Basic Sciences Paper: Individual Statement Sample Questions
Date: Tuesday, October 26 @ 06:50:12 IST
Topic: MRCPsych Part 2

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The following are examples of some individual statement questions. Candidates are required to answer true or false. The correct answers can be found below.

1. Theory of mind is important in the prediction of other people's behaviours.

2. In operant conditioning responses maintained by predictable reinforcement are more resistant to extinction than those maintained by unpredictable reinforcement.

3. Slow wave sleep (delta sleep) is reduced by zopiclone.

4. Adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH) release is stimulated by prolactin.

5. Genes are often associated at the population level with specific restriction fragment length polymorphisms.

6. The female:male ratio for depression is about 2:1 after the age of 55.

7. The Normal Distribution can be used to approximate the Binomial Distribution in large samples.

Correct answers to individual statement questions:

Question 1 True

Question 2 False

Question 3 False

Question 4 False

Question 5 True

Question 6 False

Question 7 True

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