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AIPGE Revision Lists

High Yield List of BODIES for PG Exams by Dr Prem
by prem81 - 38622 reads, based on 209 votes
hi friends !! BODIES are asked frequently in exams so i had collected some of its and i think it will be very useful to you in different entrance exams. ... More

List of most reapeated topics from Medicine in Previous AIIMS and AIPGE Entrance
by BGM - 40254 reads, based on 174 votes
As AIPGE is nearing, its not advisable to read the whole Harrison. In my opinion, one must cruise through the most repeated entrance topics. Here is a list.... More

List of Frequently Asked and Repeated High Yield Topics in AIPGE
by parin - 45599 reads, based on 101 votes
Hi friends, it would be really great if we could find some important high yield topics which are frequently asked in AIPGE . The curriculum is so large, search for list of high yield topics is essential. Here is such a list according to my experience, my seniors' & other available sources.... More

My list of topics for last minute revision before AIPGE
by partha_aipg - 15475 reads, based on 15 votes
I wish some body post a list of topics ,tables ,charts etc to be revised most aggresively in this last week before aipg.like whixch tables and charts from harrison,robbins etc. here r a few iam going to do- Anatomy-nerve supply,blood supply, branches of arteries and nerves,embryology-specially derivatives of the branchial arch Biochemistry- metabolism charts from harper, lists of metabolic and storage disorders,causes of metabolic and respiratory acidosis and alkalosis Pharmacology-list of following category of drugs teratogenic drugs drugs causing qt prolongation drugs causing g6 pd deficiency ... More

The Most Common List Version 1.0
by - 11974 reads, based on 31 votes
List of most common terms and facts for pre pg entrance exams. Version 1.0 Miscellaneous -suture is over and over. -cause of hypercalcemia in a surgical patient is primary and secondary hyperparathyroidism and metastatic bone disease. -cause of hypermagnesiumemia secondary to renal failure. -NSAID that decreases platelet function is aspirin. -cause of hypovolemic shock is hemorrhage. -toe problem is ingrown toe nails. -cause of death in children and adults less than 35 years of age is trauma. -cause of immediate death after an MVA or fall from height is aortic rupture. -injury to the thoracic cage is a rib fracture. -hernia in both sexes and all age groups is bilat... More

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