Anatomy; Free Online Mock Test 10
Date: Tuesday, June 24 @ 00:00:00 IST
Topic: Anatomy

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Multiple Choice Test

1) Left testicular vein drains in

One answer only.
A. inferior vena cava
B. left renal
C. left internal iliac
D. left common iliac

2) All are the contents of supeficial perineal pouch EXCEPT;

One answer only.
A. bulbo urethral gland
B. superior transverse pereni
C. dorsal nerve of penis
D. dorsal artery of penis

3) Abnormal lateral curvature of vertebral column is known as

One answer only.
A. kyphosis
B. lordosis
C. scoliosis
D. spondylolisthesis

4) Which of the following nerves is involved in fracture neck humerus?

One answer only.
A. ulnar
B. median
C. axillary
D. radial

5) Following muscles produce elevation of scapula EXCEPT;

One answer only.
A. rhomboidius major
B. rhomboidius minor
C. trapezius
D. serratus anterior

6) Following veins are tributaries of portal vein EXCEPT ;

One answer only.
A. right gastric
B. left gastric
C. splenic
D. inf. phrenic

7) Following are the single gene disorders EXCEPT;

One answer only.
A. Duchene muscle dystrophy
B. spina bifida
C. haemophilia
D. sickle cell anemia

8) Nerve supply of pyramidalis muscle is-

One answer only.
A. ilio inguinal
B. subcostal
C. genitofemoral
D. ilio hypogastric

9) Branchial efferent column in pons innervates muscles of-

One answer only.
A. larynx
B. mastication
C. pharynx
D. eye

10) Cerebellum sends efferent fibres to each of the following EXCEPT;

One answer only.
A. red nucleus
B. thalamus
C. substantia nigra
D. reticular formation

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