What ?, How ?, What not to do during the last week Before the exam
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The following is a checklist of things to be done in the last week before AIPGE Exam.

Decide where you are going to stay. Get those facts right now before one week.

Check whether you have got your hall ticket. If not communicate to the concerned authorities.

Read the details given in the hall ticket and the prospectus ONCE AGAIN

Does the exam need Pen or Pencil. Get 2 (or 3) pens ready. If the exam needs pencil, get 2 pencils, an eraser (which does not leave mark on the paper – check it now – not on the answer sheet) and a sharpener

Pack these and the hall ticket and anything you may need and (if you have a special dress for exams, as most people have - pack that too) now itself. Keep your journey (to and fro) ticket along with these,

To search for all these just 1 hour before the start of the journey is not going to do your confidence any good

Don’t leave these vital things which (may appear insignificant now, but will occupy the whole of your mind , if not properly planned for and) may significantly affect your PERFORMANCE

Take an old question paper of the exam you are going to attend

Lock yourself inside a room

Try to complete the paper in the prescribed time

Correct the paper with the Standard Text book and not with the key given in the MCQ book itself

Now concentrate on your MISTAKES. They are more important at this stage. You will now know your "Achilles heel". Don’t repeat it in the exam. Don’t care about the answers you got right. You will get it right again in your exam !!

What not to be done : Don’t listen if some one says that the question will be tough, the question will be easy!, the question is out !!, he/she is not here - gone to get the question paper!!!

Listen to only Academic discussions…… If you are preparing with a group, it is better to get away from the group and become "solitary". It may sound odd, but this is a practical problem and we have seen most aspirants getting depressed after hearing such kinds of news.

What ?, How ?, What not to do during the last day Before the exam

Take rest !!

If you have traveled a long time, try and get a good sleep.

Revise those facts which you find hard to remember , especially the numeric values, investigations, syndromes, etc.

Got to bed early

What not to be done : Don’t try to read more points by forgoing your sleep on this particular day

In addition to you recent memory (which you will by reading the whole night) for a good performance you need certain other skills like remote memory, analytical skills, speed, decision making the next say. And to get all these at the zenith is to have a good sleep.

What ?, How ?, What not to do Before you enter the exam hall

Get to the exam centre early at least 1 ½ hours before the start of the exam.

Check that your number is displayed in the notice board

Some times 2 schools / colleges with identical names (or a main school and the branch) will be centers and the Auto Rickshaw will take you to the other center - for example, Kendriya Vidyalaya or SBOA - I was once forced to see many a SBOA School in Chennai !!! just before the start of the exam at the 11th hour

Get out of the campus and wait outside.

Check your purses/wallets and make sure that there are no bits of papers (which you might have kept long time back) inside that might create problems with a checking squad

Avoid reading at this time (Easier said than done)

What not to be done : Don’t discuss any question. When some one asks you a question and if you can’t answer you may be depressed

What ?, How ?, What not to do Inside the exam hall

First Write your REGISTER number looking at it from the Hall ticket (and not from your memory - however good your memory is) and then shade accordingly. Then shade the Question Paper Code, if any

If there any other paper work do it

Read the instructions in the question paper / answer paper.

What not to be done : Don’t leave the important details like REGISTER number question paper code blank and start with the questions right away. You may commit a mistake (which may be fatal) when you shade these things later "in a hurry".

Mark the answers in the Q.Paper as you read the questions. When you have completed a batch of 25 (or 50) quesitons transform the answers to the answer sheet

What not to be done : Don’t try to read the entire question paper once again and then mark the answers

What ?, How ?, What not to do Inside the exam hall – Clinical Questions

Read the question once clearly, without skipping any thing and then mark by the side the

age, SEX,

complaints, Symptoms - duration

Signs Investigation

and follow the SAME Approach you did in your Final Year Exams.........

In 90 % of the cases, you will arrive at an answer.....

What ?, How ?, What not to do Inside the exam hall – Clinical Questions

But the conditions are an endless list and definitely will not be limited to Mitral Stenosis, Hemipleiga, VSD, Prolapse, CTEV, Ca Stomach, Anaemia Complicating Pregnancy !!!

If you have followed the same procedure while preparation, you will find this method easy

What not to be done : Don’t skip any part of the question by reading fast.

What ?, How ?, What not to do Inside the exam hall – Statistics Questions(PSM)

Write the details on the rough sheet and work systematically.

If you know an alternate way of working that particular problem try that also and check whether the solutions tally

What not to be done : Don’t do mental calculations or try from you memory.

What ?, How ?, What not to do during the after the exam

Relax !

Try to recollect the questions. It is better if you do it as a group.

Work out the answers

Try to find out how much you might score.

Wait for the result !!!

What not to be done : Don’t try argue over few questions that might be ambiguous


These slides are not for advising you

They are to point out to you some facts

It is your life, your career and so it is your decision !!!

Or post it in the message board/forum

And before you leave …………

Nevertheless, there are lot of points that may be of benefit to all PG Aspirants

So you are requested to change certain minor details especially those regarding the text books to suit you if you find the list given not to your choice

And if you can read between the words and find out what we are trying to convey, you can be successful in any PG Medical Entrance Exam


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