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This forum is for posts regarding CET/NEET 2012 for post graduate medical courses as proposed by MCI. It includes discussion on NEET-PG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Post Granduation), NEET-SS (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Super-specialities, including direct entry to five year courses in neurology and neurosurgery) and IMGLE (Indian Medical Graduate Licentiate Examination, a national exam for all eligible interns).
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 Pattern in NEETPG Forum [Start a new topic in NEETPG forum] 
Replies Views Started by Last Post
  Neet pattern qtns by pulse publications  50 3K drpraba  1 year ago by tanman11 
  NEET pattern question bank-any relation to previous year questions?  3 104 jazzed  1 year ago by namratap7 
  NEET pattern questions by pulse publications  2 250 sonu2383  1 year ago by ferrarif50 
  Future PG exam plan by MCI- 2 exam pattern !  1 90 doctor13chabua  2 years ago by mayacassis 
  Revision pattern For Neet Dnb  9 90 drmarvius  2 years ago by thread author 
  New pattern of all india pg examination  10 595 drgo4it  2 years ago by kens1 
  Does natboard organised neet pattern exam in oct november  0 72 mahavirpd82  be the first to reply 
  Pattern of pg entrance exam for 2014  2 69 docpratap  2 years ago by thread author 
  Same exam pattern may prevail..  1 61 sumeetbiswal  2 years ago by thread author 
  Who will conduct exam, which pattern, when.?  0 20 aravindhdpi  be the first to reply 
  What will be the pattern and exam dates for next Neet exam?  9 303 MDRADIONGP  2 years ago by thread author 
  Pattern of NEETPG  1 34 sailumunigala  2 years ago by subhash_882000 
  Need for change in NEET PG Q Pattern  1 13 maxxum  2 years ago by teeyong 
  What should be an ideal pattern for PG entrance examination for India?  0 16 waytoshafia  be the first to reply 
  What are chances of new pattern neet or wil be same as it is...  1 20 mnp  2 years ago by jarvis53 
  Explain Scoring and Percentile pattern  9 244 hitramu  2 years ago by thread author 
  Which one's better-IAMS, DAMS or Bhatia? & pattern?  1 90 saurabhgupta2k  2 years ago by rahuldesai 
  Discuss-What Improvements require to be done in NEET exam pattern  25 283 MDRADIONGP  2 years ago by dyuthi 
  Before next neet pg,must know- aipg/neet ? state pg? when exam ? onl9/offl9 ? paper pattern ? lets file rti ?  1 20 profsonku  2 years ago by thread author 
  Which coaching best for new pattern in NEET PG 2013  6 138 profsonku  2 years ago by rajkumar225 
  NEET PG-marking pattern  4 160 keertipatil  2 years ago by thread author 
  Question pattern of neet pg  0 40 cefixime2013  be the first to reply 
  Scoring pattern in NEET  21 540 anant02jan  2 years ago by dramitnalanda 
  Would you support NEET if again NBE takes exm on the same pattern?  6 79 doc_priest046  2 years ago by sahilawadia 
  How much mudit khana is helpful for new neet pattern  5 137 sathyakathan  2 years ago by mreyecatcher 
  FLASH NEWS;:*** NEETPG 2012 pattern***  39 3K doc_anth  2 years ago by thread author 
  If this pattern of NEET continues next year,then whether COACHINGS will help much or not  8 72 doc1909  2 years ago by arjun2013 
  Wat are the chances of neet pattern getting reverted back to aipg + state pgs.. ??  13 189 attri148  2 years ago by thread author 
  NEET questions on pattern  1 56 drcvas  2 years ago by simi231 
  Neet expected pattern for last few days / relaxing forum .  6 152 Rxdoc  2 years ago by rupaghosh 
  Pattern of neet pg predicted by coaching institutes Go directly to Last Post in the thread  85 3K gauravkgmu  2 years ago by iamdbestdoc1 
  Online test in NEET Pattern.  44 2K remi14  2 years ago by drsuvidha88 
  NEET exam pattern today  15 962 Riteshgjmptw  2 years ago by mahavirpd82 
  Plz buddy share pattern of neet questions  8 461 manjubhargavi  3 years ago by saurabhgrgdr 
  Pattern of NEET & imp topics  3 205 shruti88  3 years ago by thread author 
  Neet pg pattern  0 61 crazyfox  be the first to reply 
  Neet pg exam pattern  7 385 tarunsc  3 years ago by sandygodara 
  Will neet be having similar questions like dnb or it will follow the old pattern?  2 87 cancer_86  3 years ago by thread author 
  Pattern of question in neet pg  0 60 ASHU_2258  be the first to reply 
  What pattern :??!!  0 38 rishi007  be the first to reply 
  Predicted pattern of neet..  0 64 rahul8pcms  be the first to reply 
  Pattern of neet pg 2013  1 69 mohdaziz  3 years ago by glut-4 
  Why NATBOARD didn't reveal the neet pattern  40 1K drvivek83  3 years ago by thread author 
  Pattern of question in neet pg?  5 163 drrdp82  3 years ago by drhariv 
  Pg aspirants to frame the pattern of neetpg exam.  1 104 nasir42  3 years ago by thread author 
  As per practice test by nbe, wat do u think should be the pattern of neetpg?  27 1K nasir42  3 years ago by sheon 
  So much worry about NEET pattern  8 124 docsanjeev  3 years ago by Shaileshmgm 
  Speed neet pattern online test  9 250 snbadarla  3 years ago by vengeance-NEET 
  Any idea about neet pattern  8 64 drvivek83  3 years ago by drbinoj2012 
  Just one question!! is NEET pattern DNB AUG like? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  82 2K navhari2209  3 years ago by senn 
  Neet paper pattern and dams nlt test  3 122 profsonku  3 years ago by biddu2k5 
  Practice test will not much help for guessing pattern  2 58 drmahim-2009  3 years ago by mcvasif 
  Undestand the pattern of  7 214 shruti8  3 years ago by sasi7asram 
  Filing rti for knowing the pattern  27 469 drlecter123  3 years ago by narireddy83 
  Is it going to be the neet pattern?  2 40 286  3 years ago by thread author 
  When will mci declare paper pattern/Qs types/marking for NEET , SEPT/OCT 2012?  2 208 adamgil11  3 years ago by pradeep0584 
  Pattern of neet pg  12 200 gauravkgmu  3 years ago by thread author 
  Neet pg question pattern  6 125 mugilakil  3 years ago by sheria 
  Pattern of neet pg 2012,authentic info Go directly to Last Post in the thread  148 10K sbybakshi  3 years ago by ashnaz 
  Neet pg pattern  0 42 gauravkgmu  be the first to reply 
  Books for neet/dnb pattern  1 105 gauravkgmu  3 years ago by rohankh 
  Neet-pg 2013 pattern  3 116 bkp012  3 years ago by driesha 
  Info regarding pattern of neet !  2 52 anewrag180282  3 years ago by sandipdw 
  Pattern of neet pg  0 20 gauravkgmu  be the first to reply 
  Practice test will not much help for guessing pattern  4 73 drmahim-2009  3 years ago by thread author 
  Is new edition of platinum neet pattern  0 21 sunilshenday  be the first to reply 
  Pattern for NEET !! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  86 12K vipulbakshi  3 years ago by monikia 
  Pattern of neet pg.  5 153 sandeep02rims  3 years ago by archankhandekar 
  Syllabus(Pattern for NEET)  2 152 P253  3 years ago by rohit888 
  Any idea about pattern for neet?  2 149 rose14  3 years ago by xaxis1 
  Mail to nbe to clarify neet pattern & exact distribution of all type of questions....  7 748 rahuldesai  3 years ago by thread author 
  Probable pattern?  1 109 drac37  3 years ago by eknath99chow 
  All the best to all for new pattern.please update any new news/issues  1 106 vijayrajprateek  3 years ago by firakshay 
  Neet new pattern..start from now..partner>>  41 2K iloveyou2  3 years ago by Givitha 
  Neet pg probable pattern  3 658 srinivasmbbs  3 years ago by thread author 
  Pattern for neet?  1 166 nisha1755  3 years ago by mahendrakmt 
  Neet pattern coming year  2 444 sudubaba  3 years ago by santaaaaa 
  Neet..yes or no?.pattern?.books.which all colleges Go directly to Last Post in the thread  106 12K anjuiop  3 years ago by Ps666 
  Pattern of counselling?  0 142 sriramvamshi87  be the first to reply 
  Neet pattern mcqs discussion  0 299 Rupakdesai  be the first to reply 
  Will NEET-PG end the mk/aa pattern of AIPG preparation ?  6 326 mail2prashant99  3 years ago by Rupakdesai 
  High time to declare whether NEET 2013 or AIPG ?DNB/AIIMS? PAPER PATTERN?  5 424 byomkesh  3 years ago by gbr2002 
  Lets combine nd revolt against a pattern change  1 107 sahil57mrigpuri  3 years ago by anjuiop 
  What will be the pattern of neet  3 385 sudubaba  3 years ago by smeenakshi2388 
  Join group neet pattern mcq discussion  1 107 Rupakdesai  3 years ago by kevin29 
  NEET pattern ?  4 260 chinc  3 years ago by dheerugmc 
  Which book with NEET pattern  5 824 chinc  3 years ago by jkishenji 
  What is the pattern of neet  2 477 sudubaba  3 years ago by pgraghav 
  Bhatia test series for neet pattern  8 813 rampura  3 years ago by Shaileshmgm 
  Any information on NEET pattern?  1 119 Pjoshi240688  3 years ago by sathish2806 
  Lets start discussion of neet pattern mcqs  4 267 Rupakdesai  3 years ago by Jw_keepwalking 
  Is there's any way that we can get authentic info about NEET pattern 1 month  8 467 drsmja1  3 years ago by umesharma 
  Books to read to familiarise with new NEET pattern  10 1K Arcanis  3 years ago by thread author 
  NBE will conduct NEET-PG from 2013 on USMLE Question pattern  1 271 mahendrakmt  3 years ago by dr_cure 
  180 pattern.  3 333 barani1106  4 years ago by arjunx 
  We dont want pattern change is such short notice Go directly to Last Post in the thread  106 8K himanshu25  4 years ago by cocaine 
  NEET 2012 .Pattern of MCQS....  10 1K eknath99chow  4 years ago by arindamsarkar 
  What about new pattern ot neet-pg test?  3 375 vikas1111111111  4 years ago by himanshu25 
  Proposed pattern for neet-pg may be like this... Go directly to Last Post in the thread  71 7K raj65521  4 years ago by mangayagari 
  Neet pattern  1 183 pinkyk  4 years ago by soumya1984 
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