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Mnemonics: Embryology

NamePosted byPosted onRatingViews
Aortic Arch Derivatives Mnemonicmedicostimes09-Mar-201892875
Muscle cellsomaurom12-Mar-20087.873457
SERTOLI CELLS SECRETEnextgenapollo28-Aug-20127.52749
Which is long arm of chromosomemidhunramesh14-Dec-20157783
Third pouch fateshijojose24-Feb-201471142
edward syndrompappal23-Jul-20066.633483
Woffian duct (mesonephric duct) derivatives.asther15-Mar-20046.5719879
Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS): featuresasther15-Mar-20046.3610205
Lung development phasesskeletal_206bones27-May-20076.334647
Foregut derivativesasther15-Mar-20046.1418169
fetal erythropoiesispappal23-Jul-20066.073950
chromosomal disorderspappal23-Jul-20066.018521
Tetrology of Fallotasther15-Mar-200462790
Vasculogenesis vs. angiogenesisasther15-Mar-20045.925731
RIGHT TO LEFT SHUNTpappal23-Jul-20065.903602
Lung development phasesasther15-Mar-20045.773873
PENTOLOGY OF FALLOTmsb45524-Nov-20125.751351
Mesoderm componentsskeletal_206bones27-May-20075.753398
aorta originkingfisher717-May-20145.752246
Branchial or pharyngeal apparatusdilludilwala13-Aug-20105.634389
Vitelline duct: closure timeasther15-Mar-20045.63416
Fetal erythropoiesis occurs in:actionking11-Sep-20055.554233
derivatives of neural crestncmadhu8824-Aug-20115.365287
Tetrology of Fallotskeletal_206bones27-May-20075.251802
Potter syndrome: featuresasther15-Mar-20045.226267
Tetrology of Fallotasther15-Mar-20045.22698
Cranial and spinal neural crest: major derivativesasther15-Mar-20045.145715
Teratogenesis: when it occursasther15-Mar-20045.13230
Weeks 2, 3, 4 of development: an event for eachskeletal_206bones27-May-20074.913101
Weeks 2, 3, 4 of development: an event for eachasther15-Mar-20044.885109
Mesoderm componentsasther15-Mar-20044.854949
Branchial arch giving rise to aortaasther15-Mar-20044.366902
Vitelline duct: closure timeskeletal_206bones27-May-20074.332221
Cranial and spinal neural crest: major derivativesskeletal_206bones27-May-20074.334220
Branchial arch giving rise to aortaskeletal_206bones27-May-20074.253285
Tetrology of Fallotasther15-Mar-20044.223107
PATAU SYNDROMpappal23-Jul-20063.979277
Tetrology of Fallotasther15-Mar-20043.93355
Neural Crest Derivativesyusri_arif13-Jun-20073.8615252
Placenta-crossing substancesskeletal_206bones27-May-20073.22809
Heart: primitive heart chambers in fetal heartasther15-Mar-20043.126201
Neuroectoderm derivativesasther15-Mar-20042.938230
Placenta-crossing substancesasther15-Mar-20042.734147
Third pouch fateshijojose24-Feb-2014Unrated883


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