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RxPG :: View topic - 14th Vs 15th Vs 16th Edition of Harrison's Medicine  
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Compare: 14th Vs 15th Vs 16th Edition of Harrison's Medicine
16TH Edition coming in August 2004

i am reading harrison 14th ed.but i don't want to miss out on the improvements in the 15th ed.
I will be very thankful,if anybody who has read both the books can tell me the topics/chapters that have to be read only from 15th ed.
waiting for a reply

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important highlights in the NEW 16th edition:
important highlights in the NEW 16th edition:

Brilliant NEW full-color photographs are now integrated throughout the text
Revitalized, full-color art enhances usefulness of line illustrations, tables, and charts
Over 4,700 diseases and disorders - more than any other internal medicine text
Pioneering NEW section on Microbial, Chemical, and Radiation bioterrorism
Entirely NEW section covers Critical Care Medicine
Fully integrated section on HIV and other retroviruses and the diseases they cause
Continued focus on therapy
Additional clinical guidelines and tables
Expanded sections on treatment
Substantially revised Genetics chapters reflecting rapid advances in this field

Every chapter is NEW, or extensively revised and updated:

NEW chapter on Screening and Prevention of Disease
NEW chapter on Medical Evaluation of the Surgical Patient
NEW Chapter on End-of-life care
NEW chapter on Stem Cell and Gene Transfer in Clinical Medicine
Entirely re-written chapter on Women's Health
NEW, state-of-the-art chapter covers The Perimenopause Transition and Hormone Replacement Therapy
NEW chapter on Unstable Angina and Non-ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction
Latest on classification, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of cholesterol and triglyceride metabolism
NEW chapter on Acute Respiratory Failure
NEW Chapter on Cardiogenic Shock and Pulmonary Edema
NEW coverage of SARS
Completely revised and updated coverage of HIV/AIDS including therapeutic strategies
Breakthrough advances in the treatment of viral hepatitis
NEW chapter on Fibromyalgia, Arthritis Associated with Systemic Disease and Other Arthritides
Completely revised chapter on Alzheimer's disease and related dementias
Late-breaking treatment information on multiple sclerosis
An evidence-based approach to treatment and prevention of stroke
NEW chapter reviews new interventions in anticoagulation therapy
NEW chapter on familial Mediterranean fever
NEW chapter on Diverticular and Vascular Disease of the Bowel
Revised chapter on Late Complications of Cancer and its Treatment
NEW chapter on Principles of Radiation Therapy


hi rxteam, is 16th edition of harrison is in the market?
from where u got new topics of this?
we have read 15th ed. of harrison, now it is very difficult to read 16th.
what do u think about this???.........


16TH Edition coming in August 2004


then what i can do is read the mentioned topics by u above from 16th.
rt rxteam.


hi rxteam, is 16th edition of harrison is in the market?

Not yet....

from where u got new topics of this?

That is RxPG icon_wink.gif

Aim MRCS Part 1

icon_smile.gif three cheers for rx pg...keep it up guys

Aim DM Endocrinology

Has the 16th ed harrison come out in the market?


pediactrics new ghai 6th ed
hi can u tel me d differences 4 d new ghai . do i need 2 buy d new edition

Aim Australia

can anyone list out the topics wehave to read from harrison book . i think reading thewhole harrisonis really hard how much time does it usually take for reading harrison

Aim General

Hey shardul


i ll finish my exams of 2nd yr in 15days. then prac.

i was wondering if i shud buy harrisson now only n start studying (i meant new

edition) bcoz i already hav a fifteenth edition?? or shud i wait?? i hav no problems

with either of them. but this yr as u had once told in one of the posts i wan2 start

studyin harrisson at any cost.

take care

see u full fledge in 15 dyas



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Essentials of Medical Pharmacology By KD Tripathi
Extensively revised and updated chapters to include recently introduced drugs, published information and therapeutic practices.
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