Word List for GRE: Words starting with R
Date: Monday, November 29 @ 11:37:29 IST
Topic: GRE

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rabble  - mob crowd the lower classes of populace
raconteur  - person who tells anecdotes
raffish  - low vulgar base tawdry
ramify  - to be divided or subdivided to branch out
rancorous  - feeling bitterness spitefulness
rant  - use extravagant language
rapacious  - greedy (esp. for money)

rarefy  - to make thin to make less dense to purify or refine
rave  - act with excessive enthusiasm
reactionary  - opposing progress
rebuff  - snub
recalcitrant  - disobedient
recant  - take back as being FALSE give up
recast  - cast or fashion anew
recidivism  - relapse into antisocial or criminal behaviour
reciprocity  - granting of privileges in return for similar
recitals  - a number of performance of music
recluse  - person who lives alone and avoids people
recompense  - make payment to reward punish
reconcile  - settle a quarrel restore peace
recondite  - little known abstruse
recreancy  - cowardice a cowardly giving up
recuperate  - become strong after illness loss exhaustion
redeem  - get back by payment compensate
redoubtable  - formidable causing fear
refine  - make or become pure cultural
refractory  - stubborn unmanageable intractable
refulgent  - shining brilliant
regale  - to delight or entertain to feast
regicide  - crime of killing a king
reiterate  - say or do again several times
rejuvenation  - becoming young in nature or appearance
relapse  - fall back again
remonstrate  - to protest object
render  - deliver provide represent
renovate  - restore something to better condition
renowned  - celebrated famous
repast  - meal
repel  - refuse to accept/cause dislike
repine  - at be discontented with
reproach  - scold upbraid
reprobate  - person hardened in sin one devoid of decency
repudiate  - disown refuse to accept or pay
repulsive  - causing a feeling of disgust
requite  - repay give in return
rescind  - repeal/annul/cancel
resigned  - unresisting submissive
resilience  - quality of quickly recovering the original shape
resort  - to frequently visit
restive  - refusing to move reluctant to be controlled
resuscitation  - coming back to consciousness
retard  - check hinder
reticent  - reserved untalkative silent taciturn
revere  - have deep respect for
reverent  - feeling or showing deep respect
riddle  - puzzling person or thing
rift  - split crack dissension
rivet  - fix take up secure metal pin
roll  - call calling of names
rotund  - rich and deep plump and round
ruffian  - violent cruel man
rumple  - make rough

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