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Mnemonics: Gynaecology

NamePosted byPosted onRatingViews
ABDOMINAL PAIN: causes during pregnancyavi_lolly09-Apr-20104.685185
absolute C/I for IUCDdrno20104-Apr-20075.706457
amenorrhoea etiologydocashi12-Jun-20083.185142
branches of uterine artery in the same orderthe_valkyrie30-Apr-20148.252958
Breast cancersajida14-Jun-20055.4112088
chorio camosdocs4u18-Nov-2014Unrated1179
complications of endometriosissandhya4829-Mar-20117.096270
complications of ovaria tumours DEEPAKMB04-Aug-20139.51593
complications of ovarian tumorsdrsanjer09-Feb-20138.281808
Complications of ovarian tumours-MIRTHDEEPAKMB04-Aug-20137.51166
contraceptive methodssudeep14-Jun-20054.375580
danazol usesumesharma06-Jun-20126.663975
drugs decreasing blood loss in fibroiddebs6124-Dec-20085.832946
endomet Ca risk factorsunq_neil09-Feb-20138.441491
GERM CELL TUMOURSaruna201101-Nov-201252184
histology in ovarian tumorsdinesh2201-Oct-20125.615961
histology in ovarian tumorsjayakrishnav5502-Oct-20065.454934
hormonal action on breat tissuedrprincyy27-Dec-20148629
Hormone serceted by corpus luteumavi_isnowfree23-May-20125.21841
hormones secreted by corpus luteumnidaarif24-Dec-20139.751242
HSG FINDINGS OF GENITAL TBKonakondlapavan18-Jul-2017Unrated266
HSG FINDINGS OF GENITAL TBKonakondlapavan18-Jul-2017Unrated196
HSG FINDINGS OF GENITAL TBKonakondlapavan18-Jul-2017Unrated125
LH surgedrtarali23-Oct-201281795
lymphatic supply of uterus,cervixmyajlar11-Feb-20076.659437
menopause wreaks HAVOC:faizy04-Aug-20066.7810442
Natural Estrogensprotagonist27-Jan-20128.353005
Oral contraceptive complications: warning signssajida17-Sep-20064.63206
Oral contraceptive complications: warning signssd0427-Feb-200663764
Oral COntraceptives Complicationsalam203315-Sep-20054.163605
Oral contraceptives: side effectssajida17-Sep-20066.137913
OVARIAN TUMOURprince_99in16-Oct-20105.773105
PID COMPLICATIONSfittestsurvival11-Jul-20106.283921
Polycystic Ovarian SyndromSuryavanshi14-Jun-20054.285580
Post menopausal symptomsdrno20116-Apr-20074.933258
postmenopausal bleedingmaddy8219-Jun-20065.804934
Precoucious pubertyc16801-Jun-200932948
relation between uterine artery and ureternivedhyaa29-Dec-20066.275077
Risk factors cervical carcinomaDaniaadam17-Sep-201610821
Risk factors for endometrial cancerSuryavanshi14-Jun-200556326
RLQ pain: brief female differentialsd0427-Feb-20064.454180
rotterdam criteriamedocuday30-May-20138.752072
Secondary Causes of amenorrheaSuryavanshi14-Jun-20054.366659
Secondary Changes in a fibroid nimhansian29-Jun-201462170
Spread of Ca Cx. very easy.TheTopGun27-Apr-20138.52371
Spread of CaCxrp_dada24-May-20062.123496
Spread of CaCxrp_dada24-May-20061.412567
vaginal phdrpknath200027-Apr-20116.382572


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