Books to Read for MRCOG Part 2 OSCE Examination
Date: Saturday, June 11 @ 21:09:14 IST
Topic: MRCOG Part 2

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The following is the book list for the preparation of MRCOG Part 2 OSCE Examination. This list is based on the recommendations of the RxPG members who have passed their MRCOG Part 2 OSCE exam. There are not many books in the market for MRCOG OSCE but RxPG visitors have recommended these books for anyone appearing for MRCOG OSCES.
  • Short Essays, MCQs and OSCEs for MRCOG Part 2
    Justin Konje

    Designed to help the candidate in preparation for each paper of the MRCOG Part 2 examination, this title concentrates on testing theoretical and practical knowledge of obstetrics and gynaecology as recommended in the syllabus through questions covering aspects of medicine, surgery and paediatrics relevant to the practice of both. The volume opens with some general advice to candidates on examination preparation and how to tackle the different styles of question. The short essay section that follows includes 200 essay questions, grouped according to subject for ease of revision. For each essay, the candidate is provided with a list of common mistakes to avoid; the key points that the examiners will be looking for in the answer; and a full essay incorporating the key points described. The 300 multiple-choice questions forming the second section incorporate the variable stem / true-false style of the current exam. Short explanatory notes are included with the answers. The text concludes with a section of OSCEs mimicking the stations that the candidate will encounter during the three-hour examination. As recommended by the RCOG, the questions have been designed to test factual knowledge and understanding, problem solving skills, diagnosis, investigation, treatment, and communication and clinical skills. A must have book.

  • OSCEs for the MRCOG
    A. Pickersgill, A. Meskhi, S. Paul

    The OSCE (Observed Structured Clinical Examination) is a recently introduced examination for trainee obstetricians and gynaecologists. The examination requires students to move around a series of stations where skills such as clinical assessment, data interpretation, and communication are tested. At each station the candidate is expected to deal with the situation using a problem-orientated approach. This text includes three full OSCE papers and features full answers to each question. By self-testing using this book candidates will be equiped to deal with the many different scenarios likely to be encountered in these examinations and in the wider context will help the medic to develop essential practical skills.

  • Mrcog Oral Assessment Exam
    Khaldoun Sharif

    A revision book for the oral assessment part of the MRCOG part II exam. It contains a chapter of advice and explanation presents vital information about new oral assessment and also includes 100 questions, divided into 10 "mock" exams that follow the format of the actual MRCOG exam.

If you find this list useful, please do not forget to give a feedback on it to us. Your feedback is important to us as it helps in keeping this list fresh and useful. You can also provide us with your own list for MRCOG Part 2 OSCE exam and we will be happy to publish it in your name on RxPG site. Remember that this list was initially prepared from the feedback of RxPG visitors like you.

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