....i cant learn a paragraph....but i can remem points.....its a lot better to read i guess ...doesnt get boring.....

our essays ...its split....i guess its the same o'er there??

we have sub Qs......so like 10 marks is divided into 1 mark Dx.....2 for C/F 2 for inv.....3 for management etc...

i'm not very good with the essay stuff.....i usually recollect from classes n clinics than from books.....so opinions may vary

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

ya same here...

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

hey do u know the other names of cluster headache......they are...
horton's syndrome
alarm clock neuralgia
periodic migranous neuralgia.

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

ok....i didnt know that....

hey do you know causes of UNILATERAL HEADACHE????

*Horner's syndrome (associated with headache)
*cluster headache
*cervicogenic headache
*migranous vascular headache
*trigeminal neuralgia (only supratentorial=frontal)
*tension-type headache(most bliateral though)
* headache following head and/or neck trauma
*headache with psychiatric disorders

what else???

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

ya this was a question in our internals last time.....

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

hey rp
send me the ent and opthal paper.u gave me only the psm paper.

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

arrey i'll have to search for the papers......will try to locate it at the end of this week...

and i've already posted the questions.......ok some of it in this forum.....

Author: roshan2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

and yes abt the orthopedics book too......
which book i shud read...

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