Anatomy; Free Online Mock Test 14
Date: Saturday, June 28 @ 00:00:00 IST
Topic: Anatomy

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Multiple Choice Test

1) Following structures are related to mediastinal surface of left lung EXCEPT;

One answer only.
A. left atrium
B.ascending aorta
C. arch of aorta
D. oesophagus

2) Following are the features of broncho pulmonary segment EXCEPT;

One answer only.
A. wedge shape mass of lung
B. contains segmental artery
C. contains segmental vein
D. aerated by tertiary bronchus

3) Tract present in superior. cerebellar peduncle is-

One answer only.
A. posterior spino cerebellar
B. anterior spinocerebellar
C. cortico ponto cerebellar
D. olivo- cerebellar

4) The nucleus located deep to facial colliculus is-

One answer only.
A. trigeminal
B. abducens
C. facial
D. vestibulo cochlear

5) Gland receiving secretomotor fibres from pterygo palatine ganglion is -

One answer only.
A. lacrimal
B. submandibular
C. sublingual
D. parotid

6) Following are the contents of carpal tunnel EXCEPT;

One answer only.
A. median nerve
B. ulnar nerve
C. flexor pollicis longus
D. flexor carpi radialis

7) Nerve responsible for fine movements of hand is

One answer only.
A. radial
B. ulnar
C. median
D. post. interosseous

8) Posterior cord of brachial plexus gives following branches EXCEPT;

One answer only.
A. thoracodorsal
B. axillary
C. suprascapular
D. subscapular

9) Pulsations of the femoral artery can be felt at-

One answer only.
A. mid inguinal point
B. mid point of inguinal ligament
C. 3.8cm infero lateral to pubic tubercle
D. 1.5cm above mid inguinal point

10) Following muscles are supplied by femoral nerve EXCEPT

One answer only.
A. psoas major
B. iliacus
C. pectineus
D. sartorius

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