MCCEE 2005 Evaluating Examination center in Delhi, India
Date: Thursday, December 02 @ 02:57:02 IST
Topic: Canada

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MCCEE UPDATE: New Delhi, India, Center Confirmed A center in New Delhi, India, has been confirmed for the May and September 2005 sessions of the MCC Evaluating Examination. The center capacity has yet to be determined; applications for the New Delhi center will be accepted on a first-come, first-served, space availability basis. Candidates requesting the New Delhi center should also indicate a second choice session and/or center on their Registration and Payment Form in the event that they cannot be assigned to the New Delhi center due to space limitations.

It should be noted that documents cannot be verified over the telephone; therefore applicants are requested to not call the MCC in an attempt to obtain approval of documents that have yet to be submitted. Documents are reviewed when submitted to the MCC with an examination application request.

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