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RxPG :: View topic - Hi friends: need serious study partner from 3rd yr  
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Need a study partner
Hi Riya
I m also in 3rd year MBBS,doing in Kochi.......
Can i join u in studies?
Reply me as soon as possible..
Ayyappa Das

UNANSWERED: Creating separate cadre for mbbs in teaching faculty in medical colleges as tutors / demonstrators.


hi friends.. so i discovered a nice workup place for lazy bones like me i guess.. wud like to join u guys and i guess i am really serious this time.. icon_smile.gif m from punjab in my 7th sem.


reply for ur need of study partner
hi riya

i saw ur message on board and i totally agree with u on starting up the pg prep from 3rd year itself. i am a medical student from bmch who cleared his 3 yr just. i have jpoined my final yr and seeing the subjects send a chill thru my spine. it'll be grt to have a study partner like u 'cause i am in constant touch with third year subjects also. message me if u feel. my e-id is
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and my mobile no is 09844821060.

bye. all the best.



hi riya am 3rd yr MBBS student from MUMBAI new on this site ,its nice to see a friend from MBBS and its my pleasure to study with u if u r really interested in pg ,reply soon


i like ur suggestion.i also thought about it many time but the thing that was lacking was determination.but from this year(3rd mbbs) i joined test series for pg xams and its true its right time,if we will not start from right now we will have 2 wait a long means now we can make a difference.


hi i just passed my 7th sem wanna study together??? reply me soon


hi guys .........amol here from jnmc bgm karnataka...... me in final part 2 ....... let me share the knowledge flowing here in these discussions

Aim USMLE Step 2 CS

would like to join u guys. i am new at rxpg. pls can somebody guide me as to how do we become study partners, how can i contribute?


hi, everybody
It is very good to study from III MBBS itself to do something great in PGs, so Let us study hard from now itself, I really want to Request all the members of this site, plz plz plz if any one has any link(WEB LINK) regarding the MCQ'z onlinepterwise plz plz do inform me. Acually I am from BAngalore medical college Bangalore. The information can be plz sent to my Email:kdgaikwad7@yahoo.co.in

Aim Kerala PG

hi, every one can we start it off...
riya , u first.

Aim USMLE Step 1

Hi all.I am Sheikh.I currently has give my 2nd year examinations(covering patho,pharma etc),Shall I also join in this please.I am very serious about these and I want to become good doctor.

My details r below.

I am studying In China,in Nanjing Medical College.well,I have to write my MCI Screening examination for my MBBS degree in china.Well,Our course is fully same as in India,same pattern and MCI has viewed our college.

SO if i studied with u all,I can get knowledge,so tht i can also attend my Screening examination.
Thts all Friends.

Aim DM Cardiology

i m in!!
hi..if der's sum1 who's interstd in studyn for pg he or she wnt b more dan me,!!!hi riya..dis is a 7th sem student frm kasturba medical college...m already geard up for pg..have been reading harrisons..doin mcqs from subject wise books..but all dis i was doin alone...it'll be great if i join u guys

Aim DM Cardiology

i m in!!
..i always feels der's no point jus studyn we shudn't b afraid to test ourselves at every level..we can have discussion of mcqs..sharin sum high yield facts ...sharing tips n discussion of doubts...if u have read till dis far..den plz lemme in too


hi my name is rahul simon..3rd year mbbs at mosc medical college cochin.. kerala..i have also realised the importance..right now i am stuck up with PSM which i find it really boring.. if possible suggest me ways so that i can learn that subject..

Aim DM Cardiology

there have been so many posts reagrding forming a discussion group but has ne group formed yet or was i to late to join?

Aim Delhi PG

he! hi i m third year student can y discuss with me.

Aim DM Cardiology

yeah sonuli u can join,,...!!!

Aim Delhi PG

HI, doctor from which year u r ? If u want to discuss u can discuss with me.

Aim Delhi PG

icon_razz.gif Hi, Roshan, icon_wink.gif i am third year student from B.J Medical college pune. icon_exclaim.gif


hi......which books u solve right now for mcqs even i m from third mbbs n i do amit,aashish ie pulse publications


hi......here r some questions of psm
1. measles vaccine in india is produced by..
a. serum institute, pune
b. CRI kasauli
c. Glaxo pharma
d. Hoechtx

2. drug of choice for M.bovis is
a. streptomycin
b. rifampicin
c. ethambutol
d. INH

3. direct BCG vaccination in india is given upto the age of
a. 10 yrs
b. 15 yrs
c. 20 yrs
d. 25 yrs

4. wrong about polio patient who had paralysis is
a. can transmit it by nasal discharge
b. cannot be given vaccine
c. subclinical infection common
d. none of the above

minimum TB resistance is seen to
a. INH
b. rifampicin
c. streptomycin
d. none of the above

Aim DNB Part 2

i wanna join...
hi..i m priyanka from...amrita institute of medical sciences cochin..can i also join u guys.... icon_question.gif


hi i am Muhil from Coimbatore Medical College.. i am also doing my third year..


hi i am also in prefinal. need a serious study partner for aiims pre pg. if u interested than msg me


hi i am also in prefinal. need a serious study partner for AIIMS pre pg. if u interested than msg me


hi where are you studying?


i m divesh
i also think same as u
it's d right time to start.


hi riya
i read ur advice.thats why i decided to join u



Aim USMLE Step 1

hi i m also taking exam in march
if you want you can contact me


Re: Hi friends: need serious study partner from 3rd yr
riya_123 wrote:
HI... icon_smile.gif friends..... a good advice frm seniors was that one should clear your basics from first itself... if we start studin for pg from now onwards. it might help a lot . atleast dicussin mcqs from opthalm n <a href="http://www.rxpgonline.com/forum106.html">ENT</a>
n <a href="http://www.rxpgonline.com/forum92.html">PSM</a>
would help..... never understood why the medicine cource has been kept of so much long duration. but now i understand. it is knowledge... and ur basics which will help us get through the pg.. studyin from now would give us an edge to get along in these pg exams.... atleast by dicussin some questions here wILL get used to these mcq thing and whats wrong in discussin some important questions... say atleast one mcq per day...by each icon_biggrin.gif ... MY seniors told harrison is the key to crack pg exams. for it cantains all ie patho,PHYSIO,anat, pharmac n medicine..... i dont know how much time it needs to read harrison. one year. two year.. dont know icon_confused.gif but if we keep on dicussing atleast we will come along some very important questions.. icon_biggrin.gif ....and then after one year atleast things wont be that difficult for us as they wud be for a new comer"SO MY FRIENDS LETS DISCUSS N ENJOY OUR JOURNEY OF MEDICINE N HAV FUN DISCUSSIN MCQ'S....... PLEASE MAKE AN EFFORT TO JOIN "....... " nothin can be acheived without hard work"

icon_idea.gif icon_idea.gif icon_idea.gif icon_idea.gif icon_idea.gif

hi Riya.......

this is devajyoti from kmc manipal.

am in seventh sem right now and am about a month away from my exams. i see that u are long involved(9 months or more) . sticky. recent ly came across this site and in fact only recently got intrested in thais online business.

even i started my pg preparations about the same time and tried and covered the sarp topics from various mcq books as far as possible in the 6th sem n most of ophtho and psm+biostatistics mcqs in this sem. couldn't cover much of ent mcqs as tok more time in doiing the theory part.

books i'm referring to : accross psm ophtho
pulse aaa
aims amit aashish.

havre lots of doubts and mnemonics( i see u post a lot of mnemonics) to be shared.

am looking forward to a favourable response

icon_smile.gif icon_smile.gif icon_smile.gif icon_smile.gif icon_smile.gif icon_smile.gif icon_smile.gif


whats up

why no responce!!!!

Aim AIIMS November 2010

i think she is not there...i have not seen her posting anything from last 8-9 months...but i have seen everyone posting here thinking of a reply...well i think it is a dead post now...




Hi u preparing for AIPGE, i am preparing for it too....i wanted a serious study partner for this .. can u be my partner??


Re: HI
rahulst wrote:
Hi u preparing for <a href="http://www.rxpgonline.com/forum2.html">AIPGE</a>
, i am preparing for it too....i wanted a serious study partner for this .. can u be my partner??

tell me more about u plz

Aim Maharashtra PG

kiru wrote:
hi riya in ur forum u sounded serious about studies .........thats really nice
i am a medico studying at bangalore medical college 3rd year and hi. to all ya guys roshan,ratnakar n naevus nice guys ...............
riya another 2 months left for ouur exams i m suddenly bounded with so much work of completing the records and getting them corrected ... i am goin to the hospital to get the minor cases and finish off my minor cases .... just now i have finished all my internals my average is good but not satisfied .......
one of my principles .if u want to make it big in the field of medicine u shud never go exam oriented strive for the knowledge . believe me i have never seen question bank since the first year and my percentages were 65 and 69 ..... in my third year i havent sat down with the medicine text books as such but i have come to get a good grip over the clinicals i have gone through almost all the clinical material in all the postings and certain cases frm the text book .............wait i dont even know that u r interested or not well if u r reply lets crack brains................
........ my ideal and the most befitting course in pg wud be ms orthopedics i just love that course ...........
kiran.p bmc&h
how to start studying 4 pg ie which books what strategies??????????

Aim USMLE Step 1

ne1 there in 3rd year preparing for usmle?? icon_rolleyes.gif icon_rolleyes.gif icon_rolleyes.gif


will u be my study partner.....(.im in 7 sem now.).....for AIPG


People who R about to reach Final Year or r already in Final Year...... Plzzzzzzzz join me in my desperate efforts to prepare for AIPGE 2009 online in the STUDY GRP. FOR THE FINAL YEAR over here------>
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Am sure we'll have a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat n extremely fruitful time out there.....

Looking forwar to a favourable response..



its not a bad idea
if u ve any problem or difficulty in any topic i shall try my level best 2help u
n if i do ve anything 2discuss n share i ll alwyz do dat wid u


On the TOE, On the GO>>>I'm Ready...
would be ready to join. I also think that discussion makes the subject easy, enjoyableand above all reduces the last time stress...


hi its rahul m 2 wanna discuss mcq of ophth, ent n psm. wana join u. may i ?

Aim USMLE Step 1

icon_lol.gif i also want to be study partner


i usually read with my frnds ..
its gr8 to discus while studying
if u need nehelp then u can ask me
m in 3rd yr right now

Aim Karnatka PG

i also think the same way . but how?


i agree.. so how n wat to start, mate??


hey hi.... im chandana from jss medical college ,mysore....in 6th term at present...just finishin in a months time.... i'd like to join in too...

Aim DM Cardiology

hi ,iam rajkumar studyin pesimsr andhra pradesh ,i want to join with u.

Aim AIPGE 2014

response to riya
hi riya ......if you are serious abt study . u may contact me .
i m third MBBS from maharashtra....

Essentials of Medical Pharmacology By KD Tripathi
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