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General Musings
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Save the medical profession!
by manasi33 - 20198 reads, based on 85 votes
Every profession in this whole wide world, has its own good and bad points. No one and nothing in this world is perfect. So why should we expect it from our medical profession?... More

Is Medicine really a profession worth all this effort?
by amit_jennifer - 31117 reads, based on 276 votes
Is Medicine really a profession worth all this effort....... Read on to know why future just looks bleak.... More

The story of a doc....
by superashdoc - 30274 reads, based on 368 votes
It is essential to dream.Only those who dream can hope to realise their dreams.BUT Some dreams can be fatal....... More

Is media targetting the medical profession?
by superashdoc - 16878 reads, based on 42 votes
Well I think that the news and entertainment media is responsible in a huge way to tarnish the image of doctors.The news channels make mountains out of mole-hills and highlight the corruption and dereliction of duties of a handful of doctors and extrapolate it to the entire fraternity. ... More

Hate the disease and not the diseased!
by superashdoc - 16840 reads, based on 65 votes
My posting in the Medicine department during my internship was both tough and rewarding.In a span of one and a half months,I had matured from a happy-go-lucky intern to a responsible,thoughtful doctor. An incident midway during my posting really had a lasting impact on me........ More

The Accidental Diagnosis
by superashdoc - 17635 reads, based on 56 votes
Surgery is my favourite subject.And surgeons are my favourite people. Surgeons always seem to have that persona of a maverick-a carefree attitude.Howerver when they are at the O.T table they are an efficient and enterprising machine as they meticulously and with least fuss perform the trickiest of operations. ... More

A beautiful day - A true story
by superashdoc - 17073 reads, based on 111 votes
Yesterday was a pretty hectic day for me with study and gym and then cricket.The first two aspects of the day elapsed quite satisfactorily but the cricket was disappointing.Indians Can never be consistent.And that goes for me too. ... More

Why Are the Doctors and Patients Rivals?
by vimoj - 10253 reads, based on 28 votes
Ever since medical profession came into place, the relationship between the healers and the healed was a pious one... the healer was considered above all- whether he be a holy man/witch doctor, a priest or a doctor. The patient placed him/herself in front of the healer trusting what ever he does is for the patients benefit and he did trusted his doctor to the extreme. Times have changed... so has the doctor patient relationship. ... More

The New Year Baby!
by superashdoc - 6724 reads, based on 26 votes
The maternity ward at Palghar rural health centre was far from a pretty picture.In December 2004 it consisted of an old steel cupboard,an antiquated teakwood table and a creaky chair valiantly trying to bear the weight of a well-nourished bespectacled individual.This individual is of late liked or hated(whatever may be the case)as superashdoc and dedicates quality time to a site named RxPG - you must have no doubt heard of it. However my memory takes me back to the 31st of December 2004 - my last day in maternity. ... More

Lost Daughters
by javits - 6276 reads, based on 22 votes
It was almost eight months, since this was going on. People always warning me that, I would have to share a lot of things if it happened. I for once knew what I was doing, even though I was too young to understand. Dad had a big smile, when he first heard me pray about it. And mom asking me names when we had those evening walks on the streets of Panajim, 16 years back. But it’s a pity that this is quiet not the case in most Indian families.... More

Evolutions and Origins
by writer - 3730 reads, based on 3 votes
The Human Genome is the full component of the genetic material in a human cell. The Genome is distributed among 23 pairs of chromosomes, which in each of us have been replicated and re-replicated since the fusion of egg and sperm that's marked our conception. In an amazing feat of architecture, our 46 chromosomes threads linked together would measure more than 6 feet, yet the nucleus of each cell contains less than 4/10,000ths of an inch in diameter!... More

Story of a guy! Rank 420 in AIPGE 2006
by harshadbhai - 7675 reads, based on 27 votes
Yesterday I met my friend Circuit (AIPG 06: Rank 840) who was my classmate in 12th. He had done his mbbs (How? From which college? Frankly , I don't know till now!). He did his study for PG at Pune. I asked him, "With whom u used to study?"... More

India Shining!
by advisor - 3955 reads, based on 9 votes
For every patient i see, who wants 100% guarantee for the treatment given to him, I ask him the simple question - "if he can give me a guarantee that I may not break one of my bones of my body today!" He has no answer!!!... More

Why do people forget?
by ganeshssr - 8193 reads, based on 9 votes
Why do people forget?? You spend time with someone, and when you meet that person after some years, you feel that they have forgotten you. Not actually forgotten you, they do remember that you are the one who used to be next door to them, or the one with whom they used to share the school bench during lunch time......They are so formal with you that you actually wish that you had never met him or her. You feel that all this while they had not remembered you, and life for them moved on with another friend to hold their hand.....Well moving ahead is not what I am actually worried about. ... More

Wake up Doctors!
by superashdoc - 6343 reads, based on 41 votes
What have we become? Mechanics commissioned to repair a machine called 'The Human Body’? Monotonously belting out standard prescriptions and cannulating vessels carrying vital red fluids, are we plain robots? Highly respected as well as feared we emotionlessly and blatantly venture into a living system tastefully and painstakingly designed by a divine force we call GOD.... More

And The Life Mocks At You Yet Again.
by vineetgsvm - 4029 reads, based on 35 votes
When we are cheerful, full of youth all look at us with expectations, may be they could be that vibrant jubiliant full of joy ;inspiration comes from the those rising high and not from those who’ve been shunned by the destiny. But why ? Will there always be moments of pride, satisfaction in life. Won’t we be down under someday. May be we may draw lessons if not inspiration from such losers. Losers in life…yeah yet again….. life mocked at me yet again……….. Who would plan to be like me..perhaps none. Why is it so that I find myself lonely in the enchanting crowds, while moments ago I was part of it- the jubiliations - when someone was in pitiable state….. jus looking anxiously for the proce... More

What Makes A Doctor A Doctor, Or A Man A Man?
by simba_smiles - 4423 reads, based on 13 votes
Hello everybody, I’m back again, after quit a bit of time, and this time as a bit of a follow-up of my previous major posting regarding ALTERNATIVE CAREER OPTIONS, and ABOUT WHERE DID DOCTORS IN TODAYS WORLD STAND. Thanks so much for writing in with your views and comments to that posting of mines I really appreciated the points you all made, and most of all, I appreciate people who are honest in airing their true thoughts and opinions, like you all. Now let me tell you a few things... Firstly, as far as my decision about leaving medicine, and particularly surgery, was not exactly true in the truest of senses. I basically mentioned a scenario of such a possibility due to the article to... More

Life has never been same again...
by Shardul - 5831 reads, based on 30 votes
Life can never be same again the next moment…. But sometimes it makes me look back and wonder whether it has changed for better or worse… frankly, I don’t know?? May be I’m being too nostalgic … but one thing is sure medical college has changes something in me forever... ... More

Is Being a Doctor Reasonable Anymore? Is there a Better Option Out There?
by simba_smiles - 4927 reads, based on 17 votes
I’m 27, a junior doctor from India here in UK, will be appearing for PLAB Part 2 exam soon, and will be appearing for the MRCS Part 1 & 2 exams in January 2006. I had a dream to become a great general surgeon. My dad is a great, great laparoscopic surgeon, and so was my grand-dad a doctor. But now due to certain circumstances, which I shall be mentioning in detail in this article, I want to be different, do different and step aside from "standard protocol". I want to end this pattern of "insult" to our once-upon-a-time GREAT profession. I am therefore looking at alternative career prospects, simply because of the following: ... More

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