Word List for GRE: Words starting with F-H
Date: Monday, November 29 @ 11:49:20 IST
Topic: GRE

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facetious  - humorous funny jocular
facile  - easily done
fallacious  - based on error
falter  - waver/move in an uncertain manner
fatuous  - without sense foolish self-satisfaction
fawn  - young deer try to win somebody's favour

feckless  - lacking purpose or vitality ineffective careless
fecund  - fertile
feint  - pretend
felicitous  - apt suitably expressed well chosen apropos
felon  - person guilty of murder
ferment  - substance become excited
ferocity  - savage cruelty
ferret  - discover by searching search
fervid  - showing earnest feeling
fervour  - warmth of feelings earnestness
fetid  - stinking
fetter  - to shackle put in chains
feud  - bitter quarrel over a long period of time
fidelity  - loyalty accuracy
fidget  - move restlessly make nervous
figurehead  - carved image on the prow of a ship
finesse  - delicate way of dealing with a situation
finical  - too fussy about food clothing etc.
finicky  - finical
fission  - splitting or division (esp. of cells)
fixate  - stare at
flak  - criticism/anti-aircraft guns
flamboyant  - brightly colored florid
flaunting  - show off complacently
flax  - pale yellow (hair) a plant
fledged  - able to fly trained experienced
fleet  - number of ships quick-moving
flinch  - draw move back wince
flop  - fail/move/fall clumsily
florid  - very much ornamented naturally red (e.g.. of face)
fluke  - lucky stroke
fluster  - make nervous or confused
foible  - defect of character (a person is wrongly proud)
foil  - prevent from carrying out contrast
foment  - put something warm (to lessen the pain)
foolproof  - incapable of failure or error
foppish  - like a man who pays too much attention to his clothes
forage  - food for horses and cattle
forbear  - refrain from be patient ancestor
forbearance  - patience willingness to wait
ford  - shallow place in a river (to cross)
forestall  - prevent by taking action in advance pre-empt
forfeit  - suffer the loss of something
forge  - workshop for the shaping of metal to shape metal lead
forgery  - counterfeit
forswear  - renounce disallow repudiate
foster  - nurture care for
fracas  - noisy quarrel
fragile  - easily injured broken or destroyed
fragrant  - sweet-smelling
frantic  - wildly excited with joy pain anxiety
frenetic  - frantic frenzied
fret  - worry irritation wear away
forward  - intractable not willing to yield or comply stubborn
frugal  - careful economical
fulmination  - bitter protest
fulsome  - disgusting offensive due to excessiveness
garble  - make unfair selection from facts
garment  - article of clothing
garner  - to gather and save to store up
garrulity  - talkativeness
garrulous  - too talkative
gaucherie  - socially awkward tactless behaviour
germane  - relevant pertinent to
gist  - the point general sense
glean  - gather facts in small quantities
glib  - ready and smooth but not sincere
glimmer  - weak/unsteady light
gloat  - over look at with selfish delight
glut  - supply to much fill to excess
gnaw  - waste away bite steadily
goad  - something urging a person to action
gorge  - eat greedily/narrow opening with a stream
gossamer  - soft light delicate material
gouge  - tool for cutting grooves in wood
grandiloquent  - using pompous words
grave  - serious requiring consideration
graze  - touch or scrape lightly in passing
gregarious  - living in societies liking the company
grievous  - causing grief or pain serious dire grave
grovel  - crawl humble oneself
guile  - deceit cunning
gullible  - easily gulled
gush  - burst out suddenly/talk ardently
gust  - outburst of feeling sudden rain wind fire etc.
hack  - cut roughly hired horse
halcyon  - calm and peaceful
hallow  - to make holy consecrate
harangue  - a long passionate speech
harbinger  - something or somebody that foretells the coming of
harrow  - to distress create stress or torment
haughty  - arrogant conceited
heed  - attention/give notice to
heinous  - odious (of crime)
heresy  - belief contrary to what is generally accepted
hermetic  - sealed by fusion
heterogeneous  - made up of different kinds
hew  - make by hard work cut (by striking)
highbrow  - (person) with superior tastes
hirsute  - hairy shaggy
hoax  - mischievous trick played on somebody for a joke
hoi  - polloi the masses the rabble
hollow  - not soled with hole
holster  - leather case for a pistol
homiletics  - act of preaching
hone  - stone used for sharpening tools
hoodwink  - trick mislead
hospitable  - liking to give hospitality
hubris  - arrogant pride
hush  - make or become silent
husk  - worthless outside part of anything
hypocrisy  - falsely making oneself appear to be good

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