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Date: Monday, October 06 @ 00:00:00 IST
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Multiple Choice Test

1) A 60 yrs old man has been suffering from angina for last 5 yrs. He suddenly develops palpitation with mild sweating & breathlessness. ECG reveals QRS complex > 0.14s, fusion beat & concordance pattern in chest leads. BP is 110 / 70 mm of Hg. Drug of choice is

One answer only.
   a) Procainamide
   b)IV Metoprolol
   d) None of the above

2) CVS malformation seen in Cri du chat syndrome is

One answer only.
   b) VSD
   c)Pulmonary stenosis
   d) PDA

3) Alcohol induced teratogenic CVS malformation is

One answer only.
   a) VSD
   Tricuspid atresia
   d) Double outlet RV

4) Patient with the following disease should not become pregnant

One answer only.
   Pulmonary HT
   Marfan's syndrome
   Cyanotic heart disease
   d) All

5) CVS auscultation of an 18 year old child suffering from Down's syndrome reveals prominent RV cardiac impulse with palpable pulmonary artery pulsation. S1 is normal & S2 is widely split. ECG reveals rSr' in V2 with left axis deviation. He is most probably suffering from

One answer only.
   Patent foramen ovale
   b) Ostium primum ASD
   c)Ostium secundum ASD
   d) VSD

6) The minor criteria of Framingham in diagnosis of CHF is

One answer only.
   b) Hepatomegaly
   d) ? JVP

7) The following is not a contraindication to the use of ACE inhibitor

One answer only.
   a) LV dysfunction without CHF
   b) High output angioedema
   c)S. creatinine > 3 mg%
   d) Pregnancy

8) Antihypertensive of choice in cyclosporin induced hypertension is

One answer only.
   ACE inhibitor
   c) Ca channel blocker
   d) Hydrochlorthiazide

9) A 30 year old patient suffering from mitral stenosis is examined 5 years after initial diagnosis. On examination there was diminished intensity of MDM & loss of Graham Steele murmur. The features of LV failure were diminished. He has most probably developed

One answer only.
   a) TS
   b)Calcification of mitral valve
   d) MR

10) A 60 years old man is admitted with acute ant. wall MI. Suddenly he develops acute breathlessness. Clinical examination reveals P - 110 / m (R). BP - 90 / 60 mm of Hg, a systolic murmur which stops in late systole and pulmonary oedema. LA pressure tracing reveals marked increase in LA pressure particularly of V wave. He has most probably developed

One answer only.
   b) MR
   d) Cardiac tamponade

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