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Eponyms section
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Alphabetical List of eponymous medical signs
by RxPG - 46329 reads, based on 12 votes
List of eponymous medical signs Eponymous medical signs are medical signs that are named after a person or persons, usually the physicians who first described them, but occasionally named after a famous patient with the signs. Listed alphabetically Adson's sign Alexander's law Allen's sign Allen's test Angel's sign Aortic regurgitation eponyms Apley grind test Apley scratch test Apley's law ... More

Alphabetical List of Eponymous Diseases
by RxPG - 13646 reads, based on 3 votes
Addison's disease Alders-Schonberg disease Alexander's disease Alice in Wonderland syndrome – Alice Alzheimer's disease – Alois Alzheimer Babinski reflex or Babinski sign, common name for Plantar reflex – Joseph Jules François Félix Babinski, French neurologist ... More

List of eponymous diseases by speciality
by RxPG - 9079 reads, based on 5 votes
A large number of diseases have been named after people. Most often, their namesakes discovered or described the disease, while occasionally the disease is named after the first patient described (Christmas disease) or the place where it was first identified (Bornholm disease). The proliferation of eponyms in medicine is partly due to the fact that until recently the exact cause of many diseases was a mystery. The best way to refer to a syndrome, then, was to refer to the person who first addressed its existence. There is controversy over the naming conventions for eponymous diseases. Many sources now agree that an apostroph... More

Eponyms - Z
by Andrew J. Yee, M.D. - 4863 reads, 0 votes
ZAHN, INFARCT OF in occlusion of an intrahepatic branch of portal vein, sharply demarcated area of red-blue discoloration, not infarct, not necrosis, only marked stasis in distended sinusoids, with secondary hepatocellular atrophy ZAHN, LINES OF thrombi formed within a cardiac chamber or the aorta, may have apparent laminations, produced by alternating layers of paler platelets admixed with some fibrin, separated by darker layers containing more red cells ... More

Eponyms - U
by Andrew J. Yee, M.D. - 4053 reads, based on 2 votes
UHTHOFF'S PHENOMENON in multiple sclerosis, sensitivity of symptoms to changes in body temperature or exercise (e.g., visual loss with exercise); initial description in 1890 amblyopia following exercise UNHAPPY TRIAD lateral knee injury resulting in ACL tear, MCL tear, and medial meniscal injury ... More

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