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 Experiences: My experience with PLAB 2 !

Posted by RxPG on Monday, July 12 @ 02:43:09 IST (46251 reads)

 PLAB Part 2 section

 shreerav writes "After sharing my experience with PLAB 1, I thought I would write about PLAB 2, although many of the facts may be repetitions of the extremely well written previous posts of similar kind. I took the exams on Mar 11th .

I would like to also add that this is primarily for such of those women who are likely to have gross restrictions on their time and freedom due to child care responsibilities."

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 Interviews: RxPG Interview with Dr Shailesh M Prabhu, 1st Rank AFMC 09; 23rd Rank AIPGE 09

Posted by RxPG on Saturday, June 27 @ 06:02:33 IST (82949 reads)

 AFMC section

 pearllysun writes "There is hardly a sincere post grad seat pursuer who has not had moments of self doubt and introspection when sitting in from of the web wondering to themselves if this indeed was the best use of their time. Anvita Pauranik (Rank 1, AIPGE 2009) told us that she took "digital sanyaas" for an year. Rahul Hegde (Rank 22, AIPGE 2009) advocated careful use of internet to supplement knowledge. Ajit Goenka (Rank 1, AIIMS 2007) stressed on the fact that internet can be a double edged sword. The fundamental question is can the resources on internet match or make up for the traditional sources like age old wisdom and age old notes passed on by seniors, coaching classes, like minded study group and question bank and books? What if one doesn't have the traditional means? Will it work? Can a person score a top rank without having access to traditional means or choosing not to use this but make the world wide web their peer group and resource? Why wouldn't anyone have access to this you ask? Lets picture who would this be. Ideally such a person would belong to the first batch of a brand new medical college in a very small town far from any traditional educational hub. Can we find someone like that to ask how they did 'it'? Fortunately we did!

Its a pleasure to introduce to RxPG, Dr Shailesh M Prabhu (RxPG ID: Tinwintin; scrapbook) from the first graduating batch of S. Nijalingappa Medical College, Bagalkot, Karnatka who secured rank 23 in  AIPGE 2009 and Rank 1 in AFMC, Pune 2009 without access to any of the traditional resources. In addition his rank in Karnatka CET was 12 and AIIMS Medical PG Entrance Exam was 198. Read his complete interview to know how internet can be a game changer for people who are traditionally disadvantaged in the highly competitive world of post graduate medical entrance exams. As they say, not anybody with a bow and arrow is an archer."

Note: If you are in top 50 of any medical PG entrance exam this year then we would like to interview you. Please get in touch with interviews@rxpg.com. Our interview coordinator is Dr Vairamuthu (RxPG ID: pearllysun) who also conducted this interview.

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 QuestionPapers: PLAB Part 2 OSCE stations in may 2009

Posted by RxPG on Monday, May 25 @ 15:17:39 IST (26619 reads)

 PLAB Part 2 section

 koshi writes "15th may 2009.

1-medical negligence
2-cvs examination
3-alcoholic foot examination "

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 Interviews: The Story of Dr Anvita Pauranik, FIRST RANK, All India PG Entrance (AIPGE) 2009

Posted by RxPG on Friday, May 01 @ 00:35:39 IST (201210 reads)

 AIPGE section

 harshadbhai writes "‘Anvita online’ my Yahoo messenger displayed on the computer. I was sitting in the digital library of my college at 10 pm. I double clicked on her name in the list and opened the chat window.

“Hello!” I typed. She was online after more than a year. Where were she I didn’t have any clue."


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If you have secured a rank in top 50 of any entrance exam this year, then please contact interviews@rxpg.com to arrange for an official RxPG interview.

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 Interviews: RxPG Interview with Dr Rahul G Hegde, 22nd Rank, AIPGE 2009

Posted by RxPG on Sunday, April 05 @ 20:27:00 IST (79246 reads)

 AIPGE section

 pearllysun writes "Dr Rahul G Hegde (RxPG nick: “the_lord_eht20”) secured a MD Radiodiagnosis course in Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Mumbai after securing 22nd rank in All India Post Graduate Examination (AIPGE) 2009 exam. He did his MBBS from Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College (GSMC) and the King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospital, Parel Mumbai. Previously he had secured 6th rank in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (AIIMS) November 2008 exam, 11th rank in Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh (PGI) December 2008, 56th rank in AIIMS May 2008 , 24th rank in PGI June 2008 and 1126th rank in AIPGE 2008. Our moderator and interviews co-ordinator G A Vairamuthu (RxPG Nick: pearllysun) contacted him and conducted this interview."

Note: If you have secured a rank in top 50 of any entrance exam this year, then please contact interviews@rxpg.com to arrange for an official RxPG interview.

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 QuestionPapers: MRCPsych CASC EXAM STATIONS (3rd April 2009)

Posted by RxPG on Sunday, April 05 @ 19:39:28 IST (15800 reads)

 MRCPsych Part 2 section

 akanksha writes "SINGLE STATIONS

1. Psychotic old woman - Elderly woman who is very frightened as she believes that she had committed a war crime in 1970s and now watched the TV programme where she heard about the war crimes and believes that she will be arrested and appeared very frightened and kept on asking if you are from Police department there to arrest her.

2. Agoraphobia - Discuss desensitisation treatment with a woman who suffers from agoraphobia and is scared of leaving her house. She has heard about desensitisation and is worried that she will be forced to go out of her house which makes her very anxious."

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Posted by RxPG on Friday, January 30 @ 04:01:35 IST (19535 reads)

 Research section

 super7 writes "Doctors are regarded as next to god. They are the pillars of our health-care system. Yet a doctor has to face many hazards during his long working hours which many a times he himself is not aware about. He/she becomes a subject to many occupational disorders which have to be addressed & their importance & awareness has to be inculcated in every health care professional."

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 Musings: MBBS - mind blowing journey

Posted by RxPG on Wednesday, January 28 @ 02:01:48 IST (34661 reads)

 MBBS section

 neelkant123 writes "Hello everyone, I just want to explain the happenings in our college in a case format. Hope you guys enjoy it . "

Note: Be famous, share your journey in the medical world like neelkant123 did! Submit it here

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 HowTo? Guides: How to Start Preparing for AIPGE During Internship?

Posted by RxPG on Saturday, January 24 @ 18:42:07 IST (60678 reads)

 AIPGE section

 neoplastic_neuron writes "Internship can be used as a great stepping stone to preparation for AIPGE, arguably one of the toughest exams on the Planet! This article is for those AIPGE aspirants who've just started their internship, or are about to start with it, and more importantly, going to treat their first attempt at AIPGE as a "trial attempt" rather than a do-or-die one..."

Note: Another excellent article by neuroplastic_neuron. WE welcome similar articles for our homepage. Please go to submit article link on top of this page and share your knowledge.

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 HowTo? Guides: Introductory Guide To TRAS Exam Preparations

Posted by RxPG on Wednesday, January 21 @ 00:51:07 IST (42433 reads)

 Ireland section

 jahangir writes "Here is the info about the requirements and procedure to get the eligibility for TRAS and guidelines of exams, fees etc.

Requirements for the TRAS exam:
• Copy of MBBS Degree
• Copy of Certificate of Experience of House Job (e.g. in Pakistan from PMDC)
• Original Certificate of Good Standing (from PMDC)
• Original Certificate of IELTS (band 7)
• Copy of Passport

All copies attested by Notary Public (in court), they should also certify these to be true copies.

House job should be a total of one year with at least 3 months of general medicine and 3 months of general surgery"

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