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RxPG :: View topic - Steps for applying to usmle exams  
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Author Message

Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

This thread is meant for addressing the common problems faced while applying first time to ECFMG.....

1) now starting jan 2005 steps can be taken in any order...step 1, step 2 CK 0r CS....

2)Visit the
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above is the website pasted for u ( blame rxpg for not getting the correct format getting pasted here)

2)Click IWA (interactive web application) --> u'l be taken to separate page

Login for on-line application for USMLE™ Step 1, Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS.

If you have already received your ECFMG On-line Services password, enter your USMLE/ECFMG Identification Number and Password below to login.

Application Overview
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(8 digits, no dashes)

If you forgot your password, click here.

If you forgot your USMLE/ECFMG ID#, click here.

If you are a first-time user of ECFMG On-line Services, click here to establish an account.

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if u r the first time user click at the bottom of this page to establish an account.....

You will be taken to another page ....

asking abt the previously submitted application to ECFMG.....
select appropriately and proceed to fill inthe details on the next page.


3) Wait for the ecfmg to send u the ECFMG no. within 10 days or so ...

4)once received again visit
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site and now login using the log in and password ...........

UNANSWERED: Enrollment Begins for Express Research Workshop!

Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

follow instructions in the questions and u may refer to the left side tab "instructions" to check details at each step....

individuals quesries encountered during the process may be posted here for appropriate response..
good luck for the application process

Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

online application is better
my personal view is that online application is better and easier than the Paper application..
more over the information will be passed over to the other steps when applied.. moreover legible writing and other problems may be taken care of.


print : doesn't means that u need to get it typed...it's a terminology used in UK/US to imply write so don get perturbed by it..


even if don have degree , u may apply and at later stage u may submit the same ...
medical transcript if available shud be fine but it needed to be sent and verified by the ECFMG.
hope this helps.


hi there..thanks a ton..i have visited the website many times and completed teh online authentication process but i have not been assigned a password as yet..though they did send me an 8 digit identification number...
so i downloaded the pdf/acrobat format of the application material...so i coud apply by paper..but i donno if i need to mention that 8 dig no on this paper version?? never applied to ecfmg for any exam in past

i did mail the info service at the site..but it says will take 10 days to reply..anyways, i m waiting for their reply...

lets see when they reply to me...
will keep u updated...
and if u know anything abt the 8 dig no..whether i need to mention it on the paper application,do let me know
anyways, thanks a tonnnnnnn for the prompt reply

Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

password lost??
i remembered receiving the temporary password after establishing my account with ecfmg...
u may do one thing --> enter ur ecfmg no. and then check forgot the password, they aregoing to send ur password to the email id i think....
this way u may complete ur IWA.

still if u wanna fill in a paper application u must mention ur ECFMG no. as they have already alloted u the no. for ur details entered...

because anyways they are going to send ur password and these people are a bit busy but u'll receive a reply may be after 10 days from them...if u wanna expedite the process jus call them up and hopefully they may help u with ur prob..

hope this helps.


hi vineet..

thanks again..i went thru the application material and its instructions..even i thot i had to mention this number no matter what..coz thats how they identify me...

its been over 15 days now..and i havent got a password yet..

anyways, i will try the forgot password thing that u mentioned..lets see if that works..else i willl use the pdf format to apply..

and do i need to attach a copy of med school transcript or the original one?

thanks a million yaar..u r being such a help...thanks so much:-)

Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

no probs.
no probs dear...
never ever send anything original while applying (except the application form!!! icon_lol.gif )
they jus require the copies of supporting documents ..(only form 186 the identification form is to be notorised, rest all only photostats will do, though people get others too attested...)
go ahead with the lost password thing and let us know if it works..
good luck

Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

no probs with that too.
hope i may be of some help to u..
see ya


ecfmg sucks!!
yaar..they say they r committed to solving our probs at the earliest..i dont think so..i dont know why i am the miserable victim of their wrong doings:-(( almost all of my friends recd their ids and password within hours of registering....but look at me,...its about 20 days now...and when i emailed the site manager/help..they only sent an acknowledgement saying they will reply asap..max in 10 days...till now there is no ray of hope from their side...these guys ^*&^* big time:-((

Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

ecfmg is not flawless
the acknowledge is self generated so don rely too much on it.
to quote a few examples ecfmg delayed my friends step 2 cs result by almost 3 months!!!!!! icon_eek.gif (yeah no typing errors) on the pretext that they were conducting some research ...

so don get upset and if lost password is not working!!
then give them a call stating ur prob.
still no solution then no use in wasting and getting frustrated , get going the paper application....

ecfmg people are good but not flawless, dont get too impressed by their techno looks.

jus don waste ur time ...

this jus my advice; do take views from others too..

crack the gud news soon


yaar..still no response..i think will submit paper application..i feel like crying aloud...why me???? i mean everyone else got their passwords..why ami being harrased???? i m losing my sleep over all this now

Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

that places you class apart from the common herd.... icon_biggrin.gif

don worry jus submit paper application and go ahead with the entire process.
it may happen to anyone......

good luck

Aim DM Cardiology

nice work vineet...............all praises for u........

hello jyoti....am not so aware of all this now but just check is thr nething wrong frm ur side..........
as hav u entered rt mail id? nd getting other mails in that id ?
just keep mailing them mentioning ur id nd reg no..
correct me if am wrong vineet.......
just give it a try .hope neway helps u.....
all the best for ur application thing..
bye nd see u later.....

Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

thanx dr ss,
well doc jyoti is trying hard to get the password from ecfmg.
she had infact called up the guys in USA and heartening to know that she had been promised for a prompt action ...

i wish her gud luck and hope she can post her experiences here so that other members are also benefitted..

keep visiting the forum and posting ur doubts , experiences , and questions as well
thank you very much

Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

well i cudn;t resist to tell u all that dr jyoti's efforts have been recognised and she's retrieved the password finally !!!!

i think she's gonna post her experiences soon to help others .

gud luck to her


Aim USMLE Jobs

ecfmg states tht application processing takes 10 working days if done online against 3 weeks through mail.

& im sure these problems with the site r only temporary....maybe cuz they have changed the whole interface & outlook of the site recently.

so applying online,i suppose is still the better option.


hi everyone..thanks a milllllion for ur overwhelming response to my problem..thanks a lot guys..esp vineet..hes been such a help...
in the next post i am writing my whole experience in detail..i hope it helps u guys who are going to apply for usmle...and if u guys have any problems..feel free to contact/post here...will be glad to help in any way i can:-) cheers


hi eveyrone..to all those who are planning to apply for usmle ..here are some basic instructions which i learnt the harder way(ie by experience)..i hope that will be of use to all of you

1. dont think of going for a paper application.its very tedious..takes a long time..especially if ur deadline for application is close

2.please fill out the form(registration/authentication ) on ecfmg.org in the iwa section when u log in for the first time..in a matter of HOURS they will send u an 8 digit identification number and a temporary(one time ) password..this id no is very very imp..in cas u lose/forget the password..this ios their way of maintaining ur info..they know u only by ur id no and ur date of birth

in my case i kept getting mails with the 8 digit id no..but no password(they send it in a different mail for security reasons)

and i kept waiting fro 20 long days ...which were very stress ful for me..since all my friends had got the password in 2-3 hrs of authenticating online....and all this while i kept trying to register again with a different email address..i even tried emailing the helpsection/ site manager of ecfmg .....but didnt meet with success..

then i met dr.vineet on rxpg..and thanks to him...i would give him all the credit for my password..he suggested that i call those ppl up...at the phone no mentioned ont he site(the philedelphia office of ecfmg)

and i did just that..and viola...just a 3 min call to those ppl(from net to phone) and they sent me the password in 3 hrs...icon_smile.gif..... and all thanks to vineet...if he hadnt suggested this, i would have stoped thinkng abt usmle altogether...i was tired of waiting for password....wish i d called those guys much earlier

3. if u get stuck at any point int he registration..PLEASE DONT EMAIL ECFMG PPL.
the best u can do, like i did is to call their office(net to phone /skype is really cheap 2 rs per min..cheaper than std calls..and i bet any kinda prob wont take mor than 5-6 mins to solve...and its always better to talk live than send an email an dwait for their reply and lose sleep over it:-)
u can always post ur probs on rxpg..and i know u will get an overwhelming response from ppl all over india..like i did...i am greatful to all of them..thanks friends..icon_smile.gif

4. after u get ur 8 digit id no and the temporary password., pl log in into the site using this ...then u will go thru a registration process which asks 4 security questions and ur responses...pl note down exact answers to these questions...in casse u lose password,u will have to answer ths questions to retrive the password..and ur answers must exactly match those u gave during registration

then u change password and set one of ur own..i suggest set someting u can rem easily..or something thats ur password on ur email id(the one u use regularly) thats always better coz chance s of forgetting it are rare

5..then u fill up an applicatino0 form for the step u want to apply for using iwa(interactive web application )..which asks all details abt urself and ur med education..pl fill ur name EXACTLY as on passport/ degree...this has caused probs with ppl..esp in northern india, they write only first name and last name..here in guj the pattern is surname , first name, fathers name... thankfully in my case it was uniform thru out..right from lkg to final mbbs nd passport...but some of my frnds from north india/cbse had to get affidavits done to prove that its the same person on passport/class12 marksheet and mbbs degree

6.please write details abt ur clinical clerkships in item 20 of the iwa form( ie all clinical terms/postings u have done from 2nd mbbs ie 3rd prof/sem, to the final mbbs ie 9th prof/sem)
i had got a med school transcript ,made from coll admin office which had all details..so copied them(pl ask ur coll /seniors abt ur coll's transcript)...u will require this transcript at a later date too.so better get it made early....in my coll they charged 250 rs for one original copy..pretty reasonable considering many colls charge upto 2000 for a copy

7. if u pay by credit card(which most ppl in india do.)
pl enter the 16 digit no on the card ur using
no need of the 3 digit cv no/security no at the back of the card(like in gre/toefl)
pl enter the name of card holder EXACTLY as it appears on the card, else they may reject it..thats what happned with me a couple of times then the bank ppl told me to enter the name exactly as it was on the card..ie mr/ms/dr/mrs...etc...any fullstops/spaces...just like it is on the card even if ur name is misspelt on the card., pl enter that the way its on the card.pl enter the expiry date exactly..its beter to have ur card with u while ur filing out details:-)

8.last step(finally!! whew!!) ...u will well be tired by this...is to print a form 183 which appears immeed as u pay theseguys(they r such beggars..they ask for 815$ for a form:-)) kidding....
be sure that the whole form comes in a single page...set the margins(go to file and see pagesetup..and alter the margin widths accordingly..normally its 0.75 inch each for lt and rt)
ur paper may not have the whole rt margin,so just re set it to 0.25 or 0.20..and yes..before u ordr for print...pl go to print preview...an option in file just 2 options below page setings..and see what the printout will look like...
then u stick a photo of urs(latest--not older than 6 months)
the space is mch larger for a passport size photo of india..but its ok..they havent specified any size on website/instructions..just go with passport sise..incase u dont wanna take chances, u may use a 2''*2'' photo...the kinds used in visa..but slightly bigger... if u have one, fine..but no need to spend on that thing separately...
then get it sealed by ur dean/coll. office...seal must slightly be on the photo..but please...take care it doesnt cover ur entire photo....it must be on the lower margin of ur photo

now ur all set..fill that 183 thing...get ur deans sign..and post it to them ont he address mentioned on ecfmg:
3624, Market street, 4th floor
Philadelphia, PA-19104-2685

pl check latest address on ecfmg.org

so, i hope this comes in handy to u all...all te best to all of u...and i hope u guys dont face any probs like i did..and that ur process goes off smoothly
keep smiling

Aim USMLE Step 2 CS

Thanks a ton jyoti
This is really very nice and important info for all those are planning to apply like me
Can u please tell me if I can apply using my brothers credit card who is in US?
Clinical clerkship - does it mean all our clinical postings?
I hardly have any document stating that (not even my transcript)
And I hardly remember my postings.

Aim DM Cardiology

congrats jyoti..........
so u must be sleeping well nowdays....

thnx a lot for ur detailed experience...its realy very helpful...
all praises to u nd vineet..........

for dr pankaj....as u must hav read it in jyoti's exp......getting a transcript is the first nd foremost thing while applying.so just get it frm ur college asap....am also applying for it just now..

Aim USMLE Step 2 CS

i have my transcript ready with me. But my point is whether we will have to provide all the details of our clinical postings. Coz I have finished my MBBS more than 5 years ago. so i do not have dates of my clinical postings.
What i can write in clinical clerkships is only my internship dates or a broad period of my clinical postings not the details.
So please let me know whether we need to give the details of the clinical postings with date?
Thank you


hi everyone.thanks for the replies..about dr.pankaj's query..yes u can use anyone's credit card;-) if that person allows ofcourse!! see, at the stage that we are, hardly earning pocket money....most of us wont have credit cards in our names.....
i myself used my cousin's card...the limit of the card u use should be preferably 40.000 or more..coz converting the fees of 815$ into rs, is nearly 38,000...most credit cards havethat much limit..even visa silver has it..
make sure the card holder doesnt have any payments due when ur using the card..or he/she has limit less than 38,000 due to some pending bills..

and abt clinical clerkshps, no need to enter those in internshp, just enter those udid during ur med school...

thankfully, our med school offered to prepare transcripts beforehand..and most of us got it made in a month of starting internship...
ecfmg doesnt ask u to senda copy, but theres nothing wrong if u do, infact it creates good impressioni believe.

coz at later date they will ask u to send one
the one i sent now says i am doing internship and final transcript(from coll) and degree(from univ)will be issued only on completion of internship..and they have given details of all clinical clerkships and marks, attendance in allyr..etc..

tho i did enter all clerkships painstakingly(there were a total of 33, and u have to enter all details)
u r supposed to enter foll details fro each
1.name of subj
2.name of hosp, short address(atleast they expect name of area,city,state adn if u can rem pincode,write that too)
3.name of dr under whom u did that particular term/clerckship
4.duration(no need for specific date, just month/yr needed for each)

if u dont rem ur clerkship details(most ppl wont remmbr all of them unless u have it written down somwhere), pl ask ur coll admin office(the ones who post u at diff depts) to give u a list..they may charge u..in mycoll, they charge 50 rs for this info...and 250 for the full transcript with deans sign and seal

i hope that solves ur queries


hi everyone, by gods grace and good wishesof friends, ihave completed the application process. i sent the completed form 183 to ecfmg last night.by courier..
courier, dtdc is cheapest here 600 rs for usa..will deliver in 4-5 days.
ems speed post(govt post) is 475 rs..bt not very reliable as u cant track them..jahan itne paise diye hain(fees), better spend 100-200 more and ensure ur delivery fast and good quality
first flight couriers said 900 rs..would deliver in 1-2 days..but i m not in a hurry..so no sense spending so much

and abt me sleeping well...yeah thats right..i have slept 11 hrs last night...icon_smile.gif
thanks to god:-)

Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

to add to courier info dtdc seems good but in case u want to be extra sure u may use DHL ---->>> original price 1950 but tell them u're applying as student they'll give 50% concession ....i used it for 953 /- only....
choice is all urs friends
thank you dr jyoti for all the details...

Aim USMLE Step 2 CS

thanks a lot for all the information
but i am afraid i may not get the details of our clinical postings coz
i am from maharashtra and the medical colleges are now attached to the new health sciences university and i completed my MBBS from the old parent university. moreover our college do not have the detaisl of the clinical postings of our batch nor do they have our attendance details. anyways i will try to enter as far as i remember
thanks a lot

Aim USMLE Step 2 CS


You said that you have sent the application i.e form 183 by DTDC. But are we supposed to send it ourselves or we need to send it through the office of the dean of our medical college. because the instructions say that the documents should be sent by the office of the dean.
Please let me know.

Aim USMLE Step 1

Hi punkaj,

I am having the same difficulty in arranging for clinical posting in med school. We only get the posting transcript for internship. I finished 2 years before, and my college office is the most laziest i have ever seen. I remember one of my senior got this information immediately after finishing the course, but she paid more than Rs.2000.

I wonder if they have my information atall. Moreover i am in UK now. What do you guys suggest me? Should i be going back to india and meet my college dean (new person) to arrange for this? or any other options available?

looking forward to suggestions from all. feel free to contact me 'rakavin' atthe rate of ya..hoo, dotcom.


Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

abt clerkships
Dear friends,
don feel fussy abt the clerkship issue....
i know many of my friends who left it blankand hvae passed the exams....
so if u have got the rotations fine n good enter as dr jyoti has said ..if not don bother it too much..
entering internship details is okk...

they will not be sending the deatils for the verification ...only official transcripts and degree is sent for verification from the college...

so jus chill for the time being and if u cudn't arrange for the docs (degree n transcript, jus apply as a student and u may later on supply the necessary info.... when available) well i'll confirm and write later abt this aspect after more info...

gud luck friends

Aim USMLE Step 1

hi all,
is the national identification no. asked in the IWA same as the passport no?

about name verification, i'm still unclear. do i get a notary public to sign saying my mbbs degree name and passport name belong to the same person? ecfmg says i can submit a birth certificate - but the initial is in front of the name in my birth certificate and behind the name in my degree (my passport bears my last name)


Aim USMLE Step 1


me again. i'm still with the IWA.

is the date of completing requirements for final medical diploma same as graduation date (i.e. last day of CRRI)? Or is graduation date same as the date on which the medical diploma was issued?

Will someone who's already completed the process help me out? Thanks

Aim USMLE Step 1

still more queries icon_smile.gif

i spent the first 3 months of mbbs in one college and did the rest in another. my course certificate does not mention the first 3 months. do i need to mention it on IWA? if so will i be asked to provide documentation. there was no transfer of credits involved, by the way.

when i write my clinical clerkships is it mandatory to mention supervisor?

thanks for your help and patience

Aim USMLE Step 2 CS

i personally think you should not mention previous college if no transfer.
and supervieor name is required.

there is no national identi no. for india you should skip it
no need for notary to verify. it is not required

Aim USMLE Step 1

vineet,docjyo..n all others .

i started the first step of the registration process to get the usmle indentification no. and temporary password.but while filling the details, i mistakenly wrote my fathers name in place of last name or surname and submitted the details of the first step.in their reply they sent me an usmle identification no. and a temporary password , but they addressed me by my fathers name when i realised my mistake and sent an e-mail to them to guide me rectify my name.in their response,they said that while applying at item no. 8 on online appllication,u can change or update ur name and u should download the name change form [form 183] and submit it alongwith copy of passport or birth certificate.

please tell me guys, is everyrhing going to be ok, i m worried.i have not taken any step since then, 'cos i don't wanna hurry with the process and end up making mistakes.
i have other doubts,

which form should an intern or post -intern waiting for the PR and degree certificate download,the student form[form183] or graduate form[form186]? please clear.

what r all the documents to be mailed alongwith the application form ?

it is said that after we pay 815$ by credit card ,we r allowed to
download the application form, if one doesn't have credit card,is there any other option for that matter.


hi work..thanks for such a big query:-) i hope we can give u some productive suggestions. see, as for the wrong name, one of my frnds had the same problem,
so just do one thing ,leave that wrong name kinda thng, ie forget that, apply afresh,...infact accd to me, u shouldnt have mailed them abt mistake in ur name
as abt the name changing , the form they mentioned, they charge a handsome amt for all that...so better leave it...its wisest to appl afresh, afterall they wont know who u r..and there can be many ppl with similar names...i can assure it wil work

Aim USMLE Step 1

another query
i just filled in my online form ,n have to send the form 182.what r the required additions to it.
i dont have a trnscript with me.is it ok ?
all they asked for is 2 copies of degree certificate rite?
and r the other two forms they ask ..345 n 344 [im not very sure]necessary?
pls reply.

Aim USMLE Jobs

my 2 cents!
yes,form 345,345 r necessary.....canlt take them lightly.they"re basically checklists,so no sweat.

download them from publications link on the ecfmg site & send them alongwith ur app. form.

Aim USMLE Step 1


thanks a lot for ur response!
but this has increased my worry, u mentioned that i should apply fresh, but how can there be 2 persons with same name and same date of birth, isn't it risky enough, also they have name of my medical college,
do u know the cost of the name change form ,'cos that is the only option left with me, what do say? please advice me.

Aim USMLE Step 1


why r u sending the name change request form[form182], do u also have some problem with the name,have u downloaded that form.

Aim USMLE Step 1

hey work,

getting a fresh usmle id when you already have one can be seen as irregular behavior. from what i understand the ecfmg phone service is very user friendly and if the name change form is what they advise you should go for that. good luck!

Aim USMLE Step 1


has anyone got the photo attested by a notary public rather than the dean/ vice principal? my college office is sluggish and i thought a notary would be the simplest. everybody i spoke to seem reluctant about this route. is there any problem with getting notary's signature?

Aim USMLE Jobs

should be no prob
well thr is a seperate form for gettin it tteste from notary public & speprate for the medical official.thts the case for graduates at least.

i know these sarkaari babus...a+#@$%$s.....damn,cant do a single thing right.i had so many problems in gettin a dean"s cert.! these ppl find simple english such an ardous task!

anyway...tht was jus my frustration with my med school"s clerks flowing!


Aim USMLE Step 1

Hi drsha,
Regarding the notary vs dean's form..I thought about the same thing a lot...cos my college is far away from where I live now..But in the end I went to my college n got principal's sign..My advice is..go for the dean's or principal's sign..As far as possible..try and meet the dean personally..carry a file with 2 copies of the form 186..leave one for their office records..If u appear so organised..he will hav to do his bit..which is just a signature!
Its better to get the dean/prinicipal's sign bcos once u apply..ECFMG will anyway get in touch with ur college and request transcripts from them too..for verification..So its better u get their sign and inform them of this verification..

Dont know much about the notary form and its complications..!
good luck.

Aim USMLE Step 1

drArihant D,
You cud try giving ur office clerks a sample of what u want in the dean's letter.You can get a sample from a friend who has applied or u can just compose one urself.I belive the dean's letter is now known as medical student performance evaluation or MSPE. It basically highlights ur achievements and your evaluation during med school and Internship subjectwise in comparision with the rest of ur class. This is too complicated for our colleges to prepare! So..we stick to a dean's letter.
So..u can compose a letter which certifies u are a student of that college..got an MBBS degree..and were good in so n so subjects..and did well in internship etc etc..Plus any extracurricular achievements..
You can then give this form to ur office people as a sample..That'll make their task a bit easier..so they'll do its sooner..icon_smile.gif

Aim USMLE Step 1

Hi simv,
I agree with the others that since ECFMG wants ur name on application to match the name on your degree certificates..you must enter the name on ur academic credentials..and not the one in ur passport..
However..if ur name on passport is different from ur name on ECFMG documents and residency interviews when you go for a VISa interview..it may cause problems..So I suggest u apply for name correction on ur passport..Please find out more about that from the passport office.
A friend of mine applied for MPh and noticed after getting visa that the name on his visa and passprt was different from the name on all certificates! So..he had to go back to every board he passed from and change his name on the final certs..Since u identified the problem early...try and sort it out fully icon_smile.gif

Aim USMLE Jobs

hey shriya is that so!
hi shriya,

well my frends here r telling me that we shud eneter our name according to passport .r they wrong ?hey let me explain u my problem my name is sri sravya.ok actually it is as sravya sri in all documents and in passport as

like this

surname -sri

other name/rest of the name as sravya

r the both same

now tell me plzzzzzzzzzz
i'm confused !

already i faced so many problems yaar!abt this!
still confused howeevr i gave the same as on passport and applied for ecfmg temporary passwordand got registered!

bye gudluck

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Hi sravya,
I am not an expert regarding this..ur friends may be right. icon_smile.gif
But dont worry about the way u entered ur name..What u entered is correct..

This can appear on ur academic certoficates as Sravya Sri or Sri Sravya.

Good luck..bye

Aim USMLE Step 1

Just some info regarding postage -- for the application

1. DHL - costs Rs.953 { actually 1850..50% discount} , very reliable , will reach in 3 days , unless saturday sunday come in between , u can track it online

2. Fed - Ex - Rs 1670 very reliable , 2-3 days , can track online

3. First Flight - depends on place..cheaper from bangalore , delhi etc..( Rs 600 )
Rs 800-900 + tax from most other places , reliable , takes 4-5 d
days , can track online

4. Govt Speed post - Rs 425 - 475 , so far all my friends who sent thru this..had no problems.
takes 5-7 days , cannot track it - so no peace of mind. icon_smile.gif

Thats all I know..
good luck sending.


hi sravya...nice to see you. so r u still stuck with the name thing icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif

anyway dont worry...i think we are not the ones to face this first.

some replied i got on other forums. let me post it for u..hope this helps .. best luck:-

If u r still in India, better get ur name in passport changed, its a easy process... Or else u can get a letter from ur college head saying that both are the same person....

I had my name as Bhuvana P in all my college records and my passport had the expanded version of P, now i have applied my full name for ecfmg. I also have send them the letter i got from my college head.



just get a letter from ur college head saying the names in college records and paasport are of same person...

u can send the name as in ur passport to ecfmg


i agree with bhuvana.I had same problem.sort out in the same way buvana suggested.


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yeah i too agree with shriya regarding the name confusion. but jus make sure what's written on the degree because this is what ecfmg is worried.
rest all things can be taken care of even if that'a a problem no sweat as there are forms for name change and so no problem with it.

as regards courier is concerned

for DHL mnetion ur applying at students rate and they accept ecfmg for it as well and delivers 3rd day..... Rs 953/-

also DTDC will cost nearly 600/- and delivers nearly within 5-6 days .

hence best of luckwith the processing

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thnx shriya!
i have actually already got the dean"s letter & sent it to ecfmg.but thnx for ur reply.

interesting tht u mention it also states one"s extra-curricular activities,internship performance etc..

they didnt mention any such thing in our college.i had to show them a copy of dean"s letter which they had themselves made for a classmate of mine frm same college.

i actually needed dean"s letter to state tht i hve not yet recieved my degree & wld recieve it by such date

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