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Author: roshan2kPostPosted:     Post subject:

heyy wait im coming.......just a couple of months...!

yes o p ghai is must....but read the cvs from nelson.r u sure u have not taken it!!!we have already finished more than one third.

my seniors read from kundu..
i was reading it for the clinics.

Author: rhiannonPostPosted:     Post subject:

i bought a used book......op ghai.....i have suraj gupte....i wanted something different....
just coz everyone follows it.....

one month got over so soon.....i miss paediatrics nw.... icon_sad.gif twas fun....

Author: hellorushPostPosted:     Post subject:

i think paediatrics is the sub which can be completed just like fmt in just single reading so nothing to worry abt it

Author: rhiannonPostPosted:     Post subject:

what are the conditions where you get MEAN LERMAN'S SCRATCH???....
its a pleuropericardial rub rite ???... thyrotoxicosis is one thing but i cudnt find it even in harrison..... is the rub u get in pericardial effusion the same too????

Author: rhiannonPostPosted:     Post subject: what is PLUMMER'S DISEASE??

here in my college PLUMMER's disease is being taught as toxic MNG......in Kumar n Clark its toxic adenoma......solitary nodule....when i asked they said that the book's wrong refer Harrison.....theres no such thing in harrison.....

is it said so coz most MNGs are initially dx as solitary nodule till ultrasound????

Author: devajyotiPostPosted:     Post subject:

Hi guys, I'm Devajyoti from KMC, Manipal

I see that u people r Quiet for a long time now.

Would u people like to plzzzzzzzz join me in my desperate efforts to prepare for Aipge2009 being in the Final Year, over here-----> [color=red] "THE STUDY GROUP FOR THE FINAL YEAR" (
RxPG :: View topic - 8th semester!! 8th semester!!

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Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject: 8th SEMESTER!!!

is it a must to have OP Ghai in paediatrics....

and what abt kundu in medicine......I doubt if i'll ever read it....

no books for neonatology i guess......???
its totally tiring.......my battery's low . sleep.gif sleep.gif sleep.gif:sleep:is all i think of these days....
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Am sure we'll have a greaaaaaaaaaaaat n extremely fruitful time out here.....

Hoping a favourable response...


Author: pinochhiofat PostPosted:     Post subject:

kumar and clark is a good book
try it in davidson if u dont find in harrisons

Author: rhiannon PostPosted:     Post subject:

its not there in either.....

in c/o MONOPLEGIA with sensory loss.....where cud the lesion be?

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