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IAS and Civil Services Syllabus
IAS and Civil Services Section - IAS - UPSC Conducted Indian Administrative Service Exam for Doctors Forum - IAS and Civil Services Books

Civil Services Preliminary Examination - Syllabus - Chemistry - Optional
by UPSC - 17953 reads, based on 16 votes
Section-A (Inorganic Chemistry) 1.1 Atomic structure : Schrodinger wave equation, significance of and 2quantum numbers and their significance, radial and angular probability, shapes of orbitals, relative energies of atomic orbitals as a function of atomic number. Electronic configurations of elements; Aufbau principle, Hund's multiplicity rule, Pauli exclusion principle.... More

Civil Services Preliminary Examination - Syllabus - BOTANY - Optional
by UPSC - 16585 reads, based on 16 votes
1. Cell Biology : Structure and function of cell wall (extracellular matrix or ECM), cell membrane and cell organelles. Nucleus, nucleolus, nuclear pore complex (NPC), chromosome and nucleosome. Mitosis, meiosis, molecular control involving checkpoints in cell division cycle. Differentiation, cellular senescence.... More

Civil Services Prelims - Syllabus - Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science
by UPSC - 8071 reads, based on 7 votes
Animal Husbandry 1. General : Role of Livestock in Indian Economy and human health. Mixed farming. Agroclimatic zones and livestock distribution. Socioeconomic aspects of livestock enterprise with special reference to women.... More

Civil Services Preliminary Exam - Syllabus - Agriculture - Optional
by UPSC - 14850 reads, based on 12 votes
Agriculture, its importance in national economy. Factors determining agroecological zones and geographic distribution of crop plants. Importance of crop plants, cultural practices for cereal, pulses, oilseed, fibre, sugar, tuber and fodder crops and scientific basis for these crop rotations, multiple and relay cropping, intercropping and mixed cropping.... More

Civil Services Preliminary Exam - Syllabus - Mechanical Engineering
by UPSC - 21531 reads, based on 27 votes
Statics : Simple applications of equilibrium equations. Dynamics : Simple applications of equations of motion, work, energy and power. Theory of Machines : Simple examples of kinematic chains and their inversions.... More

Civil Services Preliminary Exam - Syllabus - Mathematics
by UPSC - 57327 reads, based on 56 votes
1. Algebra : Elements of Set Theory; Algebra of Real and Complex numbers including Demovire's theorem; Polynomials and Polynomial equations, relation between Coefficients and Roots, symmetric functions of roots; Elements of Group Theory; Sub-Group, Cyclic groups, Permutation, Groups and their elementary properties.... More

Civil Services Preliminary Exam - Syllabus - Zoology
by UPSC - 24058 reads, based on 23 votes
I. Cell structure and function: (a) Prokaryote and eukaryote. (b) Structure of animal cell, structure and functions of cell organelles. (c) Cell cycle-mitosis, meiosis. (d) Structure and contents of nucleus including nuclear membrane, structure of chromsome and gene, chemistry of genetic components.... More

Civil Services Preliminary Exam - Syllabus - Statistics
by UPSC - 13286 reads, based on 7 votes
Probability Random experiment, sample space, event, algebra of events, probability on a discrete sample space, basic theorems of probability and simple examples based there on, conditional probability of an event, independent events, Bayes' theorem and its application, discrete and continuous random variables and their distributions, expectation, moments, moment generating function, joint distribution of two or more random variables, marginal and conditional distributions, independence of random variables, covariance, correlation, coefficient, distribution of function of random variables. Bernoulli, binomial, geometric, negative binomial, hypergeometric, Poisson, multinomial, uniform, bet... More

Civil Services Preliminary Exam - Syllabus - Sociology
by UPSC - 30547 reads, based on 24 votes
Unit I : Basic Concepts : Society, community, association, institution. Culture-culture change, diffusion, Cultural-tag, Cultural relativism, ethnocentrism, acculturation. Social Groups-primary, secondary and reference groups.... More

Civil Services Preliminary Exam - Syllabus - Political science
by UPSC - 44864 reads, based on 45 votes
----------------------------------------------------- Section-A ----------------------------------------------------- 1. Political Science : Nature & scope of the discipline, relationship with allied disciplines like History, Economics, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology. 2. Meaning of Politics : Approaches to the study of Politics.... More

Topics covered in IAS & Civil Services Prelims General Science Compulsory Paper
by UPSC - 59950 reads, based on 71 votes
Questions on General Science will cover general appreciation and understanding of science including matters of everyday observation and experience, as may be expected of a well educated person who has not made a special study of any particular scientific discipline. In current events, knowledge of significant national and international events will be tested. ... More

IAS Prelims Syllabus - Geography
by UPSC - 69373 reads, based on 72 votes
Section-A Physical Georgraphy i) Geomorphology Origin of the earth; Geological Time Scale; Interior of the earth; Types and characteristics of rocks; Folding and Faulting; Volcanoes; Earthquakes; Weathering; Landforms caused by fluvial, aeolian and glacial actions.... More

IAS Prelims Syllabus - Public Administration
by UPSC - 61643 reads, based on 80 votes
1. Introduction : Meaning, scope and significance. Evolution and status of the discipline. Comparative Public Administration and Development Administration. Public and Private Administration: State versus market debate. New Pubic Administration. New Public Management perspective.... More

IAS Prelims Syllabus - Psychology
by UPSC - 24800 reads, based on 16 votes
1. Introduction to psychology : Concept and definition of psychology. Nature and Scope. Branches of psychology. Application of psychology to soceity and social problems.... More

IAS Prelims Syllabus - Philosophy
by UPSC - 14965 reads, based on 6 votes
Section-'A' Problems of Philosophy 1. Substance and Attributes : Aristole, Descartes, Locke, Berkeley's criticism, Nyaya-Viasesika, Buddhist criticism of Pudgala. 2. God, Soul and the World : Thomas Acquinas, St. Augustine, Spinoza, Descartes, Nyaya-Vaisesika, Sankara, Ramanuja.... More

Syllabus for Preliminary Examination of Civil Services - Medical Science
by UPSC - 12237 reads, based on 7 votes
Human Anatomy General principles and basic structural concept of gross anatomy of hipjoint, heart, stomach, lungs, spleen, kidneys, uterus , ovary and adrenal glands. Histological features of parotid gland, bronchi, testis, skin, bone and thyroid gland. Gross anatomy of thalamus, internal capsule, cerebrum, including their blood supply; functional localisation in cerebral cortex, cerebellum, spinal cord, eye, ear, throat, cranial nerves. Embryology of vertebral column, respiratory system and their congenital anomalies.... More

Civil Services: Anthropology Syllabus
by RxPG Team - 8720 reads, based on 8 votes
Part-I 1. Meaning and Scope, 2. Biological Evolution : Theories, Processes and Primates, 3. Cultural Evolution, 4.Social Institutions : Marriage, Family & Kinship, 5. Society & Culture : Theories & Concept, 6. Religion, 7. Economic Institutions, 8. Political Institutions, 9. Anthropology of Development, 10. Research Methodology.... More

Civil Services; Syllabus for Paper 1 [Medical sciences]
by - 5332 reads, based on 2 votes
Medical Science NOTE : The questions and answer expected in this syllabus areas prescribed for this examination will be of what is normally covered in a M.B.B.S. curriculum. Knowledge of the frontier areas of these topics will also be expected of the candidates. PAPER-1 Human anatony Gross and microscopic anatomy and movements of shoulder, hip and knee joints. Gross & microscopic anatomy and blood supply of lungs, heart, kidney, liver, testis and uterus. ... More

Civil Services; Syllabus for Paper 2 [Medical Sciences]
by - 3389 reads, based on 2 votes
PAPER II General Medicine Etiology, clinical features, diagnosis and principles of management (including prevention) of : Rheumatic, ischaemic and congenital heart diseases hypertension. Acute and chronic respiratory infections, bronchial asthma. Matabsorption syndromes acid peptic diseases. Viral hepatitis, cirrhosis of liver. ... More

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