Is Medicine really a profession worth all this effort?
Date: Friday, October 27 @ 02:19:45 IST
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Is Medicine really a profession worth all this effort....... Read on to know why future just looks bleak.

Whats happening Medico's ?

Medicine is lately becoming the least fashionable profession. You slog over 4 and half years of subject, then you are made to work day after day for another 365 days of internship. and still they say you are not fit. As if this is not enough our Beloved health minister Ramadoss had decided to add one more year of rural service before we can get our degree(Bill yet to be passed).Then starts the tough fight for Enterance into a PG institute. You need to prepare in advance for this preparation or else you will have to do 2 more years of heavy slogging, and still you cant say you will be through. Then once you get a seat starts your real hard work as it is what makes you the Real Doctor. Then...... Still its not over. You have to start over again to survive the competition of well settled doctors and those who have finished with you. And every year more and more of them are just added to your struggle.

If its just this much, pooh.... it would have been ok. but you see your fellow Engineers settling in early 20's and they start earning quite well with Good students earning more than 1 lakh per month. Now they are considered the Cream and the Future of Young India. Now even the IIM has started to show promise. There are more professions now which need less sloggingcompared to medicine but give even greater fruits from early on...... Medicine doesnt sound Cost effective or effort effective.

The main reason I decided to talk on this topic was because recently My Grandma who was very happy that all her Non-Medico Grand children (Some even 6 years younger to me)have settled. She felt bad that I still have not stood on my legs while my younger kith have started earning Salary that would only make the Medicos look at them with awe.....

The sad part of the story is that Creative and talented people who lack hard work find this profession a hard one to survive. It seems to purely depend upon Memory and without slogging you wouldnt have it. Even the use of talent comes only after slogging. I dont say that other professions dont need memory but comparitively this one needs mindbloggering content. Many students are already finding this profession hard to go on and are finding alternate paths to go after their dreams.

And as if this is not enough, the Doctors are being targeted by the people, movies and News channels alike. We happen to see a Doctor being mishandled by the aggressive patients who are unable to accept the fate of their loved ones.......

Common Guys even in case Doctors have erred, You just have to realise that they are no God, they are still Human. Do you go and attack the politicians in case they fail to satisfy their promises? Do you attack the Engineers in case a Bridge collapses or a dam breaks before the Deadline? You atleast wait for the Courts to give their decision in other cases, then why such a hurry to mishandle and give your own decision over Doctors......

People, You just need to realise that even Doctors are Humans. They too can make mistakes.... Leave the judgement to the Courts. Only hope I had a time machine. I would have definately selected Computer engineering in retrospect (which seems to have good future for talented but lazy guys like me)

Only if I could Change the Past!

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