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Author: aryarajendranPostPosted:     Post subject:

Methionine, Threonine, Tryptophan,Valine,Isoleucine, Leucine,Phenyl Alanine, Lysine.

Arginine and Histidine for children.

Hope this clears it up !

Author: rhiannonPostPosted:     Post subject:

the prob is tha tsome books say that there are 9....some say that are 10...and i also read somewhere that there are 11....so i'm confused.

is there a 11th amino acid... its given 10 in park

Author: roshan2kPostPosted:     Post subject: Re: ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS

RxPG :: View topic - Essential amino acids Essential amino acids

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Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject: ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS

howmany essential amino acids are there?

9 OR 10 OR 11??
rhiannon wrote:
howmany essential amino acids are there?

9 OR 10 OR 11??

wow this question was wondering in my mind too.

earlier in school i have read 8 essential amino acid (matt-vil-phyl) and 2 semi-esssential amino acid(arginine & histidine)

then in biochem i think read 9 EAA. (I never saw the word semi-essential again)
then i dont remember,it is park where i read it as 10.
yet not encountered 11.

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

what about taurine???

i read somewhere its essential for paed age gp?

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

Essential amino acid patterns of protein :TRY THR ISO LEU LYS MET+CYS PHE+TYR VA
diet mg/g
Histidine - [8-12]
Isoleucine 46.7
Leucine 79.1
Lysine 61.6
Methionine +Cystine 34.1
Phenylalanine +Tyrosine 81.8
Threonine 38.4
Tryptophan 12.3
Valine 57.6

i'm really confused now.. icon_confused.gif

Author: velocityx PostPosted:     Post subject: Essential Amino Acids Mnemonic

Use this Mnemonic:

on AV HILL the MP was playing TT

A: Arginine
V: Valine
H: Hisltidine
I : Isoleucine
L: Leucine
L: Lysine
M: Methionine
P: Phenyl Alanine
T: Theronine
T: Tryptophan

AH! children!!

A: Arginine
H: Histidine
Which are essential to children.
Simple? Hope you can remember cuz I did!

Author: ankit_2k PostPosted:     Post subject:

vilocitx has got the list correct and also the Mnemonic

Author: Stingray PostPosted:     Post subject:

If you still need help with essential amino acids then you
are in trouble. I mean this high school stuff!
Best wishes

Author: doc_g PostPosted:     Post subject:

satyanarayan says 10
tim pvt hall is another mnemonic
ie tims private hall......
ah is semi essential......
guess thts t
nw dnt get confused nymore

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