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Dental High Yield Notes
Dental Section - BDS/PrePG - General Dental, BDS and PG related issues (RxBDS) Forum - Dental Books

by akil - 5617 reads, based on 5 votes
"The new dental rxpg site is www.rxbds.com and will be up by oct 1, 2004." TRANSPLANTATION MEDICINE In this article: CLASSIFICATION TRANSPLANTATION IMMUNOLOGY CLINICAL INDICATIONS MEDICAL MANAGEMENT 1. Blood and Tissue Typing 2. Immunosuppression 3. Antimicrobial Medication In part 2: COMPLICATIONS 1. Rejection 2. Medication-Induced Complications 3. Immunosuppression-Induced Complications 4. Specific Organ/Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation 5. Complications PROGNOSIS ORAL HEALTH CONSIDERATIONS 1. Oral Lesions 2. Dental Management CONCLUSION Organ transplants are mainly used to treat various life-threatening end-stage diseases. Technologies such... More

Red and white lesions of the oral cavity: Part 2
by akil - 28761 reads, based on 16 votes
REACTIVE AND INFLAMMATORY WHITE LESIONS Linea Alba (White Line) Frictional (Traumatic) Keratosis Cheek Chewing Chemical Injuries of the Oral Mucosa Actinic Keratosis (Cheilitis) Smokeless Tobacco–Induced Keratosis Nicotine Stomatitis Sanguinaria-Induced Leukoplakia... More

by akil - 28594 reads, based on 13 votes
The "part 1" discusses only the hereditary white lesions (as given in 10ed…and remember 9th ed has entirely different approach to this topic..) In the 10 ed in complete contrast to 9 th ed the lesions are discussed under the following headings.. • Hereditary • Inflammatory/traumatic • Infectious white lesions • Idiopathic “true”leuplakia. • Bowen,s disease • Lichenoid reaction • Lupus erythematosis(discoid and systemic) • Developmental white lesions like fordyce’s granules and gingival and palatal cyst of the born. Any lesion that increases in thickness of epithielium and causes to appear white by increased distance to the vascular bed is a white lesion. Most common reason... More

by akil - 8557 reads, based on 8 votes
OCCLUSAL RADIOGRAPH: " Detecting sialolith of submandibular Gland. " Evaluate buccal and lingual cortex for perforation erosion or expansion " Localised lesion or foreign bodies INTRA ORAL PERIAPICAL RADIOGRAPH " Fine detail in visualisation of teeth and supporting teeth.... More

Gingival displacement forfixed partial denture impression techniques
by akil - 6375 reads, based on 4 votes
Critical sulcus WIDTH-0.2 mm ..lateral displacement less than this value results in increased incidence of voids in impression. The critical position of PREPARED CERVICAL MARGIN-0.5mm from healthy free gingical margin or 0.3- 0.4 mm from alveolar crest. RULES OF THREE IN GINGIVAL DISPLACEMENT…..... More

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