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Author: PearlPostPosted:     Post subject:

i'm so dumb.. icon_confused.gif icon_sad.gif icon_surprised.gif icon_cry.gif icon_mad.gif icon_cry.gif icon_cry.gif icon_confused.gif icon_cry.gif
i havnt read that manipalguy had already asked this q in FAQ...
i feeeeeeel so stupid.. icon_eek.gif icon_sad.gif icon_cry.gif
but hey



Author: lazybonezzzPostPosted:     Post subject:

hi pearl,
rxpg is such a huge place
it does take time2 discover things
but the more u discover about it,
the more hooked on u'll b!
so happy surfing!

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RxPG :: View topic - Journey from newbie to....... Journey from newbie to.......

RxPG -> [Help/Newbie]

Author: Pearl PostPosted:     Post subject: journey from newbie to.............

Hello to All,
I'm now 7 months old for RXPG icon_smile.gif its been 7 months for me as a Pearly user icon_twisted.gif icon_wink.gif
Being 7 months at this website is very thrilling and rewarding no doubt.. meet with good friends.. got updated info.. but...

till now..

i did not understand how and what is the course of a user from newbie to veteran to titan to guru to super guru etc etc .. i dun know anything.. I see user being guru, super guru and so much so forth but couldnt figure out even now.....

So RXPGteam tell me.. what is the path to start to end.. ( end - if there is one) or in the end its just the platuea level we will acheive.. and at what credits and number of post the rank changes..

tell us what advantage we will get by having these ranks?? e.g at XXX credit one will be able to use OSCE buster , XXX credit make you eligible to apply for moderator.. got it..??

guys and gals wont it be interesting to know about this.. Rxpg facts.. rxpgteam you can make it at home page that how many are guru, newbie.. titan etc etc or who is latest .. you know that kind of things????.. it will booost our spirit and i think it will be dashing way to get invloved and get more addictive..??????

what do you say ??? ... more recommendation will be highly appreciated!!!!!!!