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Karnatka PG section
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Karnataka PGET Results 2005 - Marks Secured by Candidates
by RGUHS - 15901 reads, based on 7 votes
============================================================================ Sl No. Register No. Name Marks Sec. ============================================================================ 1. MB0001 SHUJAATH ASIF M 138 2. MB0002 VIDHYASHREE A R 130 3. MB0003 CHANDRA MOULI S 52 4. MB0004 BASAVARAJU S 82 5. MB0005 SHRUTHI HAZRA 118 6. MB0006 MOHAN BABU A 141 7. MB0007 PALLAVI HOSKOTE ... More

COMEDK PG Entrance Test - 2005 Answer Keys for all sets
by - 8362 reads, based on 5 votes
Answer Keys - Medical (Version A) 1 B 31 B 61 D 91 A 121 C 151 D 2 B 32 C 62 B 92 B 122 A 152 B 3 A 33 D 63 D 93 D 123 D 153 B 4 D 34 B 64 B 94 B 124 D 154 B 5 A 35 A 65 D 95 A 125 A 155 C 6 A 36 B 66 A 96 C 126 C 156 A 7 A 37 A 67 D 97 C 127 C 157 C 8 A 38 B 68 A 98 D 128 D 158 B 9 A 39 D 69 A 99 A 129 C 159 B 10 A 40 B 70 B 100 B 130 D 160 C ... More

Karnataka PGET - 2005 (Announcement by RGUHS, Bangalore)
by bdb - 16448 reads, based on 11 votes
Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences has announced the notification for PGET - 2005. ... More

by Nadu - 14265 reads, based on 15 votes
1-All of the following are chromosomal breakage syndrome except: a-Fanconi’s anaemia b-Ehlers-Danlos syndrome c-Bloom syndrome d-Ataxia telengiectasia Ans-B 2- All of the following are morphologic feature of apoptosis except: a-Cell shrinkage b-Chromatin condensation c-Inflammation d-Apoptotic bodies Ans-C 3-“Macropolycyte “ in peripheral smear is a feature of: a-Hereditary spherocytosis b-Iron deficiency anaemia c-Sickle ceel anaemia d-Megaloblastic anaemia Ans-D 4-Most common second malignancy in patients with FAMILIAL Retinoblastoma is: a-Teretoma b-Medullary carcinoma c-Osteosarcoma d-Malignant melanoma Ans-C 5-Polyp in Peutz Jeghers syndrome are: ... More

Astronomical fee structure for seven colleges in Karnatka
by RxPG News - 11566 reads, based on 6 votes
A mass surrender of PG seats in unaided private medical and dental colleges can be expected from Tuesday onwards with the State's Fee Committee headed by Justice A.B. Murgod approving an astronomical fee structure for seven colleges. The Committee has prescribed an annual fee in the range of Rs 3.60 lakh - Rs 3.82 lakh for a PG medical clinical course, and Rs 3 lakh plus for a PG diploma clinical course. The fee structure is expected to be in the same range for other colleges as well. ... More

Karnatka PG Announcements
  Karnataka PGET - 2005 (Announcement by RGUHS, Bangalore)
  Bangalore - PG medical seat selection postponed

Karnatka PG Results
  Karnataka PGET Results 2005 - Marks Secured by Candidates

Karnatka PG Information
  Karnatka PG; Essential Info

Karnatka PG FAQ
  FAQ: Is stipend given in private colleges of Karnataka?
  FAQ: How to take admisson for PG in Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum, Karnataka?
  FAQ: Difference b/w MCI recognised and MCI permitted
  FAQ: How is Al Ameen Medical Colllege, Bijapur?
  FAQ: Which college is better for doing MS Surgery in Karnatka?
  FAQ: How is BMC Paeds and Kar institute of child health?
  FAQ: Books to read for Karnataka PG Entrance
  FAQ: KAR CET - Are private medical colleges included?
  FAQ: How to Prepare for COMDEK PG Exam?

Karnatka PG QuestionPapers
  COMEDK PG Entrance Test - 2005 Answer Keys for all sets

Karnatka PG Analysis
  Analysis: HOW WAS THE PG EXAM 2006?

Karnatka PG Exam Recalls
  Recall: PGET2007 Questions and RGUHS Answer keys

Karnatka PG Debates
  Debate: What is COMDEK's future?
  Debate: Money Making By Entrance Examination Fees

Recommended Books for Karnatka PG
  Books to read for Karnatka PG

Karnatka PG related Court Cases
  Islamic Academy of Education vs State of Karnatka, 2003 Supreme Court Bench
  Islamic Academy vs State of Karnatka, 2003 Supreme Court Case

Hot Karnatka PG Discussions
  FAQ: Is stipend given in private colleges of Karnataka?
  FAQ: How to take admisson for PG in Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum, Karnataka?
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  Seat resign
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