Introductory Guide To TRAS Exam Preparations
Date: Wednesday, January 21 @ 00:51:07 IST
Topic: Ireland

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Here is the info about the requirements and procedure to get the eligibility for TRAS and guidelines of exams, fees etc.

Requirements for the TRAS exam:
Copy of MBBS Degree
Copy of Certificate of Experience of House Job (e.g. in Pakistan from PMDC)
Original Certificate of Good Standing (from PMDC)
Original Certificate of IELTS (band 7)
Copy of Passport

All copies attested by Notary Public (in court), they should also certify these to be true copies.

House job should be a total of one year with at least 3 months of general medicine and 3 months of general surgery

Initial document examination fee: 790 Euros
TRAS-1 MCQs: 110 Euros
TRAS-2 OSCE: 420 Euros
After passing OSCE, fee for temporary Registration for 1 year: 455 Euros
Fee for clinical attachment: 60 Euros

You must also consider 8400 PKR for IELTS, 3500 PKR for good standing certificate, 500 PKR for experience certificate

How long does the TRAS process take?

Fulfilling requirements: approx. 1 month
Between submitting documents and getting eligibility: approx. 2 months

As good standing certificate is valid only for 3 month only, you should apply for good standing certificate after completing all other requirements

After getting eligibility you can sit in tras1 whenever you want, it occurs on weekly basis


Deficiency left with Oxford Handbooks (Medicine and Clinical Specialties) is completely overcome by these MCQ books:

--MEDICINE: MCQs by R.R.Baliga

--SURGERY: MCQs by CRAVEN (Churchill Livingstone)


--OBS /GYNE: MCQs by JOHN STUDO (Churchill Livingstone)

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