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Author: jackdevPostPosted:     Post subject:

im a newbie.
i need assistance in utilising the forum n other sections of this site.
can anyone there help me????????

Author: riya_123PostPosted:     Post subject: hi. i am a new bie. PLEASE HELP

hi. i am a new bie please help........................................................................."NOTHIN CAN BE ACHEIVED WITHOUT HARD WORK" I answered one question on psm aimms2005 question paper. but my credit di not increase. how much time it takes for the credits to increase. or add on...... icon_confused.gif

Author: confusedPostPosted:     Post subject:

riya, why dont u go through the previous 8 pages too. that should solve your doubt. btw am sure ur credits have been updated by now.

Author: tanmay_mehtaPostPosted:     Post subject: rxpg credits-reply for the poster

what is the reply for the poster ? if anybody knows please tell because i am still stranger here.

Author: vvkPostPosted:     Post subject:

this credit system is ok but a bit unfair.discussion forums have to be open enough to accommodate good knowledge and ideas from ANY SOURCE.

Author: flowerPostPosted:     Post subject:

I have started understanding the system about points. But can you tell me why is the system like this? If i view a number of pages, or spend an amount of time per day at the website, do I get any points for that? Like say, a CME course calculating the minutes you spend actively on the website? How does the system actually work and why? I really like the site, I am just curious.

Author: bohemianPostPosted:     Post subject:

can anyone tell me wht is the reason behind the crdit funda and how can i use it effectively

Author: dr_sarimPostPosted:     Post subject:

arent there any credits for uploads???

Author: riya_123PostPosted:     Post subject:

hey ...... my credits aint increasing since day before yesterday....!!!wht happened rxpg team????

Author: mahesh_mummadiPostPosted:     Post subject: my credits are not adding though i post 11

hi moderators,
i have posted 11 posts upto now. and my credits are still 149
this is unchanging since many days
is thre a prob? plz reply .as i am a new bie
thanks in advance

Author: papapanduPostPosted:     Post subject:

thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx aaaaaaaaaaaa loooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttt

Author: mahesh_mummadiPostPosted:     Post subject:

hii all moderators,
plz take care of every user,
my credits are unchanged since months though i posted 12 posts upto now but still my credits are 149 .
thanks in advance

Author: mahesh_mummadiPostPosted:     Post subject:

plz any body tell me where the prob .
my credits are not at all changing
wht to do icon_sad.gif

Author: akku99PostPosted:     Post subject: credit factory

hey guyz n gals, isnt this offbeat forum one in which we enter as newbies n come out as supreme gurus??? what i meant to say is that one can just soar to heights by posting in this forum. u can take me as an example. wen i posted my first post here, i was just an addicted member. within no time i hv beome senior by engaging in funny activities here.....isnt tht cool???
but rxpg is clever enough to not increase our credits as well. i think posting here doesnt add to ur credits. anyway its nice to see the funny side of all serious doctors out here.....

Author: srinivas_y2kPostPosted:     Post subject: Credits and studies

i still cant understand what these credits are meant for .are they required in a site that is useful for students .

Author: vvkPostPosted:     Post subject:

Can rxpg team tell me how many credits one gets if one posts a new mnemonic? further, how many credits one gets if one modifies/corrects anyone's mnemonic?

Author: manisha_atrePostPosted:     Post subject:

how does one use one credits ? what are the "features" accessible thru credits? is there a link on the site homepage to find this out?
m comparatively new to the site
pls help

Author: RushnaPostPosted:     Post subject:

hello, u can use these credits to go to many useful links like library which needs 500 credits to go where u can search good books and other links too.

Author: abdoel-sayedPostPosted:     Post subject:

thank you very much for that , but how can i make sure that system will add to my credit bwithout thinking that there is some sort of abuse? 7 what are the values of those credits?

Author: shapers19PostPosted:     Post subject:

what do you do excatly with the credits ....
can you earn money ou tof it>? iam perplexed??????

Author: RxPG_TeamPostPosted:     Post subject:

RxPG :: View topic - RxPG Credit System - All questions and issues RxPG Credit System - All questions and issues
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RxPG -> [Help/Newbie]

Author: montoo1983 PostPosted:     Post subject: ya now i got it

ya now i got it
shapers19 wrote:
what do you do excatly with the credits ....
can you earn money ou tof it>? iam perplexed??????

The answer to your second question is "no!". Credits are calculated to rate you in forums and post quality. This matters in:

1. Your trust rank.
2. Moderators selection
3. Access to high yield areas of RxPG.

Author: hugepuppy PostPosted:     Post subject:

hello RXPG team

i was slapped off my credits. i accept tat few articles i posted were from other sites. but 1600 odd to 15? dont u think its a little unfair? icon_biggrin.gif

please let me know how do i post images?

great work RXPG. i am addicted to this site


Author: obyokafor PostPosted:     Post subject:

sorry huge puppy, I guess you should be careful next time and sharpner, that is indeed funny.
anyway, by completely filling my homepage profile, I mean answering all questions, can I get more credit?
I am almost at 500. I need a little more to access the library.
RXPG, could you pls answer VVK's question ( i'm sorry, I havent been able to figure out how to quote someone else's message), vvk said if we correct another person's mnemonic, do you get credits for that?

Author: dsamal PostPosted:     Post subject:

thanks for the guidance

Author: rajababu PostPosted:     Post subject: What is use of rxpg credits

What is the use of rxpg credits.

Author: obyokafor PostPosted:     Post subject:

You cannot do anything without credits. I mean access the library, view mnemonics and lots of other stuffs.
At 442, you do not yet have enough credit, I think the mininum you should have should be over 500 to be able to do quite a no of things

Author: drrakesh2006 PostPosted:     Post subject:

i was also wondering the way to earn the credits myself, and thanks to rxpg help for posting such a question, as i am new to this site can any 1 tell me how to work with the forums and other thing in htis site , plz , i will be highily greatful,

Author: riya_123 PostPosted:     Post subject:

hi.. rxpg team..my cresits aint increasing since one moth.. whts the problem?? i have posted many topics but still not even single point has been added.. please help. the credits motivate me to study more and write cool stuff for rxpg!!

Author: riya_123 PostPosted:     Post subject:


Author: sea_corel PostPosted:     Post subject:

ur credits wont increase if u post only in offbeat forum...offcorse u might be knowing that...rest only rxpg team can solve the problem.

Author: aujla PostPosted:     Post subject:





WHATS THIS?????????????????

Author: Advisor PostPosted:     Post subject:

Hi Aujla, Even i face the same problem sometimes, mentioned by you. It was bad, that after writing a long message it got lost in cyberspace. May be some internal error in the rxpg servers.
Nowadays for every answer that i post, i always copy it either in memory or notepad, and only delete it once i get a conformation of "message sent".
For computer novices please select the entire text and press "ctrl + c" and after that press the submit button.
If it is sent no problems, but if the server plays truant and it says session expired, you can always go to the compose message and press the keys "ctrl + v".
Hop[e this helps.

Author: aujla PostPosted:     Post subject:

thanks advisor

Author: superashdoc PostPosted:     Post subject:

Hi would anyone help me on how to use the credits.What should I use them for?books?Pls help

Author: Pearl PostPosted:     Post subject:

Hi All..i cannot blv myself..i was looking at my previous posts for this topic.. and i was laughing and simling... today for me its been 7 months joining rxpg and like all fresh comers i was so confused and i must say frustated for not having enough credits and yes not much post..but now i see ma self.. i'm having a good progress...
as i just said earlier

"quite wiseful thinking..read more partcipate more in order to get more." icon_smile.gif icon_twisted.gif

so newcomers... dun worry and day will come when you will smile that how you worked for and longed for to earn credits icon_smile.gif icon_arrow.gif

Author: rajju077 PostPosted:     Post subject:

its been 7 months to you? wow
i have some 623 creds, what can i use them for?

Author: harshadbhai PostPosted:     Post subject: What to do with credit points??

i have Q in mind , from many days,,,,

What to do with credit points??

i heard that we can use it , but for what and how???

Author: RxPG_Team PostPosted:     Post subject:

Hi Harshad,

Thanks for asking.

Credits can be used to access different areas of the website which are credit restricted. I can see that you have enough credits to access all the parts of this website, so you might not be able to realise that there are many such credit restricted areas in this website..

Author: dr_vijaymalik PostPosted:     Post subject:

yes I could not contact my friend on email by rxpg a s that needed at least 150 credit points. yes credits are really beneficial.

Author: harshadbhai PostPosted:     Post subject:

RxPG_Team wrote:
Hi Harshad,

Thanks for asking.

Credits can be used to access different areas of the website which are credit restricted. I can see that you have enough credits to access all the parts of this website, so you might not be able to realise that there are many such credit restricted areas in this website..

Thank You Rxpg Team!
so thats it is..
i was not knowing na, i had credits and was so innocent about it..
now i know ..
any way, thanks.. keep RockinG!

Author: harshadbhai PostPosted:     Post subject:

dr_vijaymalik wrote:
yes I could not contact my friend on email by rxpg a s that needed at least 150 credit points. yes credits are really beneficial.

oh ok.. so thats it is.. thanks

Author: manipalguy PostPosted:     Post subject:

hi all well this question was posted by me few months back and i see that lot of people wanna know about this things.... about credits .. well i request the Rxpg team to let all people know what should they use their credits for???

Author: bushra21 PostPosted:     Post subject:

Friends! i also got to know now how important credits are when i coud not open plab osce busters

Author: rangabilla PostPosted:     Post subject:

thaks rxpg

Author: taranandan PostPosted:     Post subject: how to earn credit

wat exactly am i supposed to do[/b][/tex][/url][/list][/list][/quote]

Author: gemgems PostPosted:     Post subject:

im not sure either icon_eek.gif

Author: niranjan PostPosted:     Post subject:

my college has no md course.

Author: niranjan PostPosted:     Post subject:

anybody inform me abt aiims.

Author: DoCooL PostPosted:     Post subject:

Hi RxPG team
I was writing baout your credit system,
the thing is I see a lot of poepl trying to misuse the system , I have nothing personal agianst them but 1 line posts , and topics post repeatedly in different forums and repetitions just dim the shine of the RxPG Forum.
A few people just post as if they are advertising,and some evn misguide, just for the sake of credits.

Another thing that surprises me is that you award credits for repiled and not views. Is there not a strong possibility that ther may be some good articles which do not necessarily need replying to ...
See what the Team can do to make the RxPG an een bettr experience

RxPG -> [Help/Newbie]

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