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Author: lazybonezzzPostPosted:     Post subject:

Hi Shabana,
Most Indian Med students stick to Reddy's Textbook of Forensic or Dr Parikh's Textbook
Am movin ur post to the MBBS II forum where u shud get a more appropriate answer

Author: prolenePostPosted:     Post subject:

I read Dr Parikh's Textbook, its nice.

Author: shabanaPostPosted:     Post subject:

thanks alot dear dr lazybonezzz
thanks alot dear dr prolene for your help
but i wonder if these nice wonderful (iam sure of that)books are world wide i mean universal so that i can buyt from amazon site or locally used in india

Author: lazybonezzzPostPosted:     Post subject:

Hmm Shabana ur best bet wud b to check on the Amazo site I guess
Sorry can;t help u on this icon_sad.gif

Author: drparveenPostPosted:     Post subject:

narayan reddy text is nice and the information is also sufficient.it is not available at amazon u can buy it fron ur near book centre

Author: shabanaPostPosted:     Post subject:

thanks alot dear for your advice

Author: Dr_AshuPostPosted:     Post subject:

hey reddy is a pretty good book. and for a subject like FMT, which has low weightage, reddy's enough...

Author: doc_gPostPosted:     Post subject:

i agree complettely
reddy suffices

Author: dramithguptaPostPosted:     Post subject:

narayan reddy

Author: ankitaggarwal001PostPosted:     Post subject:

u can trust reddy's book however it does seem to be tiring at times

Author: A_MITPostPosted:     Post subject:

Parikh is good book

Author: ankit_2kPostPosted:     Post subject:

reddy is good.... for ur 2nd yr..

it may seem bulky at times but due to its bulk just raeding will make u remember some pts and tats the advantage.

Author: SanginiPostPosted:     Post subject:

Krishna vij is a really nice book.. new editoin just came out..

its an elsevier icon_smile.gif
maybe you can find it on amazon

Author: perananthPostPosted:     Post subject:

v.v.pillay is a nice book for toxicology...

Author: usha21PostPosted:     Post subject:

Reddy. Awesome.

Author: charmed4goodPostPosted:     Post subject:

Even I'm confused between reddy and parikh! icon_sad.gif

Author: kuniPostPosted:     Post subject:

reddy,as most referrance in pg guidse r from,reddy fmt book.

Author: prtPostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: sanal09PostPosted:     Post subject:

reddy is good covers almost everything

vv pillay is gud for passing and scoring average... but its very much readable, can complete in 2 days..

parikh is the best textbook i know of forensic medicine.

Author: DivakhanPostPosted:     Post subject:

KSN Reddy - synopsis is actually enough. If you want detailed go for textbook.

Author: indianrooneyPostPosted:     Post subject:

Reddy hands down....one of the most high yield text books for PGentrance exams

Author: amt123PostPosted:     Post subject:

I would say reddy...but if u get tired of the monotonous black and white and crammed words...and sumtyms massive definitions...take a break with vv pillay nice pictures and easy to read fonts and lots of space...and very easy to remember definitions.

Author: abdullahansaariPostPosted:     Post subject:

reddy is d best
simple n lucid language, easy to understand

Author: indianrooneyPostPosted:     Post subject:

Reddy is good enough for Both UG and PG prep

Author: pritigupta089PostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: vinmohPostPosted:     Post subject:

reddy is good

Author: drmudassir2k6PostPosted:     Post subject:

Narayan Reddy Synopsis is the best

Author: abhikdebnath123PostPosted:     Post subject:

reddy reddy reddy. everyone would advise the book.
..............but i have seen parikh. its great too.

Author: contactKhansPostPosted:     Post subject:

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Author: atropabelladonaPostPosted:     Post subject:

Reddy n Pillai
Pillai s very simple

Author: dramit08PostPosted:     Post subject:

reddy but becomes monotonous black and white
imp topics very well covered

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RxPG :: View topic - Which Textbook Should I Read for Forensic Medicine? Which Textbook Should I Read for Forensic Medicine?

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Author: shabana PostPosted:     Post subject: FAQ: Which Textbook Should I Read for Forensic Medicine?

hi my firends

from which book
i can enjoy forensic medicine
i need you to tell me the NAME of good book in forensic medicine