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Have a Great 2006
by plab2005 - 3166 reads, based on 6 votes
2005 fades away – may be from the calendars but surely not from our memories. Let us stop and take a moment to be thankful for the good times, the blessings, the struggles which made us stronger and for the many more friends that we have made along life’s path.... More

A Christmas Message
by plab2005 - 4540 reads, based on 12 votes
December 25th - Christmas is here again ! Is Christmas just about fun, presents, Santa and new clothes .....or is there something more???... More

do's and dont's while logged into RXPG
by bindasnikhilg - 4068 reads, based on 16 votes
Hi there fellow RXPGians We all love this site that is why we are here,but sometimes we all,including myself get carried away and forget how to post and what to frame our words.... More

RxPG in News!
by RxPG - 3576 reads, based on 4 votes
Economic Times, a publication of Times of India Group, has covered PLAB issues and RxPG website in Todays Issue (6-09-04). Following is the excerpt from the story as it appeared in the newspaper. "RxPGonline, a website to guide postgrad medical students started by two ex-students of Maulana Azad Medical College in Delhi, Dr Himanshu Tyagi and Dr Ankush Vidyarthi has become the most comprehensive resource globally for doctors and medical students who wish to study and work in countries like UK, US, New Zealand and Australia. The site has reported on the negative trends in PLAB job opportunities and monitors major British newspapers, journals like British Medical Journal and ... More

How to start preparing for entrance examinations?
by RM1VM1 - 7477 reads, based on 45 votes
September signals the start of yet another crack at the PG Entrance exams. Some things that are essential yet overlooked and can hamper your preparation are: a) Lack of time b) Lack of material to study c) Downright laziness Time is something that is not under our control. So we have to do what we can with the time available to us, which is roughly 4 months. ... More

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RxPG Tips & Tricks
  How to start preparing for entrance examinations?
  Doing Questions and Raising Scores
  Important tips to decipher the language of exam questions
  How to make study notes for myself?
  Advice on MCQ Examination Technique

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