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MRCP Part 1 section
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Perplexed as to how to get through the MRCP 1 exam?
by plabo - 51698 reads, based on 225 votes
Hello everyone. I would like to present all what I have learned by moderating the MRCP 1 forum at RxPG. For months, it had been a roller coaster ride, right upto to the exam and continues to date too. Every now and then I see someone coming up with a post as to be asking how to prepare for this exam. I have a few very basic and concrete suggestions which should form the base of your studying pyramid and you can then gradually build your knowledge upon it. All what I say here has been my experience with support from other doctors opinions and the RxPG MRCP 1 forum’s members comments.... More

MRCP Part 1 exam doesn't need a big book!
by tictac - 34486 reads, based on 79 votes
Well many times people have discussed methods about how to prepare for MRCP Part 1 exam; I think it varies from person to person. However I am sure about a few things that I would like to mention.... More

How to Pass MRCP Part 1 Exam in Three Weeks
by sujitvasanth - 125726 reads, based on 96 votes
I passed the MRCP part 1 in May 2005 in first attempt just after three weeks of study. Here's how I did it. ... More

List of High Yield Topics for MRCP Part 1 Exam
by sujitvasanth - 41216 reads, based on 35 votes
1. Young girl – suspect Anorexia Nervosa – linugo hair, finctional hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism -> amennorhea. LH and FSH both low. All other hormones are usually normal. Ferritin low.... More

100 Commonly Tested Facts for MRCP Part 1 Exam
by sujitvasanth - 108304 reads, based on 109 votes
Here is a list of commonly tested facts in hte MRCP Part 1 exam. They are listed in order of importance - highest first. 1. Acromegaly – Diagnosis: OGTT followed by GH conc. 2. Cushings – Diagnosis: 24hr urinary free cortisol. Addisons --> short synacthen. 3. Rash on buttocks – Dermatitis herpetiformis (coeliac dx). 4. AF with TIA --> Warfarin. Just TIA's with no AF --> Aspirin 5. Herpes encephalitis --> temporal lobe calicification OR temporoparietal attentuation – subacute onset i.e. Several days. 6. Obese woman, papilloedema/headache --> Benign Intercanial Hypertention. 7. Drug induced pneumonitis --> methotrexate or amiodarone. 8. chest discomfort and dysphagia --> achalasia. ... More

MRCP Part 1 Announcements
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  2003 Calendar - MRCP(UK) Part 1 Examination

MRCP Part 1 Results
  MRCP(UK) PART 1 Results for 20 September 2005 Exam
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MRCP Part 1 Information
  MRCP (UK) - Part 1 Examination; Essential Information
  MRCP; How to enter the Part 1 Examination
  A Sample Best of Five[BOF] question for MRCP Part 1
  MRCP(UK) Part 1 Examination Regulations: Marking system
  MRCP (UK) - Part 1 Examination: Centres outside the UK
  Examination Guidelines

MRCP Part 1 Syllabus
  Syllabus for MRCP Part 1 [....Continued]
  Syllabus for MRCP Part 1 Exam

  FAQ: MRCP 1 coaching in India?
  FAQ: Onexamination or Pastest - Which one to do?
  FAQ: Should I read Harrison or Kumar & Clark for MRCP?
  FAQ: How to prepare for MRCP Part 1?
  FAQ: Which is the best PACES course?
  FAQ: Is Medical Masterclass for MRCP 1 worth it?
  FAQ: How to plan for MRCP Part 1 preparation?
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  FAQ: Do we need experience to be eligible for MRCP Part 1?
  FAQ: Is there any outlined syllabus for MRCP Part 1?
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MRCP Part 1 QuestionPapers
  MRCP Part 1 Paper, 23 Sep 2003 : Version 1.01 - Q 81-155
  MRCP Part 1 Paper, 23 Sep 2003 : Version 1.01 - Q 1-80

MRCP Part 1 Analysis
  Analysis: MRCP-1 20-09-05--VERY DIFFICULT

MRCP Part 1 Exam Recalls
  Recall: questions of may 2011 mrcp1
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MRCP Part 1 Experiences
  MRCP Part 1 exam doesn't need a big book!
  How to Pass MRCP Part 1 Exam in Three Weeks

MRCP Part 1 Revision Lists
  List of High Yield Topics for MRCP Part 1 Exam
  100 Commonly Tested Facts for MRCP Part 1 Exam
  Normal Laboratory Values and Ranges For MRCP Question Papers

MRCP Part 1 HowTo? Guides
  Perplexed as to how to get through the MRCP 1 exam?

MRCP Part 1 Debates
  Debate: Pros and Cons of giving MRCP in India

Find MRCP Part 1 Study Partners
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MRCP Part 1 Forum Library
  Library: Infectious Diseases - Notes
  Library: Quick Review Notes For MRCP Part 1
  Library: MRCP 2 Clinical Trial DATA
  Library: Medicine: Amylase-all you need to know
  Library: Cardiology: Cardiac syndrome X
  Library: Medicine: When to drain a parapneumonic effusion?
  Library: Biostatistics: Basics - a must for all exams
  Library: Biostatistics: Sensitivity Specificity
  Library: Anglo-Scandinavian Cardiac Outcomes Trial (ASCOT)
  Library: Normal Laboratory Values and Ranges For MRCP
  More on MRCP Part 1 forum library

Recommended Books for MRCP Part 1
  Books required for preparation of MRCP Part 1 examination

MRCP Part 1 Tips from Forums
  Tips: 50 commonly tested facts for MRCP Part 2
  Tips: 3 Best Ways to Fail MRCP Part 1
  Tips: 100 commonly tested facts for MRCP Part 1
  Tips: The last TIP to success in the exam
  Tips: MRCP Part 1 Tips for candidates
  Tips: Top 50 MRCP High Yield Facts
  Tips: How to pass MRCP PACES!
  Tips: Passed MRCP Part 2 Written? What Next?
  Tips: Exam Success Tips - Part 3

MRCP Part 1 Book Reviews
  Get Through MRCP Part 1 by RSM Press
  Medical Masterclass MRCP Part 1 course by RCPUK
  MRCP 1 Basic Sciences: Best of Five Question and Answers by pastest
  MRCP 1: Best of Five Practice Papers by synopsis
  Best of Five for Mrcp Part 1 by synopsis
  More reviews on MRCP Part 1

MRCP Part 1 Course Reviews (in order of ratings)
  My First MRCP Book - MRCP Part 1 by synopsis

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MRCP Part 1 User Contributed Lists
  List: MRCP Part 1 Recommended reading list
  List: High Yield Topics in MRCP Part 1 Exam
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  List: Summary of Sanjay Sharma MRCP Part 2 book
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