GRE - Is it really an easy way for USMLE aspirants?
Date: Thursday, February 23 @ 07:37:08 IST
Topic: GRE

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GRE may or maynot be an easy way for getting all depends on your GRE program - masters or PhD and in your speciality in these programs.

These days american embassy is giving visas very easily -both, for GRE students and for CSA. So you stand a better chance of getting visa this way

Masters students rarely get funding (Graduate assistantship, research assistantship, teaching assistantship). They can get funding if the professors under whom they are working have good funding or endorsemnts, university policies, number of international students in taht university(more the number of international students in the university, more difficult it is to get funding), nature of the course - research oriented courses generally provide some sort of funding...and many many other factors. If you are lucky enough and do get a funding - it will pay for your tuition and will give you a stipend of around $ 800 a month. You are not allowed to work off campus in first year of the program. If you do not get funding then you will have to pay anywahere around 6000 to 15000 $ for tuition and fees alone. Many fo the students do get assistantship in the second or subsequent semester if they keep on trying. It also helps to arrive early at campus and apply for it.

All the PhD programs usually provide funding , i.e they pay ur tuition and fees and also pay you a stipend of around $1200 to $1400 per month.

Another option indian students are choosing these days is to take a loan from US banks - for that you need to have a cosigner who is US citizen and has credit score of more than 675. its a good choice..interest rate is too low ..4 to 8% and repayment period is upto 25 years. they may also pay for ur living expenses.

In amsters if you have funding you will have to work for 20 hrs a week, i.e. 4 hrs a day..add few extra hrs..+ 3 hrs of classes for 4 days a week usually..depending on number of courses u take (3 or 4). this makes studying for MLE difficult although ppl do it and succeed. you have to be very organized and dedicated. it can be done but it gets very difficult.

In PhD , you will have to attend classes, take classes of undergrads and do research..its too hectic depending on ur proff or lab. it leaves you with much less time than masters for study unless you make out a strict schedule and decide not to care a damn abt ur performance in need to have a long term plan - 2-3 yrs to manage both phd and mle. my friends have done it 3 yrs.

Its always better to give both or atleast one step in India and then come here. And I have heard that US senate is going to pass a bill that makes it mandatory for international students to complete masters before joining any other course in US ..dont kno abt PhD.

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