Dissecting a CAT: CAT 2005 Analysis
Date: Monday, November 21 @ 01:23:50 IST
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Hi everyone, here is the analysis of 2005 CAT exam held on 20/11/2005. If anyone from this forum has given the exam, please write your views on this forum would definitely help other future aspirants.

Wow. What a CAT!

After all the hype that this CAT generated, everyone was looking forward to another
great CAT. The last two CATs have been lapped up by the media. It all started with the first ever leak in CAT in Nov. 2003, and the heavy TRPs generated by the leak introduced the glamour quotient in CAT. And now this, just 90 questions! While questions have been heading southward, no one expected a sub-100 number of questions. What next?? Just 10 question in CAT? This, in our opinion, was not a test for the weak hearted. Hole your hears, the cut-offs would not be very high.

List of surprises:
1. 60 two markers?????
2. Negative marking scheme declared.
3. Just 90 questions.

Looking at 90 questions only, it was obvious that the paper could not be easy, and definitely not Verbal and RC. Anyway, let us get to business.

Section wise Analysis

Quantitative Section: The overall pattern was fairly interesting, with 6-7 relatively easy questions in the 1 marker variety and another 6-7 in the 2 markers. However, as most people would have spent more time on the two markers, overall marks attempted would be on the higher side. We expect the people to solve 24-25 marks worth of questions in 40 minutes, and get a score of abut 20. 16-17 for a 98 plus percentile. 1415 for a 93 plus percentile, which would also be the cutoff for most IIMs. A score of around 12 would get you 85 + percentile, which would be for calls from other B-schools.

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension: What a VA and RC. Just 30 questions! It would make people feel that they would attempt them all. But the answer options in RC were very close and some of the verbal questions were unanswerable. A score of 25 + would be good. Most people would attempt around 35-38 marks worth of questions and hence the cut-off is likely to stand at last years level. Cut-off would be around 22 + and a score of 25 will be 98 plus percentile, and 22 at 93 percentile, sufficient for call from the IIMs and a score of around 18 would give you a 85 plus percentile.

Data Interpretation: A blood bath must have ensued in DI. The ten 1-markers alone
would have taken 20 minutes to answer; as one of them was calculation intensive (area under cultivation) and the other was very logical (average ages). If a student answers these 10 and manages to attempt a few 2 markers, he would sail through.
Our expectation is that the cut-off in DI would be very low. So a 15 would get you 98
plus percentile, and 12 would get you a 92 plus percentile, which would be sufficient for IIM cut-offs. A score of 10 would be required for 85 percentile.

It was not a great paper by any standards. A huge let-down. The IIMs could have done much better. It was a very intimidating paper.

Overall Cut-offs
55 plus for all 6 IIM calls, given sectional cut-offs are met. 50 plus for 1-2 IIM calls, maybe more. This would correspond to 98 percentile. A score of around 42-43 would be sufficient to get 90 percentile, and get calls from top B-schools affiliated to CAT.

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