AIPGE & AIIMS Intensive Revision Series
Daily Free Online Mock Test 86

Date: Monday, September 08 @ 00:00:00 IST
Topic: AIPGE

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Multiple Choice Test

1) Major source of estrogen in post menopausal women is :

One answer only.
   a) Peripheral conversion of Androstenedione
   b) Secretion from adrenals
   c) Testosterone from the ovary
   d) HRT

2) Lady with a previous history of Downs child and 18 weeks gestation , how will you rule out Downs

One answer only.
   a) Amniocentesis
   b) Chorionic villous bx
   c) Cordocentesis
   d) Beta hCG + AFP

3) Biophysical profile does not include

One answer only.
   a) Amniotic fluid volume
   b) Fetal tone
   c) Fetal movements
   d) BPD

4) A young girl of 18yrs has not started mensurating. Which one of the following investigations would be irrelevant in this case ?

One answer only.
   a) Schiller's test
   b) Chromosomal analysis
   c) Progesterone challenge test
   d) Ultrasonography

5) The treatment of choice in the case of second degree utero vaginal prolapse in a 30 yrs old multiparous woman would be :

One answer only.
   a) Vaginal hysterectomy
   b) Vaginal hysterectomy with pelvic floor repair
   c) Fothergill's repair
   d) Fothergill's repair with vaginal tuberectomy

6) A 40yrs old woman is suffering from severe menorrhagia due to multiple fibroids. Her uterus is irregularly enlarged to 16 weeks pregnancy size. She has three living children. Which one of the following would be best suited for her ?

One answer only.
   a) Total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo oophorectomy
   b) Total abdominal hysterectomy
   c) Vaginal hysterectomy
   d) Total abdominal hysterectomy with unilateral salpingo oophorectomy

7) All of the following are true about adenomyosis EXCEPT :

One answer only.
   a) Cut surface shows striations along with tiny grey soft areas
   b) It is encapsulated
   c) The consistency is firm
   d) Histologically it shows gland spaces resembling those of endometrium

8) In a tubectomy camp at a PHC, a woman wanting tubectomy operation is found to be six weeks pregnant. Which one of the following would be most appropriate in the interest of the patient ?

One answer only.
   a) Postponing tubectomy and referring the patient to a district hospital for performing MTP and tubectomy at the same sitting
   b) Performing tubectomy and referring her to the district hospital for MTP
   c) Performing MTP and postponing tubectomy for the next camp
   d) Postponing tubectomy and advising her to continue pregnancy to term and have tubectomy done after the delivery

9) A 27 yrs old married lady has been on combined oral contraceptive pills. At first she had regular withdrawal bleeding. Four yrs after marriage, she had decided to have a baby and hence discontinued the pill. Unfortunately, spontaneous period did not occur. After nine months of amenorrhoea, she reported to a gynaecologist. The most likely diagnosis is :

One answer only.
   a) Hyperprolactinaemia
   b) Polycystic ovarian disease
   c) Weight related amenorrhoea
   d) Tuberculosis of endometrium

10) One week after an extended hysterectomy, the patient leaks urine per vaginum. In spite of the leakage, she has to pass urine from time to time. The most likely cause is :

One answer only.
   a) Vesico vaginal fistula
   b) Ureterovaginal fistula
   c) Stress incontinence
   d) Overflow incontinence

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