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Author: prasanth7070PostPosted:     Post subject:

Its addictive.But as far as it makes you get more informed in different topics,I stongly think this addiction is good only.

Author: sruti96PostPosted:     Post subject:

few addictions are very worthy icon_smile.gif icon_smile.gif icon_smile.gif

Author: Anjukri13PostPosted:     Post subject:

I hvnt been rxpg ian not for more than 1 month...nd i feel tym spend in here i feel.a sense of accomplishmnt...also...wen i joined i ment for pg preps in india...bt der r so many vast topics abt various oppertunities...i tink tats wat hshooked me here...nd i tink many nebies feel de same...love rxpg...i m recommendong it to so many ppl...wiah i hd found dis earlier...wud hv made my nite browsing sessions productiv

Author: sonygaddePostPosted:     Post subject:

No not at all addictive.it has got very useful info

Author: VenkathariPostPosted:     Post subject:

Very addictive and resourceful!!

Author: geegarPostPosted:     Post subject:

yep. very addictive!

Author: naina91PostPosted:     Post subject:

It is addictive once you are at peace .When there is no pressure to study.

Author: paulschaltaPostPosted:     Post subject:

Super addictive. So much good info on here

Author: alanmcphrsnPostPosted:     Post subject:

Not nearly as addictive as smoking.

Author: FauziakamalPostPosted:     Post subject:

Very useful..

Author: glnandhiniPostPosted:     Post subject: Re: Tips for deaddiction!!!

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is rxpg addictive??
 92%  [ 25 ]
 7%  [ 2 ]
cant say
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 27

Kanna2005 wrote:
Limited access to the offbeat section may help users get rid of this problem, I suppose.

For instance, every user, esp those who are about to take any exam, should be allowed to spend max of 90 min a day on the offbeat icon_smile.gif However, exceptions can be made.

What do you guys think about this suggestion?

Anyway, don't worry! Things will be alright once you are into a PG, cos you wont have that much time to come here icon_lol.gif



Author: feli8 PostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: chaitu1989 PostPosted:     Post subject:

icon_razz.gif icon_razz.gif icon_razz.gif icon_razz.gif icon_razz.gif

Author: cutypie PostPosted:     Post subject:

Author: vinnierynx PostPosted:     Post subject:

any day better than fb..

Author: drparadox PostPosted:     Post subject:

It is kinda addictive..but as long as its helpful and resourceful..Its all good icon_biggrin.gif

Author: Mrcp454 PostPosted:     Post subject:

It is!

Author: kurian93 PostPosted:     Post subject:

doctorcat wrote:
i just loooooooooooooooooooooooove rxpg!!!!!!!!!
hats off to all rxpgians.........
rxpg is very addictive...but highly useful icon_smile.gif

Author: Anjumullackal PostPosted:     Post subject:

Highly addictive

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