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Date: Tuesday, September 07 @ 12:39:05 IST
Topic: MRCPath Part 2

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Part 2 examination

Trainees will usually sit this examination during their final year of training. The examination comprises two structured vivas, each of 30 minutes. Candidates may, if they wish, elect for the second of these vivas to test a specialist area of haematology. Prior to the examination, candidates are provided with a list of topics on which the examiners will base the vivas. The first viva will contain one compulsory topic relating to management.

The examination is held in The Royal College of Pathologists, London. There are two examiners for each viva and of the total of four examiners. One will be a specialist in blood transfusion. The examiners select four topics for each viva and these are marked separately and then added to provide a final mark.

Candidates will normally have membership of The Royal College of Physicians in the UK. Occasionally non-European Union trained overseas candidates may not have MRCP and they will be required to sit an additional clinical examination as part of the Part 2 examination.

The purpose of the Part 2 examination is to ensure that candidates have a comprehensive knowledge of up-to-date laboratory and clinical haematology practice. Success in the Part 2 examination, plus the awarding of the Completed Certificate of Specialist Training (CCST), provides an indication of successful training and a readiness of the trainee to undertake independent practice.

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