A Quick Contra-Indications list to common drugs
Date: Saturday, June 11 @ 18:58:15 IST
Topic: Pharmacology

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Contraindications to Use of Antimalarials

* Allergy to 4-aminoquinoline derivatives
* Retinopathy or visual field deterioration

Contraindications to Use of Anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor (Anti-TNF) Agents

* Sepsis or clinically manifest infections and/or abscesses
* Past medical history of hypersensitivity to infliximab or other murine proteins

Contraindications to Use of Azathioprine

* Known neoplastic disease

Contraindications to Use of Cyclophosphamide

* Pregnancy
* Chronic or active infection
* Liver disease
* History of neoplasia
* Renal failure is a relative contraindication that requires adjustment of dosage.

Contraindications to Use of Cyclosporin A

* Coexisting cancer (except non-melanoma skin cancer)
* Uncontrolled hypertension
* Renal dysfunction
* Uncontrolled infections
* Primary and secondary immunodeficiency

Contraindications to Use of D-penicillamine

* Kidney disease
* Blood disorders (e.g., leukopenia, thrombocytopenia)

Contraindications to Use of Leflunomide

* Serious immunodeficiency
* Dysplasias
* Uncontrolled infection (due to the theoretical possibility of immunosuppression)
* Moderate or severe renal failure (there is no experience in this group of patients)
* Liver function disorder
* Significant bone marrow disorder
* Severe hypoproteinemia

Contraindications to Use of Methotrexate

Absolute contraindications

* Pregnancy
* Alcohol abuse
* Hepatitis B or C
* Cirrhosis of any origin

Relative contraindications

* Renal failure
* Chronic pulmonary disease
* Active infection not associated with Felty’s syndrome

Contraindications for Use of Gold Salts

* Severe liver or kidney disease
* Blood and marrow disorders

Contraindications for Use of Sulphasalazine

* Allergy to salicylates or sulfonamides
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