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36 shouts of MunishLapsia  Date   Time     
    11-25-2005 6:45:pm    
    11-10-2005 11:38:pm    
   shahji one cannot think of plab and marriage (or merry making ... whatever) at the same time 11-10-2005 11:37:pm    
    10-24-2005 10:35:pm    
   happy birthday to nikhil and nirmalya 10-23-2005 12:38:am    
   this emoticon is funny... 10-14-2005 10:01:pm    
    10-14-2005 10:01:pm    
    10-14-2005 9:51:pm    
    10-14-2005 5:04:pm    
   dr_cute your dream of passing the mrcs part 1 & 2 in one go is realistic and ideal too as most of the syllabus overlaps. but the criteria and implications of passing mrcs part 2 are different. 09-12-2005 7:51:am    
    09-08-2005 11:32:am    
    09-07-2005 7:56:am    
   mumbai 08-31-2005 7:09:am    
   hi saavy 08-31-2005 6:32:am    
   hi curious3240... well all i can say is working on it... on my way... ! 06-17-2005 8:44:am    
   hello dr_shib 06-14-2005 11:29:am    
   hi liz 06-11-2005 9:15:am    
   hello. anyone in here? 06-07-2005 12:36:pm    
   trinity are you there 06-07-2005 12:23:pm    
   but if you intend to train in uk to become a paediatrician then even with mrcpch getting first job is tough. 06-07-2005 12:22:pm    
   so if you are a paediatrician and have the mrcphh then you will not have problems getting your job 06-07-2005 12:21:pm    
   well i can say that paediatricians are doing well in uk 06-07-2005 12:20:pm    
   hi manuni are you still around. 06-07-2005 11:40:am    
   well i know that situati9on in uk is bad and don't except it to getv any better... also in uk i guess it's better to come armed with the pg degree/diploma.. though it doesn't help much in first jib...long term and training wise it's a great help...all the best. 06-07-2005 7:47:am    
   well it all depends on what you want to do... anaesthesia may not offer you that glory in rural india cause no one knows your importance nor will surgeons look upon you as equals... but where there are intensive care units and they have regular trauma patients.. anaesthetists are very valued... i believe they have a huge shortage of anesthetists in private practice! 06-07-2005 7:43:am    
   manuni... if you plan to take up anesthesia... i am sure you will have good scope in private practice...and elsewhere abroad.. like uk and australia... 06-07-2005 7:40:am    
   if you wish to open labs... you will have to canvass for getting samples from large hospitals... 06-07-2005 7:38:am    
   anaesthetists are very valuable in intensive care unit and most intensive care/crash teams all aroud the world are lead by anaesthetists. 06-07-2005 7:37:am    
   as far as patho is concerned .... one has great scope in the us and canada and probably uk. but i feel pathology is more dependent than anesthesia. 06-07-2005 7:32:am    
   ophtho and ent are superspecialities and one need not bother to get more specialist training like one needs after doing general surgery. also its always going to be difficult starting iny any place no matter what field you are in! 06-07-2005 7:30:am    
   i feel all the specialities have their pros and cons ... anaesthetists are in huge demand... they can very well choose their working hours and working conditions... also they have a great scope all over the world. somehow i feel anaesthesia has shot into glory because of their role in trauma and intensive care. 06-07-2005 7:28:am    
   congrats! what your score 04-12-2005 3:03:am    
   there isn't any problem with the gmc website 04-11-2005 7:20:am    
   there isn't any problem with the gmc website 04-11-2005 7:20:am    
   hi 04-01-2005 8:30:am    
   i you take the mrc ophth then you have a good scope.... with or without your dnb! 04-01-2005 4:53:am    
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