Psychiatry; Free Online Mock Test 26
Date: Thursday, July 10 @ 00:10:00 IST
Topic: Psychiatry

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Multiple Choice Test

1) Forgetting unpleasant feelings is called as

One answer only.
   a) Isolation
   b) Repression
   c) Dissociation
   d) Suppression

2) A 23 yrs old male presents with blunted affect, delusion of grandiosity , clang associations, with pressure of speech. He has also been on antipsychotics for the last 2 months. His diagnosis is

One answer only.
   a) Schizophreniform Psychosis
   b) Manic depressive psychosis manic phase
   c)Bipolar affective disorder type I
   d) Brief psychotic disorder

3) Which one of the following is not a feature of catatonic schizophrenia

One answer only.
   a) Catalepsy
   b) Flexibilitas - cerea
   c) Command Automatism
   d) Cataplexy

4) Defence Mechanism not seen in OCD

One answer only.
   a) Reaction formation
   b) Projection
   d) Undoing

5) 50 yrs old female believes that her stomach is rotten and destroyed & therefore she has not been eating adequately for 3 months. She has lost interest in everything & has reduced sleep. Her diagnosis is

One answer only.
   a) Eating disorder
   b) Schizophreniform Psychosis
   c) Major depressive disorder
   d) Undifferentiated Schizophrenia

6) 20 yrs old female is nervous of being focus of attention in public or being caught in an embarassing behaviour so she avoids parties & canteens. Develops palpitation, anxiety, tremors during social engagements. Diagnosis is

One answer only.
   a) Panic disorder
   b) Social Phobia
   c)Anxiety disorder with Panic attacks
   d) Mixed anxiety with depression

7) 75 yrs old male was operated for fracture neck of femur and since next day develops irritability, disorientation & has been talking to imaginary people. Diagnosis is

One answer only.
   a) Senile dementia
   b) Senile Psychosis
   c) Delirium
   d) Post operative Psychosis

8) 50 yrs old female has insomnia, excited mood, is talking excessively & wants everybody to listen to her because she's God's messanger. She is taking anti depressants since last 3 months. Diagnosis is

One answer only.
   a) Schizo affective Disorder
   b) Bipolar affective disorder currently depressed
   c) Bipolar disorder
   d) Schizophrenia

9) 22 yrs old male is arrested for sexual harassment of a girl & is found to have tachycardia, dilated pupils, hypertension, sweating, increased psychomotor activity, elated mood , pressure of speech & inflammed nasal mucosa. Diagnosis is

One answer only.
   a) Bipolar disorder type II
   b) Manic phase
   c) Cocaine intoxication
   d) Heroin withdrawal

10) 30 yrs old female with chronic feelings of boredom & depression. She has suffered from short lasting psychotic episodes & has attempted suicide twice. Earlier har family had disapproved her promiscuity . Which Personality disorder she is suffering from

One answer only.
   a) Passive Aggressive
   b) Schizo affective
   d) Borderline

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