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Biostatistics section
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Conception of Variables in Biostatistics
by shuvo - 21170 reads, based on 15 votes
Characteristics which show variability or variation are known as variable. eg. Height, WBC count, sex, religion, vomiting episodes etc.... More

Biostatistics Online Mock Test 222
by RxPG - 21643 reads, based on 72 votes
Multiple Choice Test 1) Advantages of random sampling for studying the general human population include: Choose 3 of the following options.    A. it can be applied to any population.    B. likely errors can be estimated.    C. estimates obtained are not biased.    D. it is easy to do.    E. the sample can be referred to a known population. ... More

Statistics at square one
by RxPG - 10064 reads, based on 4 votes
This free online textbook was written by T D V Swinscow, revised by M J Campbell, University of Southampton. Statistics at Square One is one of the most widely used statistical textbooks in the UK, and the structure and format of the original book has been retained in this online version. ... More

Z-test : A Brief Overview
by - 10813 reads, based on 7 votes
In some situations the sequence of steps used in t-test can be done using z-scores instead of t-scores. Then such a test is called z-test. Use: z-test is/can be used in place of t-test when The population standard deviation is known which allows the standard error, rather than the estimated SE to be found The sample is sufficiently large (n > 200) for the SD to provide a reliable estimate of SE.... More

All the Biostatistics notes you will need for a quick revision
by willpower - 32507 reads, based on 60 votes
BIOSTATISTICS NOTES POPULATION: Universe of all units being studied. If we want to study lung cancer among Indians, then the study population will be all Indians. If we want to study lung cancer among Indian women, then the population will be all Indian women. SAMPLE: Subset of the population RANDOM SAMPLE: Each member of the population has an EQUAL CHANCE of being chosen for the sample ... More

Biostatistics Forum Library
  Library: Biostatistics: When to use Chi Square & Z Test?

Biostatistics Question Busters
  Response Scales
  Positive predictive value of a screening test

Recommended Books for Biostatistics
  Books to read for Biostatistics

Biostatistics High Yield Notes
  Conception of Variables in Biostatistics
  Z-test : A Brief Overview
  All the Biostatistics notes you will need for a quick revision
  Principles of Diagnostic Tests

Online Text Books for Biostatistics
  Statistics at square one

Biostatistics Book Reviews
  A Dictionary of Epidemiology by ingle
  High-Yield Biostatistics by pankaj
  BioStatistics: A Commonsense Approach by simon
  An Introduction to BioStatistics by simon
  Biostatistics: The Bare Essentials by simon
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Biostatistics Books - Erratas
  Errata: RxPG AIPG 2004 : Question 38 Biostatistics

Biostatistics Course Reviews (in order of ratings)
  An Introduction to BioStatistics by simon
  Fundamentals of Biostatistics by synopsis
  All course reviews on Biostatistics

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