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Author: PuskarrPostPosted:     Post subject:

i hav added books in it but My readin list aint shown in d box under my pix in forum section? do i hav to earn [points for dat? lemme kno

Author: JedaiPostPosted:     Post subject:

hi team,
i've tryin to add books to my readinlist but without much success..
actually have tried thrice following all your instructions but i just find the same msg--there "0" books in your readin list...
i just cant figure out where im goi wrong...
if u can... plz help..

Author: crocodile181PostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: zlatanngod10PostPosted:     Post subject:


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RxPG :: View topic - How to make your personal reading list at RxPG! How to make your personal reading list at RxPG!

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Author: BGM PostPosted:     Post subject: Re: Help: How to make your personal reading list at RxPG!

RxPG_Team wrote:
BGM wrote:
Dear RxPG team..
i did everything as u said above....i tried the same with a different pc and with opera,IE & firefox, still i am unable to add books to my reading list. please help me. thank you very much..

Are you sure you are not using any popup blocker?

No team, i am not using any popup blocker
These are a few screen shots to show whats my problem

Now i click the "Best sellers" link. Then select the "Add to list" option of a book.. then this pop up appears

Then i click on "close" option.. then click on "Reading list option.. then the same page appears