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IAS and Civil Services Books
IAS and Civil Services Section - IAS - UPSC Conducted Indian Administrative Service Exam for Doctors Forum - IAS and Civil Services Books

What to read for Geography in IAS?
by ias - 83278 reads, based on 113 votes
Basic Reading 1. Strahler, A.N. or Strahler & Strahler : Modern Physical Geography. 2. NCERT—11th and 12th class Geography books. 3. Geography Made Simple series by Rupa publications. 4. Rama Chandran—Urbanization and urban systems in India. 5. Five Year Plan document. 6. Yojna/Kurukshetra/Employment News.... More

What to read for General Studies in IAS?
by ias - 83286 reads, based on 130 votes
Indian History & Culture: NCERT (+ 2 level) — Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India. Publication Division : Gazetteer of India (Vol 2 : History & Culture) Vaid's Study Notes. Gandhi Nehru Tagore & Ambedkar—Gopal Krishna Raghavan Aiyer—Mahatma Gandhi... More

What to read for History in IAS?
by ias - 49502 reads, based on 51 votes
Ancient India 1. Ancient India (NCERT) Prof. R.S. Sharma 2. The Wonder That was India A.L. Basham 3. Ancient India - An Introductory Outline D.N. Jha 4. History of India, Vol. I Romila Thapar 5. Aspects of Political Ideas and Institutions in Ancient India R.S. Sharma (only Conclusion) 6. Material culture & Social Formation in Ancient India R.S. Sharma 7. Indian Feudalism R.S. Sharma 8. Ashoka & Decline of the Maurya Romila Thapar 9. A History of South India K.A. Nilkantha Sastri 10Ancient India and Indian Archaeology Archaeological Survey of India... More

What to read for Political Science in IAS?
by ias - 31794 reads, based on 28 votes
Prelims Section A: 1.(a) (b) (c) 'Political Theory', —Eddy Ashirvatham 'Political Theory' —O.P. Gauba 'Political Theory' —Amal Ray, Mohit Bhattacharya.... More

What to read for Philosophy in IAS?
by ias - 22170 reads, based on 17 votes
Prelims Section- A Problem of Philosophy 1. Dr. C.D. Sharma (Indian Philosophy) 2. Dr. Deo Raj (Indian Philosophy) 3. Dr. Ya Mashiha (Western Philosophy) 4. Dr. Daya Krishna (Western Philosophy) 5. Dr. Franckena Thilly (Western Philosophy) 6. Dr. B.K. Lal (Contemporary Western Philosophy)... More

What to read for Public Administration in IAS?
by ias - 92000 reads, based on 83 votes
Preliminary Examination Basic 1. Introduction to the Study of Public Administration —L.D. White 2. Public Administration —A.R. Tyagi 3. Public Administration in Theory and Practice —M.P. Sharma & B.L. Sadana 4. Administrative Thinkers —Prasad & Prasad 5. Public Administration —Avasthi & Maheshwari 6. Public Administration —Mohit Bhattacharya... More

Civil Services: What to read for Anthropology?
by RxPG Team - 16745 reads, based on 10 votes
Paper I (Part I) (Upto Topic 7) 1. Beattie : Other Cultures 2. Beals & Hoijer/ : An Introduction to Anthropology 3. Haviland : An Introduction to Anthropology 4. Vaid : Economy and Social Relations 5. U.S. Mishra : An Introduction to Social-Cultural Anthropology (in Hindi) 6. Mishra & Hasnain : Unifying Anthropology 7. Honigman : he World of Man 8. Herskovits : Cultural Anthropology 9. Majumdar & Madan : An Introduction to Social Anthropology 10.Sagar Preet : Basic Concepts in Sociology and Anthropology 11. Abhik Ghosh : Meetings with the Other (on Fieldwork Techniques)... More

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