Books to Read for MRCOG Part 2 MCQ Examination
Date: Saturday, June 11 @ 21:08:38 IST
Topic: MRCOG Part 2

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The following is the book list for the preparation of MRCOG Part 2 MCQ Examination. This list is based on the recommendations of the RxPG members who have passed their MRCOG Part 2 MCQ exam.

Essential Books

  • Gynaecology by Robert W. Shaw
    W.P. Soutter (Editor), Stuart L. Stanton (Editor)

    This is the gynae book to read for Part 2. Reasonably up to date, good chapters on operative complications, as well as the facts re conditions. Unfortunately doesn't describe operations, so a different book needed for the OSCE. Much easier to read than most of its competitors. A comprehensive and authoritative account of all aspects of gynaecology, including reproductive endocrinology, gynaecological oncology and urogynaecology. This new edeition encompasses all the major new developments in modern gynaecological practice, such as minimally invasive techniques. Emphasis throughout is on clinical management, making this an ideal resource for the trainee and for the established practitioner. 'Gynaecology' is the gold standard for all gynaecological textbooks. Candidates for the MRCOG at last have a truly contemporary work to see them not only through the examination but also beyond." British Medical Journal". Gynaecology 3e provides the reader with a comprehensive, informative, up - to - date and readable textbook. It ensures that trainees have a substantive text from which to prepare for their exams and it gives qualified specialists a definitive tome to refer to when preparing to teach, lecture, and educate. In addition it is an invaluable clinical reference for the practitioner. The philosophy of the book builds on that of previous editions, namely coverage divided into Five principle sections , the first covering anatomy, investigative techniques, molecular biology, day case surgery . The second section covers physiology and reproductive medicine, and the third benign and malignant disease of the reproductive organs. Subsequent sections cover urogynaecological disorders, and other areas such as adolescent gynaecology, evidence based care, and risk management. There is also excellent coverage of STDs, PID, and urinary tract infection. Gynaecology 3e is the practical reference book for all gynaecologists.

  • Past Papers: MRCOG Multiple Choice Questions 1997-2001: Pt. 2
    by RCOG
    As a contribution to self-directed learning for the Multiple Choice Question papers in the Part 1 and Part 2 MRCOG examinations, the RCOG has decided to publish ten past papers. Answers are not included because we would like to encourage candidates to seek out information themselves and thus learn in the process. For Part 2 MRCOG, pilot or 'test' questions are not included in the final mark and have therefore been excluded from these papers and the remaining questions renumbered sequentially. The papers are otherwise published as they appeared in the examination. Subsequent editorial or content changes may have been undertaken before any questions were reused in the examination. No responsibility may be taken for the content or terminology of the questions, as phraseology may change over time. This volume contains ten past papers of the MCQ section of the Part 2 MRCOG examination. As a contribution to self-directed learning, this volume aims to encourage candidates to seek out information themselves and thus learn in the process. Thus, no answers are included in the book.
Semi essential Books
  • MCQs for MRCOG Part 2
    Richard de Courcy-Wheeler, Beverley Adams, Khaled El-Hayes, Bernie McElhinney, Tahani Abuzeineh

    This text comprises multiple choice questions (MCQs) that are designed to test the candidate's theoretical and practical knowledge of obstetrics and gynaecology as recommended in the syllabus for the MRCOG Part 2 examination. Upwards of 250 single and multiple stem questions are included giving over 800 questions in all. Full answers with explanatory text is also provided. Where appropriate the answers are supplemented by key message boxes and footnotes to direct further study - in this way the text can be used as a study guide as well as a tool for revision and self-assessment. An accompanying CD-ROM enables candidates to select at random questions to make up a practice paper which they can sit under "examination conditions". When the candidate has completed the mock examination the program calculates their scores and indicates whether this would represent a good pass, pass, border line pass or fail. As with the text, full explainations are provided.

  • How to Prepare for MRCOG Part 2
    Charlotte Chaliha, Barry Whitlow

    Essential title for Part 2 following the success of PasTest's bestselling 'MRCOG Part 1 MCQ Revision Book'.

  • Aids to Obstetrics and Gynaecology: For MRCOG Part 2 (ATSS)
    Gordon M. Stirrat

  • MCQs and Short Answer Questions for MRCOG: An Aid to Revision and Self-assessment
    David Luesley, Philip Baker

    This is a companion volume to Obstetrics and Gynaecology and represents all the curricular elements covered in that text. This volume, consisting of MCQs and Short Essay Questions, is intended to be used in conjunction with, and independently of, the main text as a self-assessment aid throughout training and during revision for MRCOG examinations. Both the MRCOG Part 1 and Part 2 include MCQ papers and the MRCOG Part 2 includes a short essay question paper. Therefore, this volume will assist with revision for both papers.
If you find this list useful, please do not forget to give a feedback on it to us. Your feedback is important to us as it helps in keeping this list fresh and useful. You can also provide us with your own list for MRCOG Part 2 MCQ exam and we will be happy to publish it in your name on RxPG site. Remember that this list was initially prepared from the feedback of RxPG visitors like you.

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